Volume 4 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Wetlands and the Darkman

The 【Atelier】 was a small shop located in the south of First Town, it dealt with potions and recovery items as well as food items like sandwiches.

And, in the back of the store there was a small field, various kinds of herbs were cultivated there.

"Kyouko-san, how was today's harvest?"

"Since the herbs are now available, their cultivation was stopped. Instead, the materials from the 【Making Box】, poisonous plants, material for Highpots and MP Potions are grown evenly."

"I see, thank you. We have a large stock of herbs now so there's no problem. For the time being, I want to increase the amount of materials that have come out from the Making Box before going back to the original cultivation."

Kyouko-san the NPC made a charming smile and went back to work. I looked from behind as she's working, then moved to the workshop part of the 【Atelier】.

Recently, I've been using the 【Linguistics】 Sense to gather crafting recipes and have noted down a number of recipes.

While looking at the item recipes and the materials required, I murmured.

"As I thought, there is a limited amount of materials I can get in the current situation. Waiting for other players to bring them in is one thing, but if possible, I want to find some myself."

Since I walked around the fields gathering materials when I started playing OSO, those feelings were strong in me.

"Also, in the place I want to go to now, there's lots of interesting mobs. I want to go to the town that's located a bit further."

I tried organizing my goals, it would be material collection, find new mobs and reaching the new town. Three goals. If I learn about the area, I'll know which enemies I should be wary of and will roughly know how do my prospects stand. In other words, there was a worth doing a preview visit before going there solo.

And for that, I'll expand on the method I have previously used.

"Yun-oneechan, we're here!"

"Geez, why don't you just call me normally."

Making a small, wry smile, I stopped organizing the materials and returned to Atelier's store part. There, was waiting Myu who called me earlier and her party.

"Sorry about this. I decided to resort to rely on you again."

"Please do not mind it. We're getting a proper reward after all."

Lucato answered me with a smile.

In order to go to the Second Town, I have formed a party with Myu and the others and broke through the boss on the east side, the Blade Lizard. Back then, we got involved in some trouble and I have ended up fighting the boss, but basically, I have defeated the boss by being temporarily carried by Myu's party.

"Is assortment of Highpots and MP Potions similar to the one you got last time really fine?"

"Yes. Since our party is in combat very often, we're always short on those."

Since Lucato said that like it's a trivial thing, I smiled bitterly. To make a partial down payment, and to provide the items required for combat, I passed recovery items to her starting with High Potions.

"...since Yun-san's name is becoming famous recently, wasn't there a different method of getting past other than relying on us?"

The one who spoke to me while I was making a business-like exchange with Lucato was Toutobi, who took on the role of a scout in the party. Seeing her somewhat anxious, I tilted my head puzzled.

"A different method?"

"See, Yun-san is well-acquainted with Magi-san, Cloude-san and the others right? Isn't it possible for you to get a better escort thanks to those connections than we can provide?"

"Ahh, that."

Hino provided a sup

plementary explanation as Toutobi was a person of few words.

Certainly, it was possible to form a battalion of multiple parties and a number of crafters could be escorted at the same time.

While avoiding the joint struggle penalty, they would divide into the parties taking care of small fries and anti-boss specialized party, parties specializing in healing from outside of the party and so on. There were multiple merits in that kind of assistance and one could be safely transported.

However, there were also demerits.

"Hmm. Somehow, that kind of things doesn't fit me at all."

"...doesn't fit you?"

Toutobi who furrowed her eyebrows anxiously made a stunned expression. For some reason, that expression of hers looked lovely and funny, causing me to quietly laugh.

"Indeed. Preparing such escort requires preparations, considerable planning and it's time constrained right? Also, a large amount of money is required for the reward. Well, that's an expanse shared by the crafters participating though."

" that so."

"And there's one more, most important reason of mine."

When I said 'most important', everyone has shown interest in the details of it. But, it wasn't that serious a reason. It was a simple matter of my hobbies.

"Being stuck in a huge crowd isn't too pleasant is it? I'm fine leisurely taking my time."

"Fufufu, that thinking is very like you, Yun-san. I really like that kind of thing."

"Indeedly. As I've been thinkin', as sisters with Myu it ain't no wonder ya too are bit air-headed as well."

In response to Rirei's and Kohaku's reaction I felt like complaining 'where do you see me being an airhead'. However, if we continued to talk here, we'd never go out for an adventure.

"Yes yes. Now then, about time we moved. Yun-san, it's fine if the destination are the wetlands right?"

Lucato found a timing on her own and spoke to me. It was about the time where we almost forgot the original goal. Reflecting on it, I said to everyone.

"The goal is the south of First Town, the wetlands. Well, since it's very close the Atelier, we can go there leisurely."

Accepting the objective, we formed a party for the adventure. Last time, Rirei has remained outside of the party and acted as my escort, but this time the eyes of the party - Toutobi has been planned to be outside.

I took a glance at the plains spread outside of the first town as we moved, they were filled with non-active herbivorous mobs, soon enough we have arrived at the entrance to the wetlands.

"Now then, I'll concentrate on searching for the enemy. Please be careful, Yun-san."

"Got it."

"Well then, Tobi-chan, do your best."

Myu waved her hand towards Toutobi who went ahead alone to confirm our safety, seeing her off. I was told by Toutobi to be careful of surroundings as well but...

"...for some reason, I feel something like multiple gazes on us."

It wasn't clear where it came from, but I certainly could feel it. Since it was a very inorganic gaze that struck me, it didn't feel like we would be immediately assaulted, but I couldn't see enemy mobs clearly.

"Mobs in here are very harsh in many ways."

"Three, at one o'clock."

Toutobi came back and at the same time she briefly relayed the info before going back there. When we proceeded relying on those words, certainly, in the direction specified by Toutobi my 【Discovery】 could sense something.

Immediately after that, something has popped out of the ground. Lucato swung down the sword she had tied to her waist. Also, Rirei created a pillar of fire on the wetlands covered thinly with water.

The water has evaporated in an instant, the firepower making the ground dry has left me stunned, but from the traces of the burns there were particles of light scattering as a proof the mobs have been erased.


"Ah, they have reacted to us approaching haven't they. Yun-san, were you able to react?"

"N-no. I couldn't. Was there something in? How much of it?"

"Yun-oneechan, is your sense level low? Or maybe you didn't raise them?"

Having it pointed out by Myu, I opened the sense status menu to confirm.

Some of the Senses could grow or be derived from.

"I took two new ones."

First, since my 【Bow】 Sense reached 30, a derivation of a Bow-type Sense was possible. Since 【Black Maiden's Longbow】 is my weapon, just as the name suggested, it's been classified as a long bow, thus I have consumed two SP to get the 【Longbow】 Sense.

And, at the level 30 the 【Discovery】 Sense could be grown into a higher Sense that is 【See-Through】. In this case, although the original Sense disappeared, it was possible to obtain an even stronger passive effect, it consumed the same amount of SP as picking up the 【Longbow】 Sense.

Possessed SP21

【Bow Lv31】【Longbow Lv1】【Hawk Eyes Lv42】 【Speed Increase Lv23】 【See-Through Lv1】 【Magic Talent Lv42】【Magic Power Lv45】 【Enchant Arts Lv18】 【Dosing Lv24】 【Earth Element Talent Lv14】


【Alchemy Lv30】 【Synthesis Lv30】 【Engraving Lv1】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv32】 【Taming Lv6】 【Linguistics Lv15】【Cooking Lv21】

I organized the Senses again, then told Myu and the others how does it look like.

"Two Senses at level 1 huh. In that case the stats must be much lower. What to do..."

Myu made an evaluation, but since 【Discovery】 has grown into 【See-Through】 I was able to find mobs and hidden mining points I haven't been able to before so I was satisfied. Field work was fun because I was able to make such discoveries.

"Hey, Yun-oneechan, are you listening? Come on..."

"It's fine, Myu. Yun-san must be thinking about lots of things now."

Since Myu looked appalled with a hand on her hip, Hino appeased her.

Once again the scout, Toutobi returned and conveyed new information.

"Ahead of here there's a Treant. What do we do?"

"A Treant huh, since Yun-oneechan is here let's pass this time."

"Yes, you're right."

After hearing Toutobi's report Myu judged to do so and Lucato has agreed with her. However, on the other hand there was also a different opinion.

"Wait me a secon'! Treants are cumbersum' mobs to find! 't might be an accident but it's better to take it down if foun'! Definitely!"

"Fufufu, the material dropping from it is very useful for us mages. If possible I'd like to secure it."

Myu and Lucato were for avoiding it while Kohaku and Rirei were in favour of defeating it.

"Umm... what to do, Tobi-chan."

"...I wonder."

Hino and Toutobi, unable to make a judgement made troubled expressions. But before that...

"Umm... what kind of mob is a Treant?"

Earlier, I was unable to confirm how the mentioned new mob looked like and had no idea what to do about it. I wanted some objective information to know whether I should defeat it or avoid it instead.

"Onee-chan, the Treant mob is said to be a 'strong mob' type of enemy."

In the game, there are mobs that are stronger than some of the weaker boss mobs, they cause some nasty bad statuses, use special attacks, or are collectives of strong small fries. They're usually called 'strong mobs' and 'strong small fries'.

"And so, this Treant——pure stats-wise it's stronger than the wetlands' boss mob, it uses attacks that aim at the vital points, often killing people with one hit. It's an exemplary mob of the wetlands."

"...also, Treants are mimicking the appearance of a tree. Since they're waiting for players to come into their attack range, a considerably high level detection Sense is required."

Toutobi supplemented Myu's description. Everyone stared at my face, the decision on the Treant's matter has been shifted to me, the escort target.

Although I thought that there's no need to risk it, on the other hand I was interested in the Treant. As a compromise for the both sides——

"——Even if I'm not fighting it, I can take a look at it."

I proposed, 'we didn't think of that at all' they made wry smiles suggesting that.

"And then, Yun-san who went to take a look will be suspended in the air by Treant's vines, that immodest appearance——"You! Cut 't out an' shaddup! Any more an' it'll turn hazardous!"——"

Kohaku approached Rirei from the side and held her mouth to silence her. She sure has practice in that, even though I felt so, I was really scared of hearing what kind of appearance of mine Rirei had in her head.

"...let's leave Rirei and Kohaku for now. If it's Yun-san, I think you will be able to watch from here."

"Tobi-chan, cruel! Why are ya lumpin' me together wit' Rirei!"

Treated as a set with Rirei because of their comedic act, Kohaku raised a voice of protest, but was ignored by everyone.

They're quite accustomed to it, I thought while staring at what Toutobi was pointing to.

Thanks to the farsight of 【Hawk Eyes】 I found a single tree. A single old tree with roots in the wetlands. Other than that, there was nothing strange about its appearance. The 【See-Through】 Sense I obtained a moment ago delivered a feeble response suggesting it's a mob, but it was very close to that of a collection point.

"It practically looks like a tree."

"...that's the Treant's mimicry's effect. It's real appearance shows only during combat."

Hearing that description I was satisfied. I didn't want to risk by approaching it out of curiosity.

"Sorry. This time, let's take a route on which we won't have to fight a Treant please."

"Fufufu, it can't be helped this time. However, I'm satisfied by seeing a beautiful girl like Yun-san make an apologetic expression."

"Give't up already, Rirei! Well, can't be helped this time."

The two consented and we have proceeded further, avoiding the Treant.

"So these are this area's mobs."

By now, from the mobs I saw in the wetlands to the south, with exception of the Treant at which I sneaked a peek, are Moor Frog mobs, low viscosity Mould Slime, a slime-type mob, and a mob called 'balls of fire' or 'souls' - the Will-o'-Wisp.

The figures of the mobs I couldn't see before with 【Discovery】 Sense despite getting a reaction from it were lurking under the leaves and lotus-like plants, in the swamp's mud and attacked when a player approached.

After the Treant, it seemed like Moor Frogs also attacked from surprise, but since they appear in groups once you attack one of them the linked mobs in the surroundings will also attack you.

Unlike the Treant, their numbers were large but they also were quite nasty. However, other mobs than that like the Mould Slime and Will-o'-Wisp weren't as high a threat. Rather, they could be ignored.

"If I avoid Treants and Moor Frogs, I can move around well enough alone can't I."

"Indeed. Here, let's engage in combat for once to experience the Moor Frog's strength."

"Earlier, we wiped them out with a single hit, so let's leave some for Yun-san this time."

Rirei who evaporated a whole herd of Moor Frogs that flocked to us with a pillar of fire. She was an excellent firepower-specialized mage.

"Fufufu, Yun-san, what is it? Staring at me so much. No way, you're inviting me?"

"As if I would."

I stared at Rirei. If only she didn't act like this, I sighed and turned to look at the swarm of Moor Frogs nearby.

Since my bow's range was greater than the enemy's attack range I could safely deliver the first attack. After that, I left all mobs other than the one I attacked to Myu and the others.

"Let's go then."

After I finished my preparations, everyone returned a nod. I held the bow and pulled back the string. I fixed my aim at the frog that was hiding behind the leaves of a lotus and was easy to target, then shoot an arrow.

The arrow released from the bow raised quite high before drawing a parabola and piercing the point I aimed for. The arrow pierced the lotus leafs and ripples spread through the water the wetlands were covered with.

"——《Fire Shot》"

"——《Quick Blast》"

At the same time as the wave of frogs in front has jumped, Rirei and Kohaku used beginner's magic to reduce their number.

After a slight delay Myu also took down one frog that landed on the ground with a ray of light from the spell 《Sol Ray》.

"Make sure to fight as to leave some for Yun-san."

"I know!"

At the same time as Lucato called out, Myu and Hino approached the frogs.

Retaining the movement momentum, Hino poised the spear to the side, pierced the frog and lifted it up. After lifting it, she realized it still had HP remaining and swung the spear, slamming the frog into the tree and defeating it.

Myu's movements were very detailed, she approached the Moor Frogs without letting them aim at her and finished them off in an instant.

"Just like that, the flock was reduced to a half... no, to three frogs huh."

Right in front of me the frogs were taken down one after another.

Even as the frog's long tongues attacked her from the blind spots, Myu avoided them by sinking her body low and not even having to fight back, showing how to fight safely.

In the end, what remained was a single Moor Frog left for me to practice on.

Myu and Hino have moved closer to me ready to help out any time with their weapons drawn.

Without being distracted from the remaining Moor Frog, I set up the bow.

My stare was returned by the amphibian's peculiar large and cold eyes, causing me to feel a pressure. However, I couldn't pull back here.

"It's okay! It's weak as long as you deal with it calmly!"

Hearing Myu's cheering, I took a deep breath.

And, the one who moved first, was the Moor Frog. It stretched its limbs making a powerful jump, going higher than my height was, its body closing on to me.

"——《Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form》!"

I used a bow-type Sense Art, shooting an arrow at the frog that had no way to escape in mid-air. As the frog didn't fall despite having its soft abdomen was pierced with two arrows, I immediately moved, taking distance from its landing point.

I moved as to get behind the frog if possible. After observing Myu and the others fight, I learned that if I move behind it immediately after it jumps it cannot immediately use its long tongue attack.

They had no choice but to turn around. By utilizing the time I bought I shoot an arrow.

After being hit by two in the belly and the third arrow on its back, the Moor Frog has created a small water bullet.

Since the frog has very little HP left I decided to cut down the rest of it before it attacks. But——


The moment I missed the very last arrow, I received the stray water bullet.

After it finished turning around, the Moor Frog jumped high in order to hit me with its body.

This time I shoot an arrow with a perfect timing as not to miss and cut down the last of Moor Frog's HP which has turned into particles of light in mid-air and disappeared.

"Onee-chan, are you okay? ——《Heal》"

"You're exaggerating. It wasn't that strong of an attack."

Worried, Myu has clung to me and started to touch me to ascertain my safety, but Moor Frog's attack wasn't that much of a threat. I understand that what was really scary, was having an entire flock attacks centred on you, I was grateful to others for reducing their number first.

"How did it feel now that you tried fighting it?"

"Lucato, well, I can win if it's 1 versus 1. Any more than that and I'll run. Absolutely impossible."

"Was it a good warm-up? Now then, let's go to the boss. It's all right. There'll be no problem if we fight normally."

In accordance to Lucato's words, we headed to challenge the boss of the wetlands.

Other than some combat for my training, we took a route avoiding mobs, aiming for the direction boss was in.

Fighting only with a few mobs, we have arrived in front of the boss mob, the Darkman.


"...that's quite an unique boss mob."

To describe the boss, Darkman's appearance, one could would say it's a shadow with mass.

Occasionally its irregular mass made up a humanoid appearance before turning back into shadow with mass once again, which happened repeatedly. I don't know where did it have vocal cords, but the mass spoke 『Daark』 with a very difficult to understand voice, and was without a doubt the Darkman.

"It's coming! This time Tobi-san isn't participating in combat and will stick out until the objective is complete! Top priority is Yun-san's survival!"

"Luka-chan. We just have to take it down, right!"

"Myu-san, you never change do you."

Lucato smiled wryly in response to Myu's remark and pulled out the sword that was pointing into the back. Larger than an one-handed sword, and kinda small for a two-handed sword——she set up the sword classified as a Bastard Sword right in front of her.

Rather than use a heavy weapon like a sledgehammer, Hino used a long spear. Rirei and Kohaku held their staffs as they stared straight at the boss.

"The boss is moving."

As if waiting until our preparations were complete, the Darkman begun to move. It created an irregular shadow shaped like an adult man and its arm has begun to melt.

"Let's take initiative——《Wind Cutter》!"

First, Kohaku fired a blade of wind towards the melting Darkman. The ground was gouged out and a mass of moist soil has scattered, blown in all directions. The Darkman stretched on the spot and jumped onto a nearby tree, then rebuilt its shadow body and looked down towards us.

"Na' good. Opener failed."

"It can't be helped. Now then, what do we do about the one in front of us."

"In front?"

Hearing the words of Rirei who comforted Kohaku, I was puzzled. My line of sight was focused on the Darkman that jumped up now turned towards the place Kohaku aimed to, and saw the shadow arms disconnected from the Darkman's body. The defeated mobs and cut off parts of the bodies normally turned into light particles and disappeared, but the mass of shadow has began to change shape.

"...something is wriggling there."

"Darkman makes offshots out of its own body parts."

As Lucato calmly explained, the Darkman that jumped on top of the tree once again disconnected a part of its body, creating a new one.

*plop*, *plop*, the parts fell down and formed the same humanoid shape with the same size as the main body.

"The offshots have the same stats as the main body, except for HP. Also, each of them wields a different weapon."

Immediately after Lucato spoke and Hino provided supplementary information, the third offshot has stretched its shadow arms and after making a long spear it thrust in our direction. Hino parried its spear with her own and pierced the abdomen of the offshot.


"Even if they're weak one on one, they're a pain when are there many of them, ha!"

Lucato swung her bastard sword sideways, cutting three offshots at the same time. However, the Darkman in the back created new offshots one after another which soon have surrounded us.

Sword, hammer, shield, dagger, short bow, club, large axe. The offshots that have created various weapons were cut apart with Lucato's bastard sword, Hino also used the long reach of her weapon, swinging strongly to blow away entire groups on the field.

"Fufufu, we can't lose to them now, can we."

"Indeedly, lez' match ourselves and finish it perfect!"

"Let's go. ——《Flame Circle》!"

"——《Little Tornado》!"

A converging circle of flame has swallowed offshots and its power was given a momentum by the tornado Kohaku has produced, evaporating a number of offshots on the field in its wake.

"I see it! ——《Sol Ray》!"

Unable to keep up with the speed of the battle that has unfolded, I just stood in the centre being protected.

Myu has released converged rays of light through the gap that was made after the flame whirlwind hit, trying to hit the main body, but using its high speed the main body managed to hide among the offshots that looked exactly the same and scattered in all directions.

"What a pity! Come on, Yun-oneechan too, help out!"

"?!! 《Enchant》——Defence!"

This time's objective was to make sure I don't die before reaching next town.

That's why this time I prioritized a defence enchant on myself before setting up the bow and shooting at the offshots.

"Which one should I aim for?!"

"Please prioritize the ones doing long range attacks!"


Following Lucato's instructions, I aimed between the vanguard offshots at the offshot in the back that was throwing arrows and daggers.

Although they didn't fall with just one hit like they did when Lucato and Hino did it, but after being hit by four arrows the offshot melted and disappeared. I used MP recovery items on Rirei and Kohaku who were running dry and once again applied enchants, the two way battle didn't go either way. In the first place, the reason for that was because the Darkman's main body was hiding among the offshots and we were stuck in a situation where we couldn't find it.

"Hey, how did you take it down before?"

"Back then——Luka-chan and Hino-chan suppressed the offshots, Rirei and Kohaku took down the ranged ones, and we didn't find the boss until Tobi-chan and I did a pincer attack."

While explaining that, she cut one offshot with the one-handed sword and aimed her free hand in opposite direction, shooting a converged ray of light to pierce two offshots at once.

"So we are short on attack power because I'm here, huh."

"There's that but... Tobi-chan, can you see it?"

Although Toutobi has detached herself from the battlefield, she seemed to have been observing it from the top of a nearby tree and turned around when Myu called her.

" eleven o'clock there are signs of offshot creation! The Darkman is there!"

"Kohaku! Rirei!"

"Fufufu, I know. ——《Flame Circle》."

"——《Little Tornado》!"

The two's combined skill exploded and a violent heat wave has come from the direction Toutobi has pointed to. Responding to it, the offshots moved to create a protective wall, but Lucato and Hino wouldn't let them escape.

"I won't let you. ——《Multistage Thrust》!"

"——《Shock Impact》!"

The two secured the path to the boss, and Myu dove in there. I applied enchants looking at her back.

"《Enchant》——Attack, Speed!"

"Thanks! Now, don't run this time!"

Ahead of the firestorm that has cleared up, there was the Darkman all alone, as if to run away from Myu its shadow lower body slid on the ground.

"I won't let you runn!"

Although Myu's sword closed on it with a tremendous speed, the Darkman didn't lose when it comes to speed. It changed its arm forming a lance and has defended itself from the attack by parrying.

On the other hand, part of its body melted generating new offshots that have headed towards us.

"Stand firm again! We need to hold out in here!"

As Lucato commanded, I once again applied defence enchants and we confronted the offshots coming at us. Thrusting with spear, cleaving with the sword, baking them with magic and carving. My arrows also have pierced and were sucked into the enemies' foreheads.

As for Myu, her already high speed has been increased by the speed stat-increasing enchant and has gradually overwhelmed the Darkman. Being dealt damage bit by bit, it's HP was reduced to about 30%.

"It's over! ——《Fifth Breaker》!"

Myu swung up the sword that emitted a light of the art and was about to release the deadly attack. However——

"'s time. It escaped."

The voice of Toutobi who was away from the battlefield so that we avoid the joint struggle penalty has sounded in my ears. Both the Darkman's body and the offshots have collapsed, melting in front of us and disappeared, sucked into the ground.

Myu's first attack has cut through the air and the art was immediately cancelled.

"No way, it escaped?!"

The moment she thought she would cut it down, Myu received a shock from not being able to defeat it.

"Hey, what was that?"

"The battle with the Darkman has a time limit. Actually, withstanding until the time limit counts as a clear, but we don't get any drops."

While watching Toutobi comfort Myu who chagrined, Lucato described the specifics of the battle.

Certainly, just a little more and we would have taken it down, having it escape at that point was really frustrating.

"One more time! Let's do it one more time!"

"We can't. We need to guide Yun-san to the next town."

Lucato dragged Myu away who was obsessed with the boss battle. This too felt like something everyone was used to, I turned towards the direction boss was originally in.

After walking for a while, I saw the end of the wetlands on the south.

"This is the fourth town——also known as 【Maze Town】."

What spread in front of me, was an outer wall that had a very south-eastern Asia's-based feel to it.

Drawn on town's gate there was a very characteristic pattern, the town overflowed with moisture and oriental patterns were drawn on the buildings, matching those drawn on the gate.

After entering the main street I could immediately see the object that functioned as transition portal, I touched it and registered a transition point.

"In the city's bounds, there are four entrances to the dungeons. It's called the 【Maze Town】 because it has dungeons inside."

While listening to Lucato's explanations, I was guided to the city's key locations.

Right beside the portal that was in the town centre, there was a spire-like building that was supposedly a dungeon.

There was a cave-type dungeon near the First Town and on the outskirts of the Third Town there was a mine-based dungeon. But the dungeons of the Maze Town were of a completely different type.

While the former have assumed forms conforming to the area, the Maze Town's dungeons were expanded in the subspace.

Their entrances were four large buildings, but their contents differed for each of them.

The first one was a normal dungeon with stone walls that was intensive when it comes to attack causing bad statuses.

The second one was a dim underground cave dungeon with poor footing that had a lot of fighter and water attribute mobs.

The third one was a horror dungeon with dark space, complex terrain and dominated by undead mobs.

The final one, was a yet-unreleased dungeon that is to be released with an update.

"The dungeon in the centre of the town is the main hunting ground. There are areas spread in all directions from the town, but outside is overflowing with strong, high level enemies. Even the progression-oriented and min-maxers don't set a single foot outside."

"Hee, dungeons in the unexplored and wild area huh. It sure sounds like a fun town."

I feel like taking a peek outside, collecting items in the entrance's vicinity and escaping if needed would work.

"Onee-chan, just now you thought of snatching some material without fighting, haven't you."

"...can't I?"

"Not only you can't, but there were other players before you who thought the same and had little success, isn't it more constructive to give up on that and raise your own Sense level?"

Well, I guess. Avoiding strong mobs without defeating them and obtaining items would be difficult.

Even if I obtained some materials, it would be at most one or two before dying and coming back to town with a death penalty. It wasn't worth it.

"Can't be helped. I'll give up."

"Yun-san, you're really actually fired up about going at it, aren't you. An unexpected challenger."

Ahahaha, Lucato and the others laughed with small grimace. Myu looked shocked and said "Onee-chan is really crooked at times" and sighed.

"Well, let's leave it at that, what do we do next? At this rate we'll dissolve party, that sounds really dull."

Hino asked in order to change the topic. I have achieved my objective after registering the portal in the Maze Town, so I didn't have any problem with disbanding.

"Let's have revenge on the Darkman! This time we'll take it down!"

"Let's take down that Treant we let off! Grade up the staffs with Treant's material!"

Myu and Rirei raised their voices. Moreover, Toutobi who was outside of the party this time sent me multiple glances full of expectations.

"Since we achieved Yun-san's goal, how about we hunt as we go back. Yun-san how about you come with us?"

"Is that fine?"

"Just like this time, we'll escort you in the future as well. In that case, we might team up together to practice."

"If that's the case, then there's something I'd like to ask. Since I haven't raised my combat Senses too much, can we do some leveling as well?"

"Yayy! Then, we'll have Onee-chan enter and try all the patterns by fighting Darkman five times more."

Surprised by what Myu suddenly said, I froze.

No way, are we fighting that boss again and repeatedly too?!

"Let's go then! Let's go right now!"

"Fufufu, you're right. The Treant is going to escape. It would be nice if it remained in the same spot as before."

In addition to fighting the Darkman we're to chase down the Treant?! I was swept away with the flow straight towards the wetlands.

In order to fight the boss, Darkman that turned inactive earlier, Myu party's members rotated and we challenged it to five consecutive battles. We have grasped the flow of the battle more or less, but out of five tries it escaped twice and three times we were able to beat it on the verge of the time limit.

After defeating it three times, all that dropped for me was a material 【Magical Organism's Catalyst Metal】.

It was an item that turned into a random type of ingot when processed in a manner of making a normal ingot. However, in order to make a normal ingot 5 pieces of it were required, so one wasn't enough.

"Well, I guess I'll hold onto it for now?"

After we were exhausted by five boss battles, I was swept by the momentum as we went to defeat a Treant, but for better or worse, the Treant has already moved and we were unable to find it, which marked the end of our adventure.

"Khhh! Next time we find it, we're definitely taking it down!"

Even though I comforted frustrated Myu, in fact, while we were searching for the Treant I recovered some herbs from the collection points, so I thought it wasn't all that bad.

Getting a grasp on the wetlands' scenery I no longer felt anxiety.

In the end, I passed Myu and the others potions and consumables as a reward. As for what I felt, seeing as they escorted me and accompanied me in leveling, it seemed to me like the amount was small and wanted to give them additional reward. However, I didn't have enough items on hand and decided to go back to Atelier with everyone first.