Volume 4 - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Guild Solicitation and Disappearance

After five battles with the Darkman and search of a Treant in the wetlands, we explored quite a big area and were about to return to the 【Atelier】.

"As I thought, the battle with Darkman consumes MP very intensely as multiple arts and spells are used."

"In that case, how about the additional reward be MP Potions? Also, after doing this and that your satiety must have decreased quite a lot right?"

Since I was the escort subject and only provided covering fire my satiety parameter that indicates the degree of player's hunger reduced only to about half. However, Myu and Toutobi who ran around the enemy mobs as well as Lucato and Hino who wielded large weapons must have had their satiety decreased considerably.

"I'll add some of my store's sandwiches."

"True, I'm starving. Sandwiches are okay, but make some delicious food for us to eat."

"Geez, it can't be helped. But it'll take a while to make."

In response to Myu's request I answered with a sigh. Even if she was happy about being spoiled, I think spoiling her is a bad habit to have as an older brother.

Actually, it would be nice to make some food out of the drops from the wetlands' mobs, but unfortunately, no ingredients that could be used have dropped.

"Let's see... from the ingredients, I can use Mill Bird's meat."

In the 【Cooking】 Sense there was a skill that removed poison from the ingredients, and the ingredients that couldn't be utilized at first could be used.

However, the moment they heard about poisonous Mill Bird meat, two people's expressions have cramped up strongly.

"It's okay. I'll properly remove the poison. Also, Ryui's 【Purification】 will erase the bad status on it."

I just thought about it, but Ryui's 【Purification】 is a skill removing bad statuses and recovering HP, isn't it. Recently, I might have treated it only as part of the ingredient treatment process, but it must be just my imagination.

"Since it's a Mill Bird, then I could make a chicken nanban, karaage, simple stir fried chicken with vegetables or grilled chicken. From what you can take with you just the grilled chicken would fit, but for the stats correction the best would be nanban and stir fried meat with vegetables... no, speaking of time and effort the stir fried meat and vegetables would be best. None of them are elaborate home cooking, so which one you want?"

"A-as expected of 【Nanny】, to be able to make so many dishes with just one ingredient..."

"Hm? This much is normal. Oh right, we purchased a surplus of meat so I want to burn through it as fast as possible."

Recently we've been supplied excessively by some of the 【Atelier】's customers. I immediately cooked meat like the Big Boar's since there was no need to remove poison from it, but I had to spend some time removing poison from Mill Bird's meat.

"Well, can't help it even if I think about it. Is both grilled chicken and stir fried vegetables okay? I'll make some extra so you can take it with you."

Since they couldn't really decide on what they want, I decided on my own.

And then, Lucato muttered absent-mindedly.

"——Is 【Atelier】 a tavern as well?"

"Lucato. My place isn't a tavern."

"I-I'm sorry."

Sometimes 【Atelier】 is mistaken for a restaurant or a food dealing store, but it's a workshop devoted to supporting and cheering the players on.

It's mostly because of the crafting Senses I acquired as my hobby.

At times I use 【Dosing】 as a medicine maker and provide some 【Cooking】 if necessary. Although I don't do i

t too much openly, I also dealt with 【Engraving】, 【Alchemy】 and 【Synthesis】. Although, no matter what I'm dealing with, the core business is still making potions.

After we finished to talk about cooking, I headed to the store.

There was a single player waiting in the 【Atelier】 which was a quiet store on the south side of the First Town.

He didn't look like he came to buy something and I didn't recognize this player.

When I approached the store with a puzzled expression he noticed me.

"Excuse me. Are you this store's player, Yun-san?"

Although he used polite wording, judging by his assertiveness he already knew it was me.

"That's right... is there something? If you need items, you can ask the clerk, Kyouko-san."

Since he most likely would be someone that's a pain to deal with, I wanted to escape before he would get to the main issue. That was the plan, but he was pushy and one-sided, saying his request right in the store.

"Yun-san, please come and join our guild, the 【Green Fall】!"

"I refuse. Go home."

Hearing me reject it completely, the male player was unable to understand what was said for a few seconds and gradually came to realization. Please, at least listen to me, is what he relayed with his gaze but I wouldn't meet it. I implied rejection. Go home, don't talk to me, you're in the way. And so on.

"I have no interest in someone else's guilds. If you're not a customer, then get out."

"Please, somehow! Right now we're a medium-sized guild, but if a famous player like Yun-san joins our recognition will go up! Also, all the combat members will be motivated! Right now it's the 【Eight Million Gods】 that's on top! But in future we'll become OSO's largest guild!"

I coldly stared at the player who continues to talk one-sidedly. I confirmed the state in which Myu and the others were as they came from inside, when I moved my sight I saw their facial expressions solidify.

Geez, I made them feel something unpleasant, extra frustration welled up inside of me.

"——That's why, please join our guild."

"I already refused at the very beginning, haven't I."

Finally taking a proper look at my face, he realized there's no hope. If anything, he realized that I was negative about it. In response to my gaze he faltered. Still, the solicitation continued.

", that's a waste. Really."

"So what? There's no advantage in it for me to enter a guild is there?"

"We're always fighting! If you make recovery items for us, it'll be easy for you to raise your Mixing Sense."

"I don't feel like that's a benefit though... enough. Kyouko-san, from now on don't sell anything to this player. Also, if player of the same affiliation to guild 【Green Fall】 come, warn them unconditionally 'Next time, we'll ban you from entering'."

"Yes, understood."

Leaving it to the NPC Kyouko-san who entered before anyone realized, I entered the 【Atelier】's store.

With a charming smile, Kyouko-san has asked the player to leave. Unable to say anything to an NPC, he left depressed.

"Sorry for making you see something strange."

"N-no it's nothing, but..."

When I was about to enter the store's counter, Lucato answered hesitantly. Did something happen?

"Are you always refusing guild solicitation?"

Myu arrived at the counter seats and asked. While wondering what to say, I prepared the cooking utensils.

"Well, sometimes, I guess? I thought it'll be exposed sooner or later, but after I joined the summer camp event and was given a strange nickname they started to appear here."

I had rare young beasts, unicorn Ryui and a heavenly fox Zakuro as well as stable crafting facilities of the 【Atelier】.

Well, other than that there were various other reasons, but getting me alone join their guilds would open up many options to them, is what they must have felt.

"Recently, the intervals between the solicitations are growing shorter and it's getting annoying."

I lit a fire under a magical stove with a sigh and heated up the frying pan.

I took out Mill Bird's meat that had its poison removed for cooking and a few types of vegetables from an item box in the back.

Recently, I've obtained a stock of vegetables in order to raise my 【Cooking】 Sense. I cut some of them into bite-sized chunks with a knife and put them on the frying pan along with meat and oil. I put on salt and fried it all.

On the other hand I cut the bird meat into bite-sized pieces and skewered it for grilling.

"...a-amazing... to prepare two types of food at the same time..."

"Hm? I'm used to this kind of thing."

There wasn't enough of the stir-fried vegetables for six people, but I finished enough for one and placed it on a platter, making portions for everyone one after another. In addition to that I added the grilled chicken to the vegetables garnish.

"Fufufu, the vegetables crispiness and saltiness of the meat is really delicious..."

", before that, they add a positive status correction. +3 ATK for 15 minutes. The grilled chicken seems like it's overlapping, but it's +2."

"Well, that's cause' its monster's meat. It doesn't raise as much as Big Boar's, but still does."

Seeing Toutobi stop moving her chopsticks surprised, I turned towards her and said so. Myu and Hino stuffed themselves not bothered, Lucato and Rirei were aware of the status enhancement but still still ate appetizingly. It was just Toutobi who was surprised and Kohaku who examined the food seriously. During a meal, their uniqueness has surfaced. While thinking so, I asked Kyouko-san to make tea for everyone and started to remove poison from the meat for the sandwiches.

"Yun-san, your hand's movements feel like you're very accustomed to it."

"Is that so? Well, I did this many times before, that's why."

They somehow understood how and where to cut in order to remove poison. Maybe it was because of some kind of assisting effect of a Sense, but not bothering with it too much I prepared the grilled chicken.

After a while, satisfied, everyone was about to go back with an excess of grilled chicken.

"Thanks for the food. I'll come to eat again!"

While saying so, Myu and the others happily talked while leaving the 【Atelier】.

"Geez, it's not like I'm cooking the entire time. Well, if I feel like it... there might be another time——"

This time, the amount of prepared Mill Bird meat has decreased and I'll have to remove the poison when I have some spare time.

Since there was no more time left for collecting materials or hunting small fry mobs nor crafting items, I started some crafting preparations here and there.

"——I'll excuse myself."

When I was removing unprocessed Mill Bird meat form the box, someone entered the store from the front. I turned around and saw two male players equipped with a dark-coloured light armour.

One man just stood there letting out an intimidating feel. And the man who called out to me approached me with a wild gait.

"Welcome. I'm a bit busy now so tell your request to the clerk over there."

"My request is you. You're called Yun right? Our guild master wants you. Won't you enter our guild?"

"I refuse."

Without even facing the man, I rejected it.

"You little... who are you pickin' a fight with here? We're PK's."

The man pulled out a rapier from his hip and identified himself as a PK.

PK——Player Kill. It refers to the act of attacking other players in the game. And the people who do it are called Player Killers. There are various forms derived of that, but it's something very rare in OSO. The reason for that was that there was very little merits in doing it...

"Stop being silent! Heck, show your face!"

The man claiming to be PK was frenzied, he impaled the counter with his rapier. Also, he pierced through the Mill Bird's meat that was piled up on the counter. The man who silently stood at the entrance also pulled out his weapon and moved towards me.

"What are you doing."

"Ha! Just some solicitation for the guild! No way you'll refuse, will you now."

"I'll repeat, I refuse."

A blue vein appeared on the man's forehead as I said that. But I couldn't care less.

"It sounds troublesome so I'll pass. Hurry up and leave."

In response to my words, the man reached over to me through the counter.

My collar was grasped and I was pulled in forcefully. I scowled as having my collar grasped felt painful

"Don't get ahead of yourself here. Don't think we're just any PK's. We'll mobilize the【Fosch Hound】 and persistently target those women who were here just now."

I didn't really care what was done to me, but this guy said he would target Myu and the others.

"...I won't forgive that. Targeting my acquaintances... how can you even say such a thing."

I've dealt with them cruelly until now, but this guy was an enemy. While my collar was still held I glared in the man's eyes.

"Ah? What's up wit that look in your eyes."

"Since you knew Myu and the others were in the store, you must've been watching from somewhere, right? That's why you entered when there was no one inside, I thought."

It seemed like I was quite angry. Since I said what I thought to provoke him, the grasp on my collar strengthened and my feet have left the ground as he lifted me.

When as expected, I couldn't bear the pain any more, a strong wind has ran through the shop.

"Just when I come to hear some interesting stories, I see some uncouth bunch here."

A sharp blow hit the arm that was holding me and I was released along with its impact. I fell down on my butt on the inner side of the counter.

"Khh... hey, we're going."

After calling out to the other man who just stood there stunned with a stiff expression, the men left with an unsteady gait. I give up, remember this, they say anything like that as they left. What a shame, I thought, feeling surprisingly calm.

And after the noisy PK guild recruiters have left, I spoke the names of the two who came in.

"——Mikadzuchi, also, Sei-nee."

"Ohh, it's a honour to be remembered."

"Kahaa! As I thought, booze is the best when there's a side dish to it!"

"Don't talk about booze with minors. Geez."

The ones who saved me were Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi. I was grateful for them coming to Atelier at perfect timing and drove away the malicious guild recruiters, but their reason for coming was...

"The lil' sis had some grilled chicken, so we came to eat too!"

Mikadzuchi said that shamelessly and ate grilled chicken with one hand while holding alcohol with the other.

"Even so, are you okay Yun-chan?"

"...I'm not okay at all."

Since such explicit threats started, it would be a bother to my acquaintances and friends.

"Haa, really, what to do."

I didn't think Myu and the others would lose to the PK'ers just because there was such a provocation, but since it might be a bother, maybe stopping to play OSO would be a good idea.

"What are you worried about so much. At times like this, you should consult with your seniors."

"As if I'd consult with a drunkard."

I said that while grilling one chicken after another, but since I couldn't come up with a conclusion I decided to consult with them.

"Recently I've had lots of guilds trying to recruit me and it's getting annoying. Also, it seems like I've caught an eye of a bunch like that one earlier."

"Some time might be needed until it calms down."

I nodded agreeing with Sei-nee. In the first place, the reason I refused guild invitations was because there was nothing in it for me.

"I get whatever I need from the Crafting Guild. Whether it's materials or the sales market."

"That's cause it deals with both members and non-members equally. Crafters in our guild can enjoy the crafting activities without transferring guilds too and are really happy about it."

Holding the grilled chicken in one hand Mikadzuchi answered hearing the talk about that.

"In that case, you'll have to do that. Go to a place with a few people for a while or don't show your face outside of the store."

"You mean——that I should disappear?"

As I returned the question, Mikadzuchi nodded while chewing on the grilled chicken.

"That's right. Well, once it calms down you can drop by and show your face behind the counter from time to time right?"

After finishing to eat the grilled chicken, Mikadzuchi waved the skewer around and drank a mouthful of her booze, because of her words a way out appeared in front of me.

There was no real need for me to do the work in the store. Before I have gotten a store I was always on the move. I had no problems returning to these times.

"That sound good. In that case, what do I need to do so?"

"If you want to disappear, you need two items. Missy, how much money did you save up so far?"

"If it's money I can use immediately... about 800kG? I have a bit more than that but I save it for upgrading my crafting equipment and for the store's maintenance costs..."

"Perfect. The first item you need is a 【Mini Portal】. Did you hear about it before?"

"If I'm not wrong, it's a portal that can be installed in guild homes right. A simple portal."

The Mini Portal basically had the same effect as the area transition objects. It was an item for organizations like guilds and could be installed freely in a specified location.

"If you have a Mini Portal, you can transition to various areas from inside of the store. You won't have to worry about being found outside of the store, and in case you're found at another portal you'll be able to go back to the store without anyone noticing, shaking off the surveillance. Also, oh right... as a side effect, if they notice you're transitioning to a Mini Portal, they'll think you already are some guild, Missy. Surely. There's no way they'll think you have your own."

Kukuku, Mikadzuchi made an evil smile. Certainly, being able to return freely to 【Atelier】 was very appealing.

"But, if I'm not wrong that costs a 1mG. I don't have enough money."

"Yeah. To disappear you need 200k more. Also, Sei. Do you have that with you?"

"By that you mean the 【Dark One's Mud】? I do."

Sei-nee operated the menu, and took out a small vial she held in her hand. It seemed like there was a black mud-like liquid in it, but it vibrated subtly and was downright creepy.

" I drink this?"

"No! The 【Dark One's Mud】 is a reinforcement material item. If you use it on the armour, it has an effect that reduces the range from which mobs sense you and decrease the amount of hate you gain from them. Other than that, it makes it hard for Senses 【See-Through】,【Sixth Sense】 and 【Abandonment】 to sense the preliminary operations of your arts and skills——in other words, it causes 【Recognition Inhibition】."

Suppression of hate generation and reduction of range from which mobs sense you were effects good for solo and rearguard players.

If the amount of hate didn't increase, my attacks would be treated as low priority.

And if the range from which mobs sense me decreased, it would make it easy to get one vs one situations, and would be useful when I search the area avoiding the combat.

Above all I could activate skills in combat with other players without being noticed, which allowed me to launch surprise attacks and raising the success rate of escape if the enemy is confused.

"Thanks. Sei-nee..."

"Woah, Missy. You not thinking you're gonna get this for free are you."

"Well, I'm fine with giving it just like that though."

When I reached out for the vial Sei-nee held, Mikadzuchi stopped me. I looked towards Sei-nee and smiled wryly.

"Missy, there's no need to brace yourself like that. I'm not going to eat you."

"No, I told you not to call me 'missy'. I'm a man."

I asserted that I'm a man like I usually did, but when she protruded an empty platter, I reluctantly put grilled chicken on it.

"Ah, wrap it for takeaway."

"This is thanks for being helped. Thanks for being helped..."

I repeated a several times, dissatisfied by Mikadzuchi's pushiness.

", what do you want Mikadzuchi?"

"Don't rush so much. Let's organize it first. What Missy Yun needs, is the remaining 200kG of funding and 【Dark One's Mud】. If you have that, you'll be ready to disappear."

Disappearance thought up by Mikadzuchi. There was something missing from it. And, Mikadzuchi and others had it.

"Now, it's my turn. The guild 【Eight Million Gods】 wants to conquer the Maze City's normal dungeon. Although the enemy mobs' specs are low, they extensively use bad statuses. I want to overcome that."

With serious look in her eyes Mikadzuchi stared at me after giving me a problem to solve.

"Conquering a dungeon you say. You just have to do it right?"

"There's only cure that recovers from 【Confused】 and 【Charmed】 bad statuses one at a time right? It's quite tough on us."

"But that's still better than nothing right."

"Well, it can be substituted with recovery magic, but you can make a highly-effective potion right?"

During the exchange with me, Mikadzuchi drank happily. I think this kind of talk isn't all that bad.

"Then, I'll pull out a few of the ones I don't sell in the store. There isn't many, but I have a few kinds."

Starting with poison, I pulled out eight kinds of BS recovery potions, there were only a few.

The weak antidotes made initially cost 70G, but their recovered amount was low, for every stage of recovered amount the price went up.

Every rank up increased the price by several times, The 【Antidote 4】Potion cost approximately from 7kG to 10kG. However, to make those 【Alchemy】's 【Higher Conversion】 had to be used on 10 antidotes of the lower level so the loss was quite large.

That's why, other than the affordable potions, the store didn't put out that kind of goods.

"In that case you'll be able to make around 100kG of it. Now, next. Do you have poison?"

", who are you about to poison. No, assassinate?"

"Don't be rude. It's one of the countermeasures."

When I looked towards Mikadzuchi with suspicion, Sei-nee lent her a helping hand.

"This time, we want to use poison causing bad statuses for leveling of resistance-type Senses. It's a more reliable method than waiting for weak mobs to use a BS attack."

Accustoming one's body to the poison and increasing resistance——what kind of ninja training is that. I thought of retorting.

"Well, I do. Just like with the BS recovery potions, I have many types."

"Then give us the three classified as mental types, anger, confusion and charm. Combining this with high MIND stat and resistance we'll be able to avoid the nasty ones."

I see, I thought after hearing Mikadzuchi's words. Admiring.

The body-type abnormal states, poison, paralysis, sleep and stun could be prevented to a certain extent with the DEF stat.

The mental-type abnormalities, confusion, charm and curse were - as Mikadzuchi said, statuses corresponding with MIND's magical defence.

"Then, that'll be bad status recovery potions 100kG in all and bad status inducing drugs 100kG as well. Each high level medicine dealing with bad statuses is very expensive."

In order to get them I cultivated a variety of poisonous herbs I gathered in the summer camp event on in the field behind the 【Atelier】, but the bad status medicine are very rare.

Since they were much more expensive than recovery potions, I squeezed what I could out of them.

However, there was something I still couldn't understand——

"You said the efficiency of getting a BS from a monster is low, but even without relying on the drugs you could substitute it with monster meat, right?"

I took out the highly-treasured potions from the box behind the counter.

When I returned my gaze to them after retrieving items from the box, I saw Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi made a bitter expression.

"There was a nasty incident."

"Yeah, I didn't think it would end up like that."

"Eh, what?! What happened?!"

Even as I panicked and asked the two, they didn't say anything and just stared at me with a warm, benevolent expressions.

"T-that's scary! What happened! Sei-nee!"

After that, Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi didn't tell me anything until the very end, further fuelling my fear.

Two days after Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi visited the 【Atelier】, I didn't find a good moment to talk with Cloude but I have purchased the Mini Portal and placed it in the 【Atelier】's workshop.

Other than when I went to the town to purchase the Mini Portal during which Sei-nee accompanied me out of consideration, I didn't go outside of the workshop. After logging in I read books, played around with young beasts Ryui and Zakuro or created potion and spent time cooking.

And currently, I have had an appointment with Cloude, we lent one of the Crafting Guild's rooms and were facing each other.

"Sorry for not being able to help you immediately. It seems like you were targeted by solicitation of malicious guilds and PK's."

"Well, that's right. It doesn't feel real though."

Since it was something about me, I felt carefree about it. Even if I thought about it, I couldn't keep up with the reality anyhow.

"For a while I've heard that you were preparing to disappear. About the guild solicitation, we are partially responsible for that too. We'll lend you a hand to an extent possible."

"What do you mean?"

When I tilted my head puzzled at Cloude's remark, he said "we have involved you indirectly" as a prelude to the conversation.

"Do you remember how the price of 【Guild Emblem】 soared when we were creating this Crafting Guild?"

"Yeah, since there wasn't enough funds, we had to get it ourselves."

I remembered the very recent events, but not knowing how was that connected to current ones, I tilted my head.

"Even if the price has soared, it will go back to normal sooner or later. When the 【Resale Guild】 determined they cannot profit any more, they sold the collected Guild Emblems at a bargain. It resulted with a price crash and a flood of small and medium-sized guilds, which leads to the current situation."

"Oh, so that's why the guilds are soliciting in order to increase their size even by a bit and to prosper. Calling something that can't be helped involving someone indirectly is really dutiful of you."

Good grief, I would never realize if he didn't say that. I sighed. But if he offers help, than I'll take it.

"Then, can you strengthen my armour with this 【Dark One's Mud】?"

"Got it. Then wear this inst——"I'm fine, I have beginner's clothes with me."——Tch, you successfully made an escape route huh."

As if I'd let myself get manipulated by Cloude into wearing cosplay every single time.

"It can't be helped. While at it I'll grade up the armour's material to strengthen it."

I switched the equipment and passed Ochre Creator set and the 【Dark One's Mud】 to Cloude.

"The rework will take time. Oh right. Is afternoon in three days okay? Also, there's something I want to ask you for that's related to the event. Of course, there'll be a reward for it."

"I'm not in such a hurry to disappear so you don't have to hurry it. So, what do you want to ask me for?"

I wonder what does he want to request of me. If there's anything, it would probably be something about the recipes Lyly asked about earlier.

"I want you to create 【Insect Repelling Incense】 and 【Fireworks】. I've heard from Lyly that you already know the recipe for the Insect Repelling Incense, so I'll pass you just the Fireworks recipe."

I took a piece of paper Cloude took out from his inventory and took a look at it.

The Fireworks were a joke item, but the amount of materials required was large and their practicality was very low.

"This is something, 【Black Exploding Stone】,【Phosphorous Soul Crystal】,【Frog's Stomach】 and 【Strongly Acidic Jelly】... why does it require this much items."

"First, we intend to shoot them in the air for the Crafting Guild's event's closing. Just shooting magic into the air is too fantasy-like, so we thought of doing it in an ordinary way. And the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 is needed for the main event Lyly is planning."

"While there still is some practicality in 【Insect Repelling Incense】, the 【Fireworks】 recipe has no practical use as it's a joke item and has no actual use, yet is quite hard to find isn't it? You really did well to find it."

"Didn't you take a look at it yet? It's in one of the joke books that came from the camp event."

Among the items that dropped from special mobs in the camp event there were books.

I haven't read all of them yet. My 【Linguistics】 Sense was still level 15 which was very low and there are books I can't read.

"You convinced me. Then, I'll undertake the task of creating the 【Fireworks】 and 【Insect Repelling Incense】. Do you have any other items related to the event you need?"

"Let's see. Nothing comes to my mind right now, but just in case something might be required it would be good if you collected materials to use."

The event hosted by the Crafting Guild is supposed to be carried out over two days.

The players are going to sell items in booth and stalls——the free market.

On the special stage everyone will be able to perform——the stage show.

Bidding for the goods inside of the Guild Hall——the auction.

An event in which players fight each other, whether they are crafters or fighters——PvP tournament.

Other than that there are various small events and highlight events for which various prohibitions are lifted, it'll be fun just looking at it.

"Now then, it's about time I leave."

"In that case, before you disappear go meet Magi first. Right now, she's outside of the town's west gate."

"West gate? Why there?"

There was no valuable minerals there, and the materials that can be collected in Cloude's dungeon are mainly cloth or leather-based.

"She's scouting for PvP event participants. They're using night that's unsuitable for search to increase the levels of their combat Senses, so most likely they'll voluntarily join the PvP."

"Got it. I'll go take a look."

After being told that by Cloude, I left the room in the guild hall. After taking a look at the size of the guild hall, I left the building.

Outside there was artificial light like lamps and torches illuminating the town, when I looked overhead, I had a good look at the stars in the night sky.

When I headed from approximately the centre of the town to the west gate, outside I saw a lightless world spread. However, in the corner of the plain that should have no light, I saw a number of spheres of light, under them there was a players poising a weapon widely and attacking each other with them.

"Eh? Yun-kun? What is it? Also, what's up with that equipment?!"

While I looked for her, Magi-san was first to call out to me.

"Good evening. I came here after hearing you'll be here. As for equipment, I left it with Cloude's for reinforcing."

"Is that so. Did Cloude do anything weird to you?"

"Yeah, it seemed like he'll pass me substitute equipment so had this one with me."

When I answered with a distant look in my eyes, she responded with "ahahaha that's correct", laughing dryly.

"Magi-san, I've heard you were scouting PvP players."

Recalling what Cloude has told me, I asked.

"Indeed. During the night there ain't any light. Not everyone is using a night vision like Yun-kun's 【Hawk Eyes】 or 【Light Element Talent】 to ensure light. That's why PvP'ers are playing out here at night."

"Hee, is that so."

In front of me, there were players repeatedly fighting one on one, honing their combat skills.

"That's why I came here to advertise PvP tournament and ask them to participate."

Impressed, I listened to Magi-san's story.

There were quite a few players here who seemed like they'd participate, but gathering the players together in advance and later having them advertise the event among their own connections seemed like a good idea.

"So that's I'm joining such basic activity."

"Do your best. I've been asked by Cloude for something as well, so I'll cooperate with you here too."

"Ah, you mean the thing Lyly has planned out. Lyly is really looking forward to it so do your best as well."

"Understood. Now then, excuse me."

I lowered my head to Magi and was about to leave the place. I've heard male players on the left of me talk about something curiously in undertone.

"Hey, that's 【Nanny】 isn't it. But why does she have initial equipment on." "It seems like she passed her equipment for strengthening. I really love her usual hot pants. I can worship her beautiful legs." "Idiot, her abdomen peeking out from the gap between the initial equipment's jacket is also good." "That lame beginner's equipment makes her look like a raw gemstone instead so it's quite good. I like that look as well."

For some reason it seemed like their spoiled desires were leaking out, but I didn't hear anything, I heard nothing at all.

Magi-san behind me removed a battle axe that shone with red behind me and leaned it against her shoulder.

"You guys! No looking at our Yun-kun with such perverted staaares!!"

She turned the battle axe with a grave look and started to chase around the escaping players who have indulged in their desires.

Magi-san let out an angry voice but her expression was a smiling one, after she started chasing them she made a teasing grin like that of a cheshire cat.

It looked like a cat chasing down rats.

Knowing that, the players have disengaged from PvP and joined the fun.

"Good grief... now then, time to go back to the 【Atelier】."

Behind me, one of the players was caught by Magi-san's battle axe, but I wasn't bothered by it and left the location.