Volume 10 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Medium-Level Recipes and Unveiling

After splitting with Cloude and Lyly I headed to the pharmacy.

An eerie-looking shop which had exterior decorated with ivy. Discoloured due to age, the shop I carried my legs into looked more of a witch's house than a pharmacy.

"Ohh, you're so late I've got tired of waiting."

"I came to learn the potions' recipes."

When I exchanged words with the NPC owner of this shop, an eccentric-looking old woman Obaba, snorted and stood up before entering the back of the shop with steady steps.

"Hurry up and come! Time is limited!"

"C-coming now!"

I told Ryui and Zakuro to wait by the counter, then chased after Obaba, entering the workshop in the back.

In the workshop, there stood a board with several pieces of paper on it. It looked similar to the event's quest board.

"Now, do the work I haven't done while I was sick, you'll be doing it in my place. Once you do, I will complete the requests that have piled up. Like that, you will be able to memorize the recipes I know. It's what you call 'give and take'."

After saying that, she prompted me with her chin to go in front of the board, as if telling me to choose one.

【Delivery of Mega Potions (15)】——2 Quest Chips

【Delivery of MP Pots (15)】——2 Quest Chips

【Delivery of Yellow Potions (15)】——1 Quest Chip

【Delivery of Demon's Wonder Pills (15)】——1 Quest Chip

【Delivery of Holy Mountain's Magic Water (15)】——1 Quest Chip

【Delivery of Resistance-Granting Potions of Four Types (30 of each set)】——10 Quest Chips

【Delivery of Magical Drug: Echo Liquid (5) 】——2 Quest Chips

【Delivery of Magical Drug: Flash Liquid (5) 】——2 Quest Chips

【Delivery of Magical Drug: Blinding Liquid (5) 】——2 Quest Chips

Affixed on it were delivery-type quests like the ones I did before, but the only reward for all of them were Quest Chips.

Well, thinking of the fact that I can get a new recipe in the process, this was quite reasonable.

I already knew some of those potions, but there also were potions and magical drugs I didn't know as well as a multiple set delivery. All of that made me quite excited.

"Now, which one will you make first? In the worst case, if I don't manage to teach you all I will sell you a book with the recipes, the 【Intermediate Pharmacist's Tech Book】. ——For 1mG."

"So expensive?! As if I'd dish it out just like that!"

"Knowledge will turn into money. You'll earn that much right away. C'mon, c'mon."

While saying so, Obaba showed off the leather-covered book, I——

"I don't have enough with me, I'll buy it later."

"Hohoho, thanks for your patronage. Well then, before you buy the book let's make one simple thing from a recipe."

Obaba said and urged me to receive a quest.

I requested the 【Delivery of Mega Potions】 from among the pieces of paper on the board.

"Oh-ho, so that's what you choose. Fine, I'll teach you how to make it. With that said, making of Mega Potions is the same as that of Potions and High Potions."

With that said, Obaba pulled out a herb-type, higher level item of Medicinal Spirit Grass – 【Mystic Medicinal Grass】.

"You boil this Mystic Medicinal Grass like you do herbs for Potions and add water to make it. However, it it necessary to add one more process in the middle of crafting it.

That is the way of making intermediate-level medicines and drugs."

"And what is that process in question?"

"Listen. Mega Potions and MP Pots have their effect stabilized and improved by magic power. If you don't do that, they will turn the same as normal Potions. That's why, you need to pour magic power into either herbs or into the potion itself."

Pour magic power, meaning, raising their effect by consuming MP?

While there certainly were cases where I used MP during mixing, but it was during making items through the mixing skill.

So manual mixing did not consume MP, but it seemed like MP will be consumed when making potions from now on. However, I did not know the method to do that.

"Is pouring of magic power something like the 【Enchant】 Sense's skill?"

"It's different from that. Enchant is, y'know, putting in something with magic power already given directionality. I meant pouring pure magic power into the goods in order to bring out their original qualities. We call that——【Magic Power Bestowal】."

"But, how do you do that?"

Even as I stared at my own palm, there was no indication that I could do the 【Magic Power Bestowal】 Obaba was talking about.

"This is why I'm teaching you that. C'mon, bring me what's in that cabinet over there."

Made by Obaba to do everything, I opened the cabinet and inside, found a heavy hexagonal pedestal.

As I held the pedestal in both arms and carried it on top of the bench, Obaba put a Potion in the centre of the pedestal.

"This is the 【Pedestal of Magic Power Bestowal】 for making you learn 【Magic Power Bestowal】. Now, put your hand in here."

"Is it okay like this?"

When I pushed my right hand against the dent in the pedestal, I felt like something was passing through there and at the same time, I could confirm over the menu that my MP was decreasing.

Matching that, the engravings on the hexagonal pedestal were filled with light and as it drew geometrical patterns, light gathered in the centre and then inside the potion.

"That'll be enough."

As Obaba told me to, I took my hand away from the pedestal. The light filling the patterns was gradually absorbed by the potion and a brilliantly sparkling potion was completed.

Potion 【Consumable】

Recovery 【HP+33%】

The ordinary potion improved by magic power has had the recovery amount increased.

However, the recovery amount was merely 10% higher than that of a default Potion, so it didn't feel too special to me.

If it was like this, then potions I made manually had higher amount recovered.

"Does recovered amount go up by only this much? Won't it increase further if I pour more MP?"

"What stupid things are you saying?! You want an explosion here?!"


I was yelled at by Obaba. Certainly, it might explode if too much MP is poured.

After getting angry, Obaba cleared her throat and continued her explanation.

"Well, with this you can use 【Magic Power Bestowal】 through the 【Pedestal of Magic Power Bestowal】."

As if responding to her words, the menu had displayed an announcement of a new skill's acquisition.

——EX-Skill 【Magic Power Bestowal】 has been acquired.

"Ohh, so 【Magic Power Bestowal】 is an EX-Skill. Which means it might be useful for other types of crafting as well. For example, putting magic power into materials with 【Magic Power Bestowal】 before crafting accessories——"My shop is a pharmacy! As long as I live, I won't let a successor candidate do such things!"——Yes ma'am."

Here I thought I came up with something nice, but I got scolded by Obaba again. And before I realized, I have been made into a candidate for a successor.

"Well, there are methods of achieving the same effect as using 【Magic Power Bestowal】, like soaking materials in something filled with magic power to permeate, or doing specific rituals. There is a lot of it."

This 【Pedestal of Magic Power Bestowal】 sucks in the magic power of the user as well as magic power from the air, and is a ceremonial tool to mix them together. After saying so, Obaba had me clean up the 【Pedestal of Magic Power Bestowal】.

With this, the preparations for making potion named on the paper sheet was complete.

I reconfigured equipped Senses and once again, started learning from Obaba on how to make Mega Potions.

Possessed SP45

【Magic Bow Lv6】 【Sky Eyes Lv14】 【See-Through Lv24】 【Swiftness Lv20】 【Sorcery Lv18】 【Enchant Arts Lv41】 【Taming Lv21】 【Earth Element Talent Lv29】 【Dosing Master Lv3】 【Crafter's Knowledge Lv3】


【Bow Lv50】 【Longbow Lv30】 【Alchemy Lv44】 【Synthesis Lv44】 【Engraving Lv25】 【Cook Lv15】 【Swimming Lv15】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】 【Bodily Resistance Lv5】 【Spiritual Resistance Lv4】 【Physical Attack Increase Lv7】 【Pre-Emptive Knowledge Lv8】 【Vital Points Knowledge Lv8】

"To craft Mega Potions you first need to boil Mystic Medicinal Grass in water or Water of Life, then complete by using 【Magic Power Bestowal】."

Using a mortar I ground the Mystic Medicinal Grass I was passed, added ordinary distilled water and heated it up in a small pot.

Then, apparently the range of temperatures within which the ingredient could have the healing components extracted was narrower than usual, as it started bubbling furiously upon exceeding the temperature and has immediately turned vivid green and cloudy.

At that point I hurriedly took away the pot from the fire, removed the residual scum of the herb from the pot and waited the heat and colour to calm down.

Afterwards, I poured the completed liquid into a potion bottle and confirmed its stats.

High Potion 【Consumable】

Recovery 【HP+40%】

It had an effect compared with that of a deteriorated, ordinary High Potion. At this stage, it wasn't a Mega Potion yet.

Holding expectations on whether will it change into a Mega Potion from here on, I cast the EX-Skill.

"——【Magic Power Bestowal】"

Hovering my hand over the High Potion made with Mystic Medicinal Grass, I poured MP into it.

Along with my MP decreasing at a steady rate, the High Potion started to shine like the potion that was placed on the 【Pedestal of Magic Power Bestowal】 before.

Not knowing how much should I pour, unable to judge it on my first time I checked my MP as I paid attention to the way the bottle shined.

"It's about time! Stop!"

As told to by Obaba, I stopped pouring MP into the potion. I guess I poured roughly about 5% of my MP into the potion. Apparently any more than that and it would explode.

And the High Potion which had the 【Magic Power Bestowal】 performed on it had changed colour from a muddy one into a thinner one, and its stats changed greatly as well.

Mega Potion 【Consumable】

Recovery 【HP+60%】

"So the amount recovered changed by that much when 【Magic Bestowal】 is used."

"Stop being silly! This is nothing but a low-quality product. It still hasn't reached the level of a product you can put out, so hurry and make more!"

With that said, the light-coloured Mega Potion was robbed away from me and materials for the remaining 14 Mega Potions have been prepared.

"Well, as long as I know the procedure, I can fine-tune the rest."

Getting the temperature right was difficult as compared to using Medicinal Spirit Grass, but if I cleared that part I could finish the rest fairly easily. Afterwards I immediately completed Mega Potions whose effect exceeded the first one and was able to complete the quest.

However, it felt that to make even higher quality potion it was necessary to improve the procedure. I wanted to hurry back to 【Atelier】 and do a mixing research on it, but——

"It's not like you can make Mega Potions without Mystic Medicinal Grass anyway. Also, look, there's more requests remaining."

Recalling the very basic fact that I can't make items without any materials, I calmly started preparing to do 【MP Pot】 mixing.

First using higher version of Magical Spirit Grass, the Soul Grass to make the potion, I completed it with 【Magic Power Bestowal】.

MP Pot 【Consumable】

Recovery 【MP+50%】

I have fulfilled the number of deliveries for this potion as well, but it also seemed like there was room for improvement.

Although I wanted to return to 【Atelier】 and study various mixing procedures and differences in the state of materials, as well as blending ratios...

"Without Mystic Medicinal Grass and Soul Grass I can't make any Mega Potions or MP Pots, huh."

As a test I tried using potions made with two lower level materials – Medicinal Spirit Grass and Magical Spirit Grass and infused them with 【Magic Power Bestowal】, but they did not turn into Mega Potion or MP Potion, only had their recovery amount increased.

As expected, they couldn't be made with substitute material.

"Hi hi hi, you are a candidate for my successor. I wouldn't mind sharing materials with you as a special case."


"Yes, however, each of Mystic Medicinal Grass and Soul Grass for 50kG."

"Wha?!! That's way too expensive!!"

The lower level herbs Medicinal Spirit Grass and Magical Spirit Grass both were sold at 500G each, the price went way too high.

"Soo? What will you do? Give up?"

"Ughhhnn... five each, please."

"Hi hi hi, thanks for you patronage. Well then, I'm looking forward to when you buy the 【Intermediate Pharmacist's Tech Book】."

"Aahh! I forgot I need to buy that as well!"

After purchasing Mystic Medicinal Grass and Soul Grass for 500kG I had on hand, reminded by Obaba the pharmacist of the further cost to make new potions, I groaned while holding my head in my arms.

A few days later, together with Kyouko-san the NPC we went into the field behind the store.

"All right, now we just plant this and can take some rest. It's a herb-type seed, so it should grow normally, right?"

"I think so. You have asked the farmer about it, didn't you?"

Hearing her words, I nodded with a bitter smile.

Whenever I had newly acquired seeds or seedlings, I always consulted with the Farmer NPC on how to raise it.

As a result, on 【Atelier】's field other than herbs, there was the Wisteria Peach Tree, a Shiyu young tree, Double Camelia's young tree, even a Vitality Tree. On all of them there were fruits.

And now that the cultivation of some medicinal herbs has been slowed down by the 【Cold Damage】, I used that part of the field for cultivation of Mystic Medicinal Grass and Soul Grass.

The way to obtain the seeds for the two types of herbs, was to use 【Alchemy】 Sense's 【Lower Matter Conversion】 on the herbs themselves to turn them back to seeds.

By sowing those seeds on the field, increasing the number through cultivation and converting the harvested herbs with 【Lower Matter Conversion】 back into seeds, I prepared my field as much as possible for stable acquisition of Mega Potions and MP Pots.

"Well, in a week at the earliest, I guess?"

"Indeed. If something comes up I will report it right away."

With that said, Kyouko-san and I have poured water on the seeds we have sown.

Since the field wasn't that spacious, the work was done quickly. When the two of us returned to 【Atelier】, an acquainted player was turned with his back towards us and was looking at the product samples.

"Taku, so you came."

"Yeah, it looked like you went to the field so I've been waiting."

Realizing I'm back when I spoke, Taku turned around and greeted me.

"You're alone today, you need something?"

"No, well, you could say there is something I want from you. Actually, I came to take a look at Ryui."

Taku tilted his head as he found it hard to say, and then spoke of the reason he came to 【Atelier】.

"I heard from Myu-chan. She said that your tamed Unicorn has turned adult. Also, my other acquaintances said that they've seen it in the town."

"Ahh, back then."

Most likely the talk of back when we were dashing through the town has spread, I thought.

Is that even a reason to come to look? I thought, but in contrast to my thinking, Taku's expression grew stern making me tense up as well.

"How many people have properly seen Ryui's adult form?"

"I don't even know, so don't ask me..."

The only ones I actually showed Ryui's adult form were Cloude, for the sake of making measurements for Ryui's equipment and Lyly who was there as well.

When Myu and Magi-san came I didn't want to force Ryui so I refused.

"Honestly speaking, you might be flocked by onlookers who will come to the store just to see it."

"Eh, no way that's..."

I thought it was a joke, but seeing Taku made a worried expression, it must have been true.


"It's a rare tamed mob you have made your comrade during an event. That's enough to draw attention, but now he's turned adult. There's high possibility many players will come to confirm that uncertain information."

There is a possibility of other problems coming up as well, Taku said. Troublesome stuff coming up again, I thought and looked at the ceiling resigned.

"And so, lots of acquaintances have been worried whether there are lots of people surging in here."

"So that's why you came alone..."

Gantz really seemed to want to come as well, but I left him. Taku added making me smile wryly. At the same time I thought of the possibility that unknown players will surge into 【Atelier】.

While a bustling atmosphere wasn't bad, but since I loved calm more, I might get a little depressed.

"Which means that if I don't properly show Ryui off somewhere in public, it'll turn noisy?"

That's when my 【See-Through】 Sense reacted and I turned towards 【Atelier】's entrance, finding a player looking inside the store.

Ryui was currently using illusion to hide himself from such players, I thought and stared at the player quietly. As a result, the player left from the front 【Atelier】 while acting suspiciously.

"Sigh, I get it. With that said, how do I even do the whole unveiling?"

"Let's see. First up you should show him off to acquaintances. Won't it be fine if you show yourself riding Ryui around a plain for starters? Meanwhile have people take screenshots and vids to share with other players."

Although the number of players who come just to see Ryui would decrease, it would be embarrassing to have a video of myself taken.

"But we can't do that at least until Cloude finishes the equipment I requested for Ryui."

I tried to make up an excuse to delay Ryui's unveiling, but that's when I received a message.

The sender was Cloude and the content of the message was——

『"——Ryui's and Ricœur's equipment is complete, I want to talk about passing it onto you."』

After looking at the message displayed in the menu, I commented shortly.

"Cloude's making things way too fast."

What's with this message, as if he's waiting for this moment. By receiving this message, I have been made unable to delay showing Ryui off.

"Resolve yourself, Yun. And if Magi-san's Ricœur has also turned adult, why not show them off together? Tomorrow's a holiday, too."

"Ughh, fine."

At least I will have Magi-san with me, I agreed with him while sighing.

Also, if Magi-san unveils Ricœur the attention will be dispersed and there will be less noise by that amount, I considered reasonably.

"I'll decide on the time for unveiling, call Myu-chan, Sei-san and Mikadzuchi with others."

"I'll leave it to you, Taku. Once everything quietens down, I'll close myself in the workshop to research the new recipes——"We can't consult on the unveiling without the person in question, so wait in here."——Geez, what a pain."

I was told by Taku to remain on standby in 【Atelier】.

Actually I wanted to study the new recipes for potions I learned so far, but instead I decided to use the 【Magic Power Bestowal】 on potions in stock during the time I have been made wait.

While consuming MP with 【Magic Power Bestowal】 I thought that I shouldn't have come back to the store from the field and instead went to either do event's quests or receive new delivery-type quest from Obaba to learn new recipes, and sighed.

Then, once I ran out of MP and started waiting for natural recovery to catch up I suddenly thought up of something.

What is Taku going to exchange his quest event's chips?

I spoke a question to Taku, who was showing his back to me and messaging with acquaintances.

"Hey, Taku. What items are you planning to exchange Quest Chips for?"

"Why the sudden question?"

"Asking for the sake of a reference."

For the time being I was aiming to get 50 chips, but since I haven't decided what item to get I thought of taking others as a reference.

"Hmm. If possible I would like to get over 135 chips. By the way, I have 52 so far."

"You're aiming way too high. By the way, what do you want?"

"By exchanging 100 chips I want 【Magic Remodelled Weapon's Base】, 【Three Random Boxes】 for 25 chips and use remaining 10 for 【Instant House】."

"【Instant House】?"

Hearing names of an item I'm not familiar and when I didn't see it among items for 10 chips, Taku explained in detail.

"【Instant House】 is an item you can get by exchanging 50 chips, if each of us in the party pitches in 10 chips we'll be able to get it."

Hearing his words I once again examined the field for items costing 50 chips, there certainly was an item called 【Instant House】.

"It's finally about time and we want a building to use as a base, but it will take time and costs to prepare one, right? That's why we've been thinking of buying cheap piece of land in the South part of the First Town and build an 【Instant House】 in there."

【Instant House】 seemed to be an item allowing the user to easily build a one-story house. Although it was a simple building compared to guild houses and properties available for purchase in the town, you could decide the design by yourself to some extent and apparently they could be changed to several types.

In the menu, there was a built-in trial of 【Instant House】's design tool, although the height and width were restricted, it allowed to design the house freely.

"This is interesting. There are dirt floor, flooring and tatami mats to use."

"Yeah. Kei and I just a want place for items that get in the way, but Minute and Mami-san are thinking over a fancy design for it."

As I listened to Taku's words, hee so there are such building materials, I thought and when played with 【Instant House】's design for a while I saw a certain building material standing out.

It was glass panels.

Normally glass was used for windows in the buildings, but I thought it could be used in this case.

"Maybe I should do my best and get 【Instant House】 as well."

"...Huhh? You've got 【Atelier】 as your base, why would you want a new house?"

"No, I meant to make a house completely out of glass and grow plants inside. Like a greenhouse, you know?"

The implementation of 【Cold Damage】 made part of my herb cultivation decrease in speed, perhaps the problem could be resolved with this item? I thought, but Takeru's stare expressed astonishment.

"There are better items you can get for 50 chips. Either go for those or aim for 100 chips to exchange. I don't mind helping you out a little to collect quest chips."

Certainly, I could exchange 100 chips for 【Ownership of a Personal Field】 which would be better, but managing it felt difficult so I preferred something smaller.

That's why I'm so troubled, I told Taku. As a result he made a grimace.

"When you talk about making new buildings or owning a private field I'm starting to worry you're playing a game all by yourself in your miniature garden. Well, how do I say this, uhh... for now aim for 【Instant House】 and do your best, though you might change your mind half-way."

"Hm? I don't know why am I being encouraged now, but I'll try."

Although I ended up wondering what did he mean as Taku watched me with a warm look in his eyes, I ended up using this conversation as a reference for picking an item to exchange chips for.

For now I will try aiming to get 50 chips' 【Instant House】.

A little later, as a result of Taku calling various acquaintances it was decided that Ryui's unveiling will take place the next day.

As always, he was quick to do this kind of work.

Afterwards, Taku said he has nothing to do, so we took some simple subjugation-type and mob drop delivery quests together the two of us. As a result the number of my Quest Chips increased to 32.

It was because they received such time-efficient quests with small numbers of people that fighters like Taku and Myu gather more Quest Chips, I thought vaguely.

"Onee-chan, hurry!"

"Don't rush me so much. There's still time... heck, don't call me 'onee-chan'."

"But I want to see adult Ryui as soon as possible!"

I was forced out of the bed by Myu in the morning and immediately after having breakfast, logged in to OSO.

And currently, Myu and I took Ryui and Zakuro, then headed to the plain on the West outside of the town.

In the Western plain often used for PvP training there were acquainted players already gathered, waiting to see my partner Ryui and Magi-san's Ricœur in their adult form.

"Heeey, I brought Onee-chan!"

Ahead of where Myu waved her hand to, were Taku, Sei-nee as well as Lucato and other of Myu's party members, Taku's party members, and Mikadzuchi's guild's 【Eight Million Gods】 members. They were all exchanging information on the event amongst each other.

"Luka-chan, good morning!"

Seeing off Myu who rushed to where Lucato and others were, I approached Taku.

"Taku, is this everyone?"

"Yes, actually. At this stage I wouldn't call anyone you don't know."

When told so I took a look around, I noticed that everyone was carefully selected which made me relieved.

"Heey! Are preparations for taking a vid of Yun-chan's gallant figure complete?"

"All perfect! Everything prepared for screenshots!"

"We have a perfect battle formation, we won't miss any lovely moment!"

...Should I really be relieved? It was supposed to be mine and Magi-san's unveiling, but from among 【Eight Million Gods】 guild members I heard very disturbing remarks hinting a different goal from original, so I concentrated on conversation with Taku not to be conscious of it.

"By the way, isn't Magi-san here? She's unveiling Ricœur, right?"

I looked for the other protagonists of this event, Magi-san and Ricœur but unable to find them anywhere, I asked Taku.

"Ohh, Magi-san is..."

When Taku was about to explain, something silver has slipped into edge of my vision.

What was that? As I looked at it while tilting my head, a silver beast ran straight towards where we were. Then, as it approached, it seemed like it was even larger than adult Ryui and had splendid physique.

The silver beast in question ran with light movements unsuitable to its size and weight, moving straight towards me and has stopped in front of me.

——Agh, I'll be eaten.

My legs froze as I thought so, but the silver beast only rubbed its neck against me.

Relieved that I wasn't eaten and nearly collapsing due to being pushed strongly against by the huge neck I was supported by Taku from behind. I looked up at the silver beast again and noticed familiar features.


I stroked the bluish-silver fur, it was the same as Magi-san's Ricœur's.

"C'mon, Ricœur! Don't surprise Yun-kun!"

Magi-san's voice sounded from above Ricœur's huge body. Then, she jumped off from on top of him and moved in front.

"Yun-kun, are you all right?"

"Y-yes... still, Ricœur sure has gotten big."

He was so small and cute and now he's turned so splendid... thinking so, I continued to stroke his fur.

"Ahh, no fair Onee-chan, me too! I want to fluffle that silvery fur too!"

Myu embraced Ricœur's at full power, but even with her amount of power his body didn't even flinch, and she started rubbing her cheek against him.

Ricœur who was acting very familiar with humans had rubbed Myu back in the same way, but due to the difference in physique she was nearly pushed down and had to brace herself to endure.

While watching her do that from the side, I listened to what Magi-san was saying.

"I went ahead to check how comfortable the saddle made by Cloude is."

Saying so, she pointed at the saddle on Ricœur's back. She checked on the saddle, collar and reins made of white leather to match the bluish-silver fur.

"Ricœur, how was it? Did it hurt anywhere?"

Magi-san stroked the collar, reins, inspected the saddle and Ricœur himself to investigate, but nothing indicated that he was uncomfortable.

That's when Cloude had approached with Socks on his shoulder.

"How is it, Magi? The riding comfort in a saddle."

"Hmm. Well. Ricœur running is very powerful and turns around very sharply, so we can ride inside places like forest and woods without any problems, but we can't get much speed. Of course, as long as its in a place without any obstacles and in straight line, we can move just like we had just now."

After listening to Magi-san's analysis, Cloude nodded.

"Well then, next is Yun's turn. This is Ryui's equipment."

Cloude said and passed Ryui's equipment onto me.

"Thanks, Cloude. Well then, let's do it Ryui. ——【Adult Form】"

I used the EX-Skill 【Adult Form】 to return Ryui back to adult state.

Ryui who was walking next to me had turned into a splendid unicorn in an instant, causing a commotion in the surroundings.

Normally, Myu would have charged right at him but just this once she read the mood and only observed from the side.

I set-up Ryui's equipment I have received from Cloude.

"Ryui. Is there anywhere that hurts or feels tight?"

I placed the saddle, made sure to install the reins on his Ryui's head and that they aren't in the way. With just that he already seemed to look the part.

Then to make sure Ryui can do his best, I passed Zakuro who was in my hood to Magi-san.

"Well then, show everyone what Ryui can do."

"So you say, but what do I even do?"

Is what I was told by Taku, but I didn't know what was I supposed to do. While I was agonizing over it, Ryui had lowered himself on his knees and sat down in front of me. Get on, is what it must mean.

I got on Ryui just as urged to.

Before, I was in a hurry and rode directly on Ryui's bare back, but this time there was saddle, stirrup, as well as reins which gave me a huge difference in stability and sense of security. I grew nervous in expectations for the moment we start running.

Ryui stood up with me on his back and started to slowly walk in front of everyone.

At first speed had increased to a level where I could feel a gentle wind, but eventually I started moving fast like wind itself which was very pleasant.

I might have been experiencing one of the reasons why people were so fascinated with horses.

"Actually I expected to see some special abilities, but seeing Yun have so much fun I can't say anything."

"It would be better to let Yun-chan ride around for a while first, let's watch over them for now."

In the distance Taku and Sei-nee were talking about something, but wind blowing into my ear had obscured the content of their conversation. Also, although I did notice Myu look very enviously in my direction, I ignored it as we further increased out speed.

"Okay, Ryui. Isn't it about time to show your power?"

When I muttered while stroking Ryui's neck who was running at high speed, a certain phenomenon had happened as my MP was suddenly consumed.

When we were running through the town I was completely focused on trying to grasp the situation and did not confirm anything, but now I could see Ryui's body and my limbs slightly transparent. However, that was just me, as others in the surroundings have lost us from their sight and were looking around to find us.

Feeling a bit mischievous I lowered Ryui's speed and turned to behind the onlookers', then cancelled invisibility.

"Hey, where are you looking?"

"?!! Yun! Where did you disappear to?!"

"Disappeared? We've been riding all this time. Well, Myu knows what I'm saying, right?"

"I didn't forget that failure. It's Ryui's 【Illusion】."

Illusion on the level Myu and others could not see through——transparency. When Ryui was a young beast, Myu has once tried clinging onto him and failed, memorizing it very well.

And so, Ryui's abilities I have confirmed so far were water and purification magics, as well as illusion which could be used on himself and the rider at the same time——no, more like transparency that could be used for both concealment and avoidance at the same time.

"So, this is about it? It feels like an improved version of young beast Ryui."

"Ryui's the best! Come to me!"

When I got down from Ryui, as if to take my place Myu tried embracing Ryui's neck, but he reflexively hid himself with transparency.

Then, as soon as it was released Myu jumped at him again so this time he ran away towards the plain at full speed with her chasing after.

"Myu, don't trouble Ryui too much!"

"Yup! Okaay!"

Even while she said that, she carefully closed the distance onto Ryui. However, on his guard, Ryui opened distance from heavily-breathing Myu.

The moment Myu took a step, Ryui reflexively turned with his back to her and started running. Despite that, Myu continued to chase after.

Like that, the two ran far away. They probably won't come back for a while, I thought and decided to watch over them.

That's when Taku and Mikadzuchi had approached me.

"I see. Can I ask you a few questions, Yun?"

"What is it? As long as I can answer."

When I responded to Taku, he started asking questions as a representative.

"Can you attack with bow while riding? Also, how long can you continue maintaining invisibility?"

"I'm not certain yet. If I get used to using the bow I might be able to, but I need to practice... as for invisibility, it might be hard to maintain it for long time. It keeps consuming my MP."

"Then, Ryui's own battle strength?"

"He charged through a group of skeletons and trampled over them."

"Last question. Can you attack from invisibility?"

"Not sure. That's something we need to check. ——Ryui!"

Ryui who was chased by Myu had used transparency and came back to us while hidden from her.

"Next time I will definitely ride on you!"

I smiled wryly hearing Myu yell from a distance.

On the other hand, Ryui seemed a little displeased by the fact I did not stop Myu.

Stroking his body, I asked.

"Ryui, would let me on you again?"

In response to my words Ryui let out a sigh as if saying "can't be helped" and let me on again.

"So, what targets are you going to aim at, Missy?"

Mikadzuchi asked me, but before I could respond with "don't call me missy", Sei-nee made a suggestion.

"We will prepare those. Myu-chan, can you prepare some decoys?"

"Of course! I can! ——《Summon – Light Servant》!"

"And me, too——《Summon – Aqua Servant》!"

The magic Myu and Sei-nee chanted had created magic circles in front of us, from which light and water mobs appeared.

What Myu summoned was a mob that looked like a octahedron crystal, and Sei-nee summoned a snake mob made of water. Both of them were fairly small mobs.

"What's that?! It looked a little cool!"

"Fu-fun! These are light and water magic's summon skills. Amazing, right?!"

"With that said, there's a limit on the number you can summon and their stats are about half as high as those of a normal player. They are good for acting as decoys, tanks and attacking."

"Sei-oneechan, there is no need to reveal everything right after we show off so coolly. ——Oh well. Now, mobs of mine, escape at random, reveal Yun-oneechan's and Ryui's powers!"

Myu and Sei-nee added two summoned mobs each and had them run around the Western plain.

The octahedron crystal floating slightly above the ground and the water snake moved at quite high speed, escaping in all directions.

"Well, let's begin. Ryui!"

I sat down on Ryui's back and held the reins. With that said, rather than controlling Ryui it was more like Ryui was moving according to my will.

Holding the bow on Ryui's shaking back I strongly stepped on the stirrups and stabilized my lower body by clamping the saddle with my thighs.

I aimed at one escaping water snake from an unfamiliar position and shot an arrow, but my aim was off and the arrow pierced the ground.

"——Ahh, close!"

I heard Myu's voice from behind.

At the same time, the water snake the arrow has missed had counter-attacked with a barrage of small water bullets.


Responding to my voice, Ryui made our bodies transparent and the water snake's water attacks have passed through us. Like that we confirmed that Ryui's illusions were effective at neutralizing decoys' attacks. I targeted the decoys the moment they lost the sight of me and stopped moving and drew the bow again.

This time the arrow seemed to have been sucked into the centre of the light crystal and destroyed it. However, at the moment of attack the transparency was forcibly released. Ryui had avoided an attack from another decoy by running.

It was impossible to immediately turn transparent again, so we fought back against the decoys while running around.

We were able to confirm that Ryui's transparency had a delay time just like player skills.

Also, when I used an MP Potion to restore the consumed MP while under effect of transparency, it had been lifted again.

Which meant that by either attacking or using items Ryui's transparency was forcibly cancelled.

"Now, it's about time to finish this! 《Enchant》──Attack, Intelligence!"

I defeated one summoned mob, but there were still two light crystals and three water snakes remaining.

After putting an enchant on myself I selected a certain bow-type Art to use from on top of Ryui's back and released it at the summoned mobs.

"──《Magic Bow Skill – Phantom Arrow》!"

The arrow pulling a red tail behind it flew straight at the water snake, on its way the red tail extending from it had branched into four arrows and all five magic arrows have aimed for a different summoned mob.

The magic arrow whose power was increased by a double enchantment raising my stats had pierced Myu's and Sei-nee's summoned mobs one after another.

When all the summoned mobs turned into light particles I lowered my bow and gripping Ryui's reins with my left hand I slowed down.

"I guess that's about it? Cheers for good work, Ryui."

I stroked Ryui's mane with my open hand as we returned to our acquaintances who were observing combat.

I guess with this Ryui's unveiling was over.

"Good work there, Yun-kun. Here's your Zakuro, back to you."

"Thank you very much, Magi-san."

Zakuro was calmly sitting in Magi-san's arms, but as soon as I took him back he slipped into his place inside my hood.

"He behaved very well. It seemed like he used to have distrust of humans, is this because we're acquainted? I guess he opened his heart to me?"

"Indeed, that might be so."

While Magi-san and I talked, Ryui had used 【Young Beast Form】 EX-Skill on his own and returned to his young beast form.

Upon doing that, the saddle he was equipped with had disappeared and he looked like usual, without anything on him.

"Huh? Ryui's equipment is..."

"Don't worry. It didn't disappear. When he turns adult it will automatically be equipped again."

Cloude had appeared from behind Magi-san's back and explained, I called in Ryui and once again used the 【Adult Form】 EX-Skill.

"──【Adult Form】! Ohhh! It really was equipped!"

Although I felt a little impressed, Ryui who was turned adult again right after he returned into young beast had turned into a young beast again, then started poking me lightly.

"Ahahaha, sorry, Ryui. Sorry, I said."

When I stroked his neck to calm him down, Ryui sighed loudly, making me smile bitterly.

Meanwhile, while I talked with Magi-san and Cloude, it appeared that Taku, Mikadzuchi and the others were talking about something as they stared our way.

"Right now Yun's Senses directionality is completely disjointed and it's all chaos, but the way she didn't turn half-assed and was able to synergize them well is amazing."

"Agreed. If Missy's Sense build, equipment and additional effects are well-adjusted, there's a possibility she'll turn into one of top players. Right now everything is unbalanced which is why she can't show her true strength."

I approached Taku and Mikadzuchi who were talking with serious look on their faces, then asked.

"How were our movements?"

"Oh, it was amazing."

Although it was plain, but hearing that answer from Mikadzuchi made me a little happy, and Ryui boastful.

"That's right, Ryui's amazing! He feels where I want to go and moves, and I have 【Taming】 Sense's assist so there's no problem riding."

"Woah Missy, you're so dazzling. It seems we're being purified by you."

"Well, this playstyle might be working because the one that's using it is Yun, who prioritizes his hobbies over efficiency."

Holding his fingers between his eyebrows Mikadzuchi looked up at the sky, Taku smiled wryly.

I tilted my head wondering what did they mean, but they just went "it's nothing".


"Hey, how about you come to my place?"


Mikadzuchi moved her face close to mine, making me let out a strange squeal.

Her face was very close, and despite being a woman, she spoke really manly lines.

Seeing her abrupt behaviour, Myu wedged herself between us.

"Wait right theree! Any confessions of love towards Onee-chan are strictly forbidden!"

"C-confessions of love?!"


While I raised high-pitched voice, Taku started to laugh happily from his throat. Other acquaintances also started staring here, wondering what's going on.

That was already enough to make me feel like my face was on fire from embarrassment, but Mikadzuchi simply denied what Myu said, puzzled.

"Ahh, that's not it y'know. I was asking Yun-missy comes to our place to bring out her characteristics in full."

"Ohh, so that was it. However, I'm not giving Yun-oneechan away!"

Despite understanding what Mikadzuchi meant, Myu still loudly denied. This time I turned red from embarrassment for a different reason.

"So you want to fight with Missy at stake, huh. Sounds nice, now, let's go at it."

Suddenly Myu and Mikadzuchi started duelling.

Don't start fighting with me as a prize while I'm not there, I thought as I left the two to go beside Taku to ask for an objective evaluation of Ryui and me.

"Well, seeing your attacks, it makes me want you to join some adventuring party. I feel it's a waste to leave you as a crafter."

"Why a waste?"

"Ryui's high level concealment capability and means of moving at high speed by riding him, as well as your distance attacks with 【Bow】 type Senses. Although you have an established playstyle, your attack power is notwithstanding. That's why I understand why would Mikadzuchi want to try correcting that."

Which meant that Ryui's abilities were high and wonderful, but I was wasting those characteristics, huh.

"Sorry Ryui, your rider is a half-assed archer. Apparently I am unable to fully demonstrate your abilities."

I was depressed by the fact pointed out by Taku, but Ryui rubbed his neck against me as if to say "don't mind it".

"No, you've already turned much better than you used to be. It's just..."

Taku spoke to support me, but hesitated in the middle of the sentence.

"Just... what?"

"You are quite strong against weak enemies. If you fight skilfully you might overwhelm one in twenty... no, more like one in fifty, I guess?"

"Is that a praise? Or are you worrying about me? I'm having trouble how to take that..."

Hearing my words Sei-nee moved closer and lightly pat my shoulder. Don't mind it, she said with a bitter smile, then intruded on Myu's and Mikadzuchi's PvP, forcibly stopping them.

Suddenly intruding she instantly temporarily turned the two powerless, making the surroundings let out voices of admiration.

"C'mon Myu-chan, don't make so much noise. You too, Mikadzuchi."

"Yeees. I'm sorry."

"Sorry, sorry. It seemed interesting, forgive me."

With duel interrupted, Mikadzuchi came asking me again.

"So, what will you do? How about leaving Missy to me?"

"I want to spend time laid back, so no."

She shrugged seeing me clearly refuse.

"That's a shame. Then, soon we are planning on holding a Christmas party in our 【Eight Million Gods】 guild, how about that?"

There'll be lots of acquaintances gathering, she said, so I thought about it for a moment and nodded.

"I don't mind coming for that. But this time, I'll bring some cakes I made in 【Atelier】, is that fine?"

I've had a lot of strawberry cakes and fruit roll cakes I made as practice before the winter quest event started. Mikadzuchi acknowledged my thinking of supplying those.

Afterwards, Magi-san's and Ricœur's unveiling was held. Ricœur had fangs and claws reinforced with ice magic and displayed his beautiful figure on the plain covered with thin layer of snow.

There were many players raising voices of admiration for it, also admiring his powerful attacks they took videos and screenshots of it.

Let's download some of them later, I decided in secret.

Thereafter, the unveiling video has been posted and the amount of people coming to 【Atelier】 to see Ryui decreased. Only some time after I have learned that the video had become very popular among animal-lovers.