Volume 4 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The Treant and the Alchemic Mob

"Fuu, what do I spend time on today."

I opened the window, letting a cool breeze into the room and went out to the garden in sandals.

"Onii-chan, it's a holiday and yet you don't log in to OSO?"

"That's cause it's noisy all around. Even when I log in, I try to avoid places with a lot of people."

I answered Miu who was sitting on sofa and playing a mobile game, then carried laundry outside to dry it under the empty, autumn sky.

On the holiday there was cleaning, laundry and preparing meals. A limited amount of things to do.

"Well, even if I log in I read boo... speaking of which, I finished reading them all. I'll have to go to the library. Still, to borrow some I'd have to pass through the place with lots of people."

When I muttered that, Miu sitting on the sofa puffed up her cheeks grumpily.

"Confining yourself in a room is not good for mental health!"

"No, when we're playing we sleep in our rooms right, with VR Gear on. That doesn't change."

'You're wrong! It's refreshing just to walk through the wide plains and forests! Why are you confining yourself in a place dimmer than your own room?! Onii-chan, go out for a bit!"

"You're right. We're almost out of miso, I'll go buy some."

"Talk about shopping again! Use some time for yourself!"

I was grateful to Miu for being worried about me, but even with that said I didn't have anything to do.

"Good grief. Then, I'll stop by the book store while doing shopping in the afternoon."

I'll take it into consideration, I turned towards Miu and saw her tilt her head and then drop her line of sight to the mobile game.

"I'll be going out after lunch, is there something you want?"

"Pound cake or sweets then!"


After I finished hanging the laundry to dry, I carried the empty laundry basket into the house.

I took the apron hung in the kitchen and with familiar movements I wore it, then asked for Miu's lunch request.

"What do you want for the lunch?"

"Gratin! I want to eat plenty of cheese!"

"Yes yes. Then, is gratin with minced meat and tomato sauce okay?"

I took out ingredients from the refrigerator and started preparations. I mixed fried minced meat with onions and peeled tomatoes, mixed it with macaroni, placed it in a small pot, covered it with tomato and white sauce as well as cheese and fried it.

Gratin is a very simple la carte dish, but such a minute lunch wouldn't be satisfying. What else should I make, I wondered as Miu called out as if she remembered something.

"Oh right. Today, Dad and Mom are going to come home early so there's no need to make dinner."

"In that case, I can make something simple. How about nabe?"

In that case there was no longer any need to think of assortment and quantity. Not having to think about the housework any longer, I finally had some leisure time.

I lined up the dishes prepared for lunch on the table and ate together with Miu.

After I finished cleaning up after lunch I quickly dressed myself, and holding a borrowed game I left the house.

"If it's books and groceries, I guess it would be best to go to the department store in front of the station."

I departed using public transportation. When I looked around the department store to find some things in addition to groceries and book, a familiar figure has entered my view.

The other person noticed me and nodded.

"Hello, Shun-kun."

"Hello, are you shopping too, Endo-san?"


thought I'd buy some sweets after coming to buy a book."

"I was kicked out of the house because it's apparently unhealthy for me to stay in on a holiday."

In response to my words Endo-san said "It's same everywhere, isn't it", and laughed quietly, I also put on a wry smile. And then her line of sight wandered as if she was looking for something.

"What is it? Are you looking for something?"

"Eh? No, I wondered if Takumi-kun is with you since you're always together."

"Right now he's probably playing some game in home I guess? He's always obsessing about games. He's probably in a party with someone since he's got lots of friends."

In response to my words Endo-san said "You've no mercy do you" and giggled.

"I see, so he's not here. Then you're alone after all?"

"Yup. I've been asked for some tasty sweets by my little sister."

"You sure do get along well don't you."

"Yeah, not bad I guess? Also, if you have anything like pound cakes to recommend, I'd gladly listen."

"In that case, there's a shop I always buy some. I guarantee the taste."

I was guided by Endo-san to a speciality chain's store in which there was merchandise lined up and packaged in small portions.

"Pound cakes here are delicious. I love the dried fruit and brandy types with strong smell and moisture."

"I see. I wonder what should I take. Considering Miu's taste..."

Hmm, all of them look delicious. I pondered.

I took the two with brandy and dried fruits Endo-san recommended me. Other than that, a simple pound cake with lemon and a few with black tea flavouring and put them in a paper bag.

"After getting this much I'll remember the taste, it'll be helpful if I ever try to reproduce the taste. Yup."

"I knew you always make your own boxed lunch, but you also can make sweets can you, Shun-kun."

"Well, when Miu feels like eating some I try to make what I can out of the ingredients I have."

However, recently after gathering a lot of ingredients I feel like I have steadily raised my Cooking level.

"Is that so. But ingredients for reproducing so many types on your own will be quite costly, won't they."

"It should be fine. I'm free to practice in VR. Also, I can study some recipes... find some on the net. Hey, was that weird? You're staring at my face."

"N-no. It sounds fun, I thought when I heard that. I'd like to try the pound cake you make next time."

"It won't be as good as the ones sold, but I'll share some with you."

I promised hopeful Endo-san without much consideration, but there should be no problem. I'll practice a bit in OSO and after remembering the procedure and taste I'll give her some, let's leave that for now.

"Now then, see you in school. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Endo-san."

With a soft smile, Endo-san bowed her head.

I saw her off after she turned her back to me and breathed out.

"Polite and responsible, she really feels like a class committee member. It would be nice if she complimented the sweets I made."

But, she was looking for Takumi. Does that mean she's really conscious about him after all?

No way, is spring about to come for Takumi?! I imagined that and went back home while grinning.

At a perfect time for a snack I compared the purchased pound cakes with Miu.

"Onii-chan, you seem really happy. Did something good happen?"

"It's nothing. Rather than that, this pound cake was recommended to me by someone else but it's really delicious."

I was in a really good mood as I tasted the cake recommended to me by Endo-san.

Miu tilted her head curiously as she greedily ate the sweets.

I read the book I bought, spend some time checking sweets recipes and logged into OSO not long before going to bed.

I left the daily work on the sales and inventory management of 【Atelier】 to Kyouko-san. After leaving instructions on what to do tomorrow to her I logged out.

To the instructions I gave her, I added purchasing material for sweets.

On the afternoon three days after I left my armour with Cloude, the equipment has arrived after being subjected to strengthening. It seems like it was brought by Kyouko-san the NPC as she was carrying the goods sold in consignment.

CS No.6 Ochre Creator 【Outerwear】

DEF+29 Additional Effect : DEX Bonus, Auto Repair, Recognition Inhibition

The additional effect was added into the external clothes and all of the deposited equipment was improved with a higher level material.

During the few days without Ochre Creator, during the crafting activities I had 10% to 20% failure probability and observed a degradation in the crafted item quality which made me realize just how great was the 【DEX Bonus】.

"Still, even if I shut myself in this small workshop it doesn't change the fact it's really noisy."

In fact, during my absence a few incidents happen in the 【Atelier】 with multiple parties and players crowding in.

They named themselves members of 【Fosch Hound】 and came to continue their guild recruitment that failed last time and acted clearly intimidating. The store is really noisy, while thinking that I pat Ryui and Zakuro who lied on the cold stone floor.

"I didn't really notice the problem before, but that bunch's actions are causing problems to others as well, aren't they,"

I recalled how I realized the truth after a player who came to the store contacted me through friend chat, I immediately banned all of the 【Fosch Hound】 members from entering and immediately reported it to Cloude.

"They're looking down on crafters aren't they. Fine. We'll take them on with all we have!"

Magi-san who heard about it from Cloude was so angry she looked like a raging inferno.

After her call to action, majority of the Crafting Guild was immediately notified of the 【Fosch Hound】's malicious actions. Moreover, since some crafters were also harassed in similar manner by different guilds, some guilds have been ostracised and the amount of guilds started to decrease.

"Two PK guilds and eight guilds have been ignored by multiple crafters and started to blame others, they were way too active over the last two days."

Good grief, why can't I quietly spend some time. I spat out a sigh and immediately commenced the disappearance in order to run away from this hassle.

For the time being I was in a picnic mood, wanting to stroll around on the field together with the young beasts while gathering materials to finish Cloude's request.

Since both Ryui and Zakuro were very conspicuous I asked Ryui to use illusion to hide itself and stood in front of the installed 【Mini Portal】.

I raised the usually lowered hood part of Ochre Creator into which Zakuro entered and performed a check on my equipment.

"All right, equipment ready. ——【Mini Portal】, transition."

Together with Ryui and Zakuro I jumped to the town I registered a few days ago.

The registered 【Maze Town】 wasn't my goal, it was materials in the southern part of wetlands. That's why in order not to be seen I have entered it from the 【Maze Town】 side.

"Now then, let's go backwards from here. I wonder how strong is the 【Recognition Inhibition】 effect."

When I entered into the wetlands, there was a reaction from 【See-Through】 Sense.

The boss Darkman was the first encounter after coming to wetlands from the 【Maze Town】 side, it was non-active at the moment but there was no knowing when will he attack, so without looking away from him I slipped away. However, when I was passing by I made a small nod to no one in particular, maybe it's because I'm Japanese.

"First, let's see how does the 【Recognition Inhibition】 effect work for soloing. I need to examine it. 《Enchant》 ——Attack, speed."

I confirmed there was a Moor Frog in the shallow swamp hiding under the lotus and drew the bow in its direction.

The released arrow penetrated the lotus leaf roughly in the same way as when I performed some combat training with Myu and the others. With this, the Moor Frogs all around jumped all at once. This time, thanks to the 【Recognition Inhibition】 effect it only resulted with five of them coming at me.

"Decreasing the range from which enemy senses you is one of the effects. Next is..."

Since Ryui and Zakuro were invisible they weren't targeted and the frogs have come towards me. When I took distance by stepping back a few of them stopped for a moment before they returning to their original location.

"...I guess the range of their pursuit decreased as well? Well, it'll be easy to use it solo."

I muttered, when I further increased the distance, all except for the one I attacked have went back. It seems that no matter how strong the hate decrease effect is, the attacked one would still chase me.

What I learned from the Myu party's actions was——victory goes to the ones who moves first. I have executed that.

The frog used body blows and tongue attack, to take it down before it used water attack I held my breath and showered it with continuous attacks.


Using the combination of the bow and magic as the enemy approached I tried to deal as much damage as possible, and when it approached I switched to the knife, slashing it while avoiding the body blow.

"Did I grow accustomed to avoiding it naturally after fighting against them many times?"

I fought against them on one versus one basis many times, and since getting hit by their body slam was frustrating I'm glad that my avoidance skills have gone up.

I circled around the frog that jumped towards me, stepped on it with my leg and impaled its head with the kitchen knife to stop its movement. Along with a light response I saw its HP decrease significantly, I confirmed that it wasn't defeated yet and stabbed it again. In the blink of an eye the Moor Frog disappeared leaving nothing behind. Except for——

"All right, material for the 【Fireworks】 acquired."

What I obtained was a drop from the Moor Frog, 【Frog's Stomach】.

I've gotten some when I was hunting together with Myu, but it was better to acquire more of them for the sake of making the adjustments easier.

"Let's safely hunt one after another until we reach the safety area. Ryui, Zakuro, be careful."

Together with the two invisible animals I proceeded in the direction of safety area while defeating the enemies.

In the area with a lot of mobs that attacked from surprise I assessed the situation and struck first.

In addition to the flocks of Moor Frogs, I found non-active flat and yellow jelly mobs with exposed cores——Mold Slimes. These mobs dropped the 【Strongly Acidic Jelly】 material that was used in 【Fireworks】 as well.

Since it was hard to hit the nucleus that was their weak point with a weapon that used point attacks like a bow, I used the Earth Element's 《Bomb》 four times to take them down.

Majority of the materials for the 【Fireworks】 could be gathered in this area. Not just from the mobs, but also collected or mined.

"Oh, that spot, isn't that a collection point. But it's in the middle of entire group of slimes."

In a spot with black and moist soil I wouldn't normally notice it in, there was an extraction point, in its surroundings there were hidden yellow Mold Slimes lurking. They gathered together to eat something similar to moss.

To take down all five of Mold Slimes at once using 《Bomb》 magic time after time would be tedious. Although they were weaker than other slimes of the same rank, I still didn't want to take on more than one at once.

"Even if I threw multiple magic gems at them and won thanks to the chain bonus, using gems would be a waste... hm? Some info came."

Just now, I raised the 【Earth Element Talent】 Sense's level by fighting Moor Frogs earlier and it seems like I have mastered a new spell.

It seemed perfect for taking down a group of mobs like these all at once.

"It doesn't necessarily have to take them all out in one blow, maybe I'll enchant it into magic gems and... doesn't work huh."

The gems I took out were the usual medium-sized ones, but it was no good.

"Then, I'll raise the attack power and take out the remaining ones later. 《Enchant》 ——Intelligence."

Don't ask why are there frogs on the illustration when novel mentions slimes. I don't know.

I applied an INT enchant on myself and pressed my hands against the ground.


The ground started rumbling around me, and before long my own body shook.

The fourth spell of the Earth Element 《Earthquake》 was one that generated an earthquake with the caster as the focus.

The side effect was one that caused the enemy to be stunned during the earthquake's duration. Against mobs that move in the ground like worms or this time's Moor Frogs as well as Mold Slimes that are lurking on the ground it was especially effective.

However, its usability was very poor. While it didn't damage the allies, the shaking could be directly felt by the companions and inhibit their movements.

Moreover, if there's another party in the vicinity, it couldn't be lightly used. It also had too small range to hold off large mobs as it was centred around the user and had a low range.

Other than that, it was meaningless to use it against flying mobs.

"The number of mobs taken down is two, huh. Well, fine."

The Mold Slimes hidden on the ground sprung up and appeared, about half of them was defeated.

I threw two Magic Gems in the middle of the remaining slimes and defeated them with a blast.

"So I can't take them out in a single hit, huh. As I thought, it's either because the Sense grew just now, or because my Senses are too low. It was weaker than I thought it would."

There was a lot to reflect on, but before that I had to dig up the collection point.

In contrast to the mining point for which I used a pickaxe, here I took out a scoop for farm work from the inventory.

I dug up the soil collection point while listening to the soft sounds, what I pulled out was a pure black stone and low grade ore, and then gemstones have appeared.

There were more of them than I had used before and I thought that having a positive balance was nice. The item I was looking for was there too so I was satisfied.

I picked up the pure black stones——【Black Exploding Stones】 and put it in my inventory. Since there were only eight of them which wasn't enough, I moved away from the spot and searched for another collection point. Looking for the same dark soil I continued to harvest.

Sometimes, there were flocks of Moor Frogs on the collection points too dense for 【Recognition Inhibition】 to work making me give up on it. At times I replenished herb-based materials and ore-based materials at different collection points and spend time meaningfully.

"Let's take a break in the safety area. Come, Ryui, Zakuro."

I sat down on the ground in a slightly elevated spot in wetlands and deposited my back on a tree.

*pon* *pon*, I hit my thigh lightly, calling my young beast partners, and their figures that were hidden behind illusion have appeared. Ryui put its head on my knees and I pat Zakuro who rubbed its neck against the back of my head.

Fuu, I took a deep breath and enjoy the large space and sense of freedom.

Recently, until the preparations for my disappearance were completed I have confined myself in the narrow workshop the entire time. It wasn't that I hated the Atelier, but I felt a sense of liberation after playing solo for the first time in a while.

"Surprisingly, I might've been really tired mentally."

I muttered, feeling very exhausted.

After spacing out for no reason for a while, I took out sandwiches from the inventory.

I tore it into pieces to make it easy for Ryui and Zakuro to eat and gave it to them. I smiled as I watched as they eat.

"Ahh, I'm being healed〜."

While watching as Zakuro pecked the pieces and Ryui ate a third of it at once I took out a bottle with piping hot tea for myself.

The design of the game was fantasy-styled, but as long as it was placed in the inventory heat wouldn't escape. After drinking hot, sweet tea I let out a deep breath.

"Haa, black tea is really good."

Since there was no sign of people coming here I took off the hood that obscured my head down to the eyes and let out both my hair and the hot air from within outside.

As I got into the lazy, picnic mood, I suddenly found a certain existence outside of the safety area's boundary. A wobbly, wavering, yellow ball of fire drew an 8 in the air, appealing in my direction.

"A wisp, huh. I guess I'll take the invitation while at it."

I lifted my hips in a heavy manner and moved closer to the yellow ball of fire. Wisp——or to be exact the mob called Will-o'-Wisp. It was a mob of the ball of fire or soul-type.

As for the balls of fire, their colours represented emotions. Green was joy, red was anger, blue was sorrow and yellow was fun.

Just like the Mold Slimes, the Wisp was a non-active mob. Although they drop 【Phosphorous Soul Crystal's Fragment】 material, there are also other ways of obtaining it. The 【Phosphorous Soul Crystal's Fragment】 had the same effect as 【Phosphorous Soul Crystal】 but they were smaller and five of them were needed instead of one.

"Can you eat this?"

I had Ryui and Zakuro wait beside the tree and moved in front of the Wisp.

I spread out Medical Spirit Grass I just collected that was a material for the High Potions in front of the Wisp.

Like an insect attracted to the light the wisp has closed on the Spirit Medical Grass. Although the Wisp's flame has wrapped around my hand, but since it wasn't hostile I didn't feel any heat from it.

When the flame touched the bundle of herbs as if licking them, the items disappeared turning into particles... no, they were actually absorbed by the Wisp, and its flame changed into green flame of joy.

And after the Wisp finished eating all the herbs from my hand, it's body made of flame trembled.

Together with a *pop*, whitish crystals fell out of the Wisp's body.

Two, three of them fell on the ground piling up.

"That's quite a lot. Phosphorous Soul Crystals huh, I wonder if this much is enough?"

Wisp is a mob that steals life energy of the living things. By giving items to a non-hostile Wisp, it releases excess energy in form of a Phosphorous Soul Crystal.

If they were defeated, a player would obtain only pieces of the crystal, instead, the barter with a mob in the wilds was interesting and one could get better items than by doing it normally.

"Oh, there's a 【Phosphorous Soul Ore】 mixed in. Not only it's a rare drop but also one with low drop rate."

I put the items in the inventory, satisfied with the result.

In the end, I got 23 【Phosphorous Soul Crystals】 and 2 pieces of 【Phosphorous Soul Ore】.

I played around with the wisp that wrapped around my hand until Ryui and Zakuro got tired of waiting and arrived next to me.

Zakuro grasped my clothes and dangled on it with its light body and just dangled, but Ryui poked me with its small horn while making sure not to hurt me to express its dissatisfaction.

"Uwah?! Sorry! Now then, let's resume the search."

At the same time as I got surprised by them, I saw off the Wisp that disappeared into void and finished the break, restarting the search of wetlands.

As I continued the search of wetlands on the south, I saw a male and female players walk from the direction of the First Town while quarrelling.

"That's why! We came here! I want to hurry up and go further!"

"No way I said. Let's go on steadily. Hey, listen to what I say."

They were about Myu's age. The girl proceeded forward angrily, and from the conversation it seemed like the boy wanted stop her from overdoing it by coming here.

When I checked their equipment, it seemed like it was the initial one.

Seeing the equipment that used to be everywhere when the OSO's service started made me very nostalgic.

The initial equipment gave a dowdy impression, which instead gave me an idea just how green the novices are.

The girl notices my gaze and our eyes met, then she made a questioning look in my direction.

She was a little bit wary, maybe because I was suspicious with a hood covering my head. While I thought of that, the boy nodded towards me and started to persuade the girl again.

In an area matching their current level I would just see them off like this.

But this time, I'll meddle in and stop them.

"Good grief, what are you doing. There are bigger problems than going steady or fast."

I moved towards the unsuspecting boy and girl who wandered into the wetlands. Even though they came shallow in, it's a miracle they got this far without being attacked by Moor Frogs. I sighed in response to the two's luck.

"What was that just now? Since you're solo it must mean you're quite strong doesn't it? Are you trying to show-off with that hood on?"

Maybe let's give up on meddling. I thought with a distant look in my eyes. However, the moment I let my eyes off them they started to move.

"Rai-chan, there's a collection point there. If we take these items back we can buy some items without overdoing it."

"Come on, what a worrywart you are. I get it. For better or worse, we didn't meet any enemies, if we had we would take them down and get some experience."

The moment I looked away from them, they headed to a collection point that was a slight distance away. However, I found that place earlier and avoided it.

"Wait! That's——"

I called out to them to make them stop, but the two headed for the collection point at the base of a tree.

I took out a kitchen knife from the inventory and clenched Magic Gem of 【Clay Shield】 in my left hand.

What was in the place the two headed to was not a flock of the Moor Frogs. A mob that mimicked a tree, a Treant was there.

"What. Is she in a hurry because she don't want us to take the items?"

"Hey, the person from earlier is coming our way!"

The two turned around saw me and their expressions stretched.

Geez, even though I'm trying to stop the children's recklessness, I end up being mistaken for a PK. What a disaster. I spat out curses in my mind and continued my charge.

"Are you trying to get in our way?! Al, we're taking her down!"

"Rai-chan... okay."

Oh c'mon. The two pulled out their weapons, poised them in my direction and turned their back on the Treant. How comical.

Behind the two, the Treant gradually cancelled the mimicry and slowly spread its stems, cavities resembling eyes and mouth appeared, it made a nasty smile and turned its branches sharp.

"Ryui, Water Shield! 《Enchant》 ——Defence, speed. 《Cursed》 ——Attack!"

I cast a speed enchant on myself and closed the distance all at once, then passed by the two who set up their weapons. After I got close to them the girl with a naive stance thrust at me with her spear, I avoided it and then passed by the boy who held a staff with both of his hands before parrying the Treant's sharp branch.

"W-what?! Kyaa!!"


I entered between the two and intercepted the sharp spear-branches. I cut them down, but only within my reach. The kitchen knife that had a small reach was unable to cut some down and the attacks have closed on the two.

However, I did what I could and left the rest.

"Nice, Ryui! You two, hurry up and run!"

The spear-branches that were about to pierce through the two were stopped by Ryui's shield, it splendidly blocked the blow that came after it had its attack power reduced by my curse.

I cut down the extended branches and prevented the mimicry tree's surprise attack.

However, it didn't mean that I blocked all of the attacks. I was unable to block the attacks that came at my head as they approached my body and my head was grazed. That's when hood I had on came off. My hair was exposed to the outside air, but I didn't care about that now.



"Don't space out! Escape with Ryui's lead!"

When I called out to the dazed two, they returned to their senses.

"Let's run! Nana-chan!"

"Don't call me 'nana-chan'. I'm Raina now."

"S-sorry, Rai-chan."

"Hurry up and go you two."

While I listened to their calm conversation I disposed off one spear branch and a vine whip with the kitchen knife. At first I gave up on the attack and devoted myself to the defence, but the enemy's attacks wouldn't shift to me.

Even though I interfered so much it still wouldn't change its target, making me impatient. A single fact has come to my mind.

"Damn!! So that's why!"

The effect newly added to the armour 【Recognition Inhibition】 also suppressed the generation of the hate value towards me by the enemy mob. It was very advantageous for players rearguards and hit-and-run attacking players, but to have the target changed to yourself it required of the player to deal more damage than normally.

"You said we should run, but we can fight too!"

"Don't even try now! There'll be a joint struggle penalty!"


"Not good. There's no timing to escape."

As for the Treant's attacks I couldn't intercept, I took them on with my body after raising my defensive power, still, my HP was being scraped off.

"It's sink or swim now, let's try damaging it all at once!"

I dropped the Magic Gem of 【Clay Shield】 I held to the ground and pulled out a new 【Bomb】 ones.

And after throwing it at the Treant, I said the keywords.

"——【Clay Shield】, 【Bomb】!"

Starting from the gem that was dropped on the ground an earthen wall has rose up, the spear branches were received by the earthen barrier, and their tips could be seen as they broke through the wall.

What echoed immediately after was a sound of multiple 【Bomb】 explosions and an impact that hit the earthen wall.

At the same time as a sudden roar sounded and a cloud of dust has swept in I called to the two, telling them to escape.

"We're running! Ryui, Zakuro go ahead!"

In response to my voice, Ryui who was defending the two headed towards the wetlands' exit. I pushed the two's backs as if to make them keep up with Ryui.

"I'll run as w——?!"

Something has pierced my shoulder and side, I reflexively looked towards it.

What was sticking to them were hardened, bright green leaves. After being released they bypassed the mud walls and making a curve they flew towards me.

"Haha, shurikens, for real?"

In addition to that, on the other side of the crumbling walls I could see the Treant make an angry expression because its prey has escaped.

It wasn't a nasty smile, when it saw me the corners of its eyes and mouth have raised again, making a smiling expression.

"What the heck. After finally escaping it changed target to me. That's way too slow."

I spat out curses, then soon after got hit by the leaves thrown at me and lost my balance.

The amount of HP I had remaining was 30%. It'll be really bad if I don't hurry and recover with a potion. Thinking so I looked up at the Treant in front of me.

"Heyhey, it's coming at me at full force dammit."

A number of branches has twisted gathering together, making up a thick mass. To describe it plainly, it looked like a club. It raised the club very high.

"Good grief, with this much strength there's no way we'll all get out of this safely."

I'm as weak as usual. When I sighed after thinking something so simple, I heard a voice.

"——《Summon》. Go, Bronze Golem!"

The Treant's cavities formed an unpleasant expression.

A copper-coloured fist sank into its face.

I couldn't move as a mass of metal appeared together with a strong wind pressure.

A copper-coloured colossus appeared from the wetlands' ground and hit the Treant, raising it slightly up.

The Treant and copper-coloured golem. Also, there was a single player that appeared between us.

As a result of the Bronze Golem intervening in my battle, we were covered in a black aura of joint struggle penalty, me, the golem and its master.

The weakened Bronze Golem was constrained by the Treant.

"H-hey! There's a joint struggle penalty!"

"Yeah... I'll apologize now, I'm sorry."

The one who hold my hand was a beauty with a mask on the upper half of her face. She had long, cream-coloured hair in a braid that flowed towards the front from her shoulder and spoke in a mechanical tone of voice, she gave me a very neutral impression.

The masked beauty pulled out a single sword from the sheath by her waist.

Although it was a double-edged straight sword, it was very mysterious as it's blade was divided into different segments at regular intervals, it was pressed against my shoulder, I was lightly stabbed.


"Golem! Defeat the Treant with all you got!"

The masked beauty dealt a minimum amount of damage to release the joint struggle penalty and instructed the Bronze Golem.

The copper-coloured giant clad in black aura who was entwined by the Treant's vines raged as he was released from the double constraint of vines and the aura.

Even as we watched from the back, the wind pressure from the copper-coloured fist has reached us. The golem's giant body's attack crushed the Treant's trunk, scraping it off.

Sandwiching the part of the trunk that corresponded to the Treant's face, the golem exerted strength in a manner similar to a vise. Slowly damaged by the pressure, the Treant's HP was being slowly but surely reduced.

"Continue and crush it!"

In response to the beauty's instructions, golem increased strength of its hold.

The Treant tried to escape and by twisting branch spears and vine whips formed a club to hit the golem, it slipped of the copper-coloured shiny body's surface, and it failed to escape.


In the end, cracks appeared on the tree and together with its harsh cries of agony it was crushed by the golem's grip. The shattered pieces of wood turned into particles of light and gradually disappeared, the Treant's body disappeared as well.

"...the drop is Treant Wood eh. Are you okay? You need recovery?"

"N-no. I'm okay! I can recover myself."

I took out a High Potion from the inventory and drank it.

In the meanwhile I observed the person in front of me. Her beautiful braid shook and she had formed a smile with her mouth. Although her eyes were hidden by the mask, judging by her body shape she was definitely a woman.

"It's troubling if you're being so wary. Certainly, I have attacked you to release joint struggle penalty, and I'm sorry for not explaining."

"No, I don't mind that."

"I see, that's great then."

"Um... thank you. You saved me."

There was a little bit of truth in what she said about me being wary. However, there are even more eccentric people in the world of OSO. Compared to them, she was still cute. Rather, depending on the perspective, a young girl acting cool was a very pleasing sight.

"...for some reason you're making a really charming smile, aren't you misunderstanding something?"

I was asked that with a mechanical-ish voice. I asserted "not at all". It wasn't just our Myu, there were other players coming to the 【Atelier】 who had some quirks and committed themselves to some role-playing or characterization.

"Haa, well, fine. Now then, let's go back."

"You're right, was Ryui and Zakuro able to properly lead them out?."

"Are those kids your acquaintances?"

"No, some reckless beginners have come this way so I just helped them out."

Haa, I give up. I sighed. After trying to help complete strangers, I was about to lose myself... the eyes hidden behind the mask stared at me intently.

Feeling  pressure from the stare, I went "ahahaha", laughing dryly.

"Rather than that, let's find those players from earlier."

Since the direction they fled to was towards the First Town they should be fine.

After I stood in front and started to walk through the wetlands, the masked player moved right beside and the golem tagged along behind us.

Occasionally I took a look behind to take a look at the golem.

A copper-coloured giant. From the part corresponding to the eyes on its head I felt no intelligence, but its figure seemed reliable.

The player who could tame such a powerful golem must have been considerably skilled.

"That's right. I still haven't introduced myself. I'm Yun, nice to meet you."

"True. As for the current name, please call me Emilio. Other people call me——【Material Merchant】. Okay? 【Nanny】 Yun."

As I made a disgusted expression, Emilio quietly laughed with mechanical-ish voice.

"Sorry. I'll rephrase it. 【Atelier】 store's owner, Yun."

"Grr, I hate that nickname from before..."

"I'll be careful then."

I see, the moment we started to go with the light flow, the entrance to the forest has come into our view.

Ryui and Zakuro who were waiting for me at the boundary with the forest ran up to me so I caught them.

I pat Ryui and Zakuro who behaved really spoiled, it was a recoil after worrying about me. On the other hand, the beginner players were unable to stand up from the spot after seeing the Bronze Golem.

Some time had to pass until the two were to talk calmly.