Volume 10 - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Bodyguard Quest and A Ball

The day after revealing my Ryui's and Magi-san's Ricœur's adult forms, I went to Obaba's pharmacy and purchased the 【Intermediate Pharmacist's Tech Book】 after which I started to decipher it with 【Linguistics】 Sense.

I spent the whole day deciphering it, then headed to 【Atelier】's workshop in order to prepare materials. After that, I started preparing items for one of the delivery quest's from Obaba's pharmacy board - 【Delivery of Resistance-Granting Potions of Four Types (30 of each set)】.

"Um... If I'm not wrong, materials for 【Fascination Resistance Antidote】 were Antidote Grass, Discharm Grass, Herb, Distilled Water, Shiyu Fruit and——"

Deciding on 【Fascination Resistance Antidote】, 【Strife Prevention Drug】, 【Dusk Resistance Drug】 and 【Rage Sedating Drug】 for the four types. The 【Fascination Resistance Antidote】 I was preparing materials with a recipe in my hand, was decreasing or completely nullifying the effect of 【Charm】 and 【Poison】.

According to that recipe, in addition to necessary materials normally used for making antidotes for each bad status, a food item which was Shiyu Fruit, was required.

Shiyu Fruit could be collected in the forest North of the First Town, it was very similar to a plum.

When you eat it, in addition to recovering Satiety you also receive a weak, temporary resistance against 【Charm】 and 【Poison】.

Also, other similar fruits were 【Tou Fruit】 which granted Paralysis and Stun resistance, 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】 which granted Confusion and Anger resistance, as well as 【Mountain Apple】 which granted resistance to Sleep and Curse.

"Since I'm done with deciphering the other recipes as well, I can start making them. But that'll decrease the number of fruit items I have in stock by quite a bit."

I often used fruits for making sweets and other food or even eaten raw, so their consumption was quite fast.

If in addition to that, they are used as materials for potions, the remaining stock would be insufficient.

"Once the event ends I'll have to seriously go look for saplings for fruit trees. But for now let's make 【Fascination Resistance Antidote】, though, how do I go about making it?"

For the time being, let's make it according to the recipe.

I added Antidote Grass, Discharm Grass and a Herb in the same amounts and mashed them in the mortar. Afterwards I added distilled water, poured everything into pot and started to boil it.

Then, I had to pay attention to managing the temperature, but the overall procedure was the same as that for making an ordinary Antidote Potion. However, with the Antidote Grass and Discharm Grass were mixed, both effects should have cancelled each other.

In this case, when I looked at the liquid inside, it appeared as a low quality Antidote.

The Antidote Grass effect has been lowered because Discharm Grass was contained inside as well.

At that point, I added Shiyu Fruit's juice I squeezed out, then mixed well. But even with that done, the formed liquid still remained as Antidote.

"It feels a little strange. Let's try drinking some."

I put a finger inside the mixture, then licked it to check the taste.

"Hmm. I guess it tastes like a watered-down plum juice? Just a little bit sweet?"

It being a potion aside, it's tasty? I thought as I filled a potion bottle with the liquid and did the finishing touch.

"Fuhh——【Magic Power Bestowal】!"

A pale light moved from my hand and onto the potion, and was sucked inside it.

The potion's colour changed, and the moment I saw it had divided into two colours, that of Antidote and Discharm Potion, they gradually mixed together to turn yellow. The finished

potion's colour was yellowish-green, coloured similarly to Shiyu Fruit.

Fascination Resistance Antidote 【Consumable】

Resistance 【Poison 1, Charm 1 (25 Minutes)】

I managed to make the first resistance potion, but I felt like I could still improve it.

What about using finished potion for mixing?

I mixed complete Antidote and Discharm Potion in ratio one to one, then added Shiyu Fruit juice before mixing. Afterwards I used 【Magic Power Bestowal】, but the result was a low-quality resistance potion.

Next, I used the herb item from recovery-type herbs, Medicinal Spirit Grass and Water of Life instead of distilled water.

In addition to that, I mixed it while changing temperature patterns and the timings of when I add materials. As a result of that, and of using higher level materials the effect had improved, but I also learned that the effect changed depending on material balance.

For example, when adding 1 Antidote Grass and 1 Discharm Grass——

Fascination Resistance Antidote 【Consumable】

Resistance 【Poison 1, Charm 2 (25 Minutes)】

——This was the result.

Also, the effect time increased and decreased depending on the temperature and how long the mixture was heated up, and affected the resistance in inversely proportional manner.

"Hmm. If I play around with it too much, it'll turn hard to use. Let's make them using the standard way while using higher level materials."

I decided so, and started crafting 【Fascination Resistance Antidotes】.

And the potion resulting from that was——

Fascination Resistance Antidote 【Consumable】

Resistance 【Poison 2, Charm 2 (35 Minutes)】

Other than that, I also thought of playing around with 【Alchemy】 and 【Synthesis】 to see if I can make it with completely different materials, but for the time being I crafted 30 【Fascination Resistance Antidotes】 of this quality.

Thirty of each of the three other potion types were made with the same procedure and completed when I applied 【Magic Power Bestowal】 to all of them.

"Okay. With this I'll have 10 Quest Chips. What's left is to take Yellow Potions, Demon's Wonder Pills and Holy Mountain's Magic Water from the store's stock, 15 of each, for 13 Quest Chips in total."

Since I already had 32 Quest Chips, after delivering these I would have 45 of them, getting close to my goal of 50 in total.

"Still, even with all the quests I have remaining at Obaba's place, I'll barely reach fifty."

I cleaned up inside 【Atelier】 and headed towards Obaba's pharmacy in order to deliver the items.

As I left the store, the town's scenery seemed to have a much brighter atmosphere as compared to the first day of the event.

I couldn't clearly tell what was different, but the faces of NPCs behind the falling snow, seemed to appear happier.

The winter quest event's objective was to solve the problems plaguing the town.

Half of the event has already passed, the town's NPCs might have changed because players solved many problems.

As I thought so, I checked one of the quest boards installed around the town, looking for errand-type quests.

In that moment, an announcement from OSO Development Department has appeared on the quest board.

『Current completion rate of the event's quests——56%

The release of special mobs and their suppression quests will happen at the end of the event.

The abilities of the special mobs will depend on quest completion rate, the higher completion rate the lower stats and abilities will the mobs have.

When the special mob suppression is complete, an additional reward shall be distributed equally among all players.

Further details will be exposed at later date.

——OSO Development Department』

The content was concise and as I looked at it, the number for the quest completion rate had brokoen down to become 57%.

"The event advanced quite far. I need to do my best as well."

Since the amount of chips I was aiming for wasn't so high, I picked several errand-type quests which had a pretty bad reward efficiency and headed for the pharmacy.

When I stepped inside the dimly-lit store under the evening sky, tending to the store wasn't the owner Obaba, but a young female NPC.


"E-eh? Did I mistake stores? Where's Obaba...?"

"Granny is in the workshop in the back. In the evening it's always me tending to the store."

After listening to the explanation of the pretty girl with round eyes, I nodded convinced. Still, this girl looked completely dissimilar from Obaba, who looked like a typical witch with her eagle nose.

While I stood there for a moment, stumped, Obaba walked from the workshop to the front with steady steps.

"What, you're here? What do you need today? Did you come to deliver items? Or maybe to buy materials?"

"A-ahh... I came to deliver items."

"I see. Then pull 'em out."

Relieved that Obaba was blunt as usual, I arranged the potions specified for delivery on top of the counter.

Obaba and I watched Obaba's granddaughter as she checked the potions on the counter.

"A good girl, isn't she? She's doing her best to take over after me. She's cute, thoughtful and hard working. And she's turning into a beauty like me."

"I can agree that she's cute and a hard worker, but... does she really resemble you?"

I said and compared Obaba with the girl.

"What's with that look on your face? Her hair and eyes have similar colour. And she looks just like me when I was young."

"Is she, now..."

Certainly, their hair and eye colours looked to be the same. If Obaba in her youth looked just like this girl, thinking that this girl would come to look the same as this eccentric old woman, it made me feel that time is really cruel.

"All right. There is no problem with their quality, I receive the delivery."

"You too are very talented and easy to teach, it's worth spending my time on."

"Then I will count on you to teach me new drug recipes next time."

I asked Obaba to teach me the new recipes I haven't tried myself yet and received the 13 Quest Chips of reward from her granddaughter. When I left the store it was already dark outside.

On the way back to 【Atelier】 I stumbled upon a strange sight.

A long line of players extended from an a single alley and continued all the way near the place the pharmacy was located at.

"What is this queue...?"

When I looked ahead to where was the queue leading, there, I saw a luxurious mansion.

In front of the mansion there was a brick wall and a steel gate where player parties have gathered in pretty rows.

On a first glance, there were at least fifty people here, and, gathering on the side were temporary parties.

In front of the queue stood an elderly male NPC wearing butler clothing, as well as a young butler who guided the parties into the mansion.

"This must be... some kind of quest."

I approached the players who were busy making temporary parties and listened to what the quest is about.

"We're looking for temporary party members to do the【Party Infiltration & Escort】 quest, which can't be found on the quest board! It's a bodyguarding quest. To complete the quest we need to protect the VIP from enemy NPCs who make assault on the party. There is an equipment restriction during the infiltration and armour is forcibly changed into party clothing with low defence power, moreover, only one weapon can be used. It's a quest with harsh restrictions."

Other than that, this quest was a starting point of a chain quest, but the quests ahead still were not completed by anyone.

"And finally, the reward for this quest is 100kG and 5 Quest Chips for each participant! Anyone who would like to join our party, please come over here!"

After listening to the entire explanation by one of the recruiters, "oh, there are quests like that, too", I thought as I looked towards the mansion again.

A slight glow and the sound of bright classical music performance have leaked out from the mansion, surrounded by a fence.

Based on the explanation earlier, it was impossible to complete this quest alone. Since I never did anything like guarding a VIP before, I probably wouldn't be of any use in a temporary party.

In any case, that quest has nothing to do with me, I thought and was about to leave this place——

“Oh! It's 【Nanny】!"


Hearing a nickname I disliked I furrowed my eyebrows and turned around, there, I found a male player approaching me with a smile. I did not know him, but he must have known me.

Since I stopped moving, the distance between us was closed right away.

"Are you alone now? Then, how about making a party with me? You were listening to the quest explanation really intently, so I bet you're interested?"

"No... it was out of pure interest, that's all——"

I tried to refuse the player who was quite forcible in recruitment, but yet another player has approached us.

“Wait! You're a mage, aren't you?! Your equipment doesn't match well with 【Nanny】's. That's why I'll..."

“No, I'm... well..."We won't let such a cute girl enter your filthy party!"——Listen to me..."

Two female players had intruded in the middle of solicitation.

In no time, four players have gathered around me and started bickering, which resulted in further attention from the surroundings.

The two women and two men in front of me didn't have such bad combination of equipment, so I felt like saying they should party up together instead.

However, it seemed like the four's objective was me and the look in their eyes made me draw backwards.

At that moment, I was coincidentally saved.

“Whoops, sorry guys. Yun was waiting to meet up with us."

A familiar voice had sounded from behind me and a hand was placed on my shoulder.

I turned my head and there, I saw my childhood friend, Taku.

Taku, your face is too close. And don't speak into my ear!

While I complained in my mind, I nodded playing along with what he said in order to get out of here.

"Well then, I'll be taking Yun with me."

Showing the four players a slightly crooked smile, Taku took my hand and pulled me away.

Once we moved to a place slight distance away, we found Taku's party members waiting for us.

Gantz, one of the rare OSO players who fight without weapons, Kei who was clad in rugged armour and held a shield, Minute who wore cleric-like clothing, and a young witch Mami-san, wearing round glasses and a witch hat. All four were gathered there.

"Sorry to make you wait, Gantz. Yun got involved in trouble again."

"So you safely got Yun-chan out of there, huh."

"Don't make it sound like I'm some kind of troublemaker. Geez..."

I heaved a tired sigh as I protested.

"Anyway, why are you guys here?"

"Well, that's because we came to undertake this evening-limited quest. The reward is quite good and it's a chain quest's starting point."

I see... I thought convinced and tried to go back, but Taku stood in my way, making it hard to for me to leave.

"All right then, it's about time for me to go..."

"Look around us first."

I took a quick look at the surroundings and saw that there's still plenty of players watching us.

"What's going on?"

"Obviously, it's because you're cute, Yun-chan. Everyone's gaze just concentrate on you!"

"Yes yes. You can ignore what this dumbass Gantz says.”

As she said so, Minute ground the tip of her mace into Gantz' toes, making him scream in pain.

Kei sighed at the sight and said "You can ignore Gantz", and Mami-san had explained the real reason behind all this attention.

"Everyone wants to get acquainted with Yun-san. They probably think that you appearing here is an opportunity.”

"With ME? I'm not that strong..."

"Other than that, you're a really pretty girl so all the guys want to get close to you with ulterior motives——"Stop saying stuff that will make her uneasy!"——Oww?!!"

This time, Gantz was hit in the head with the mace. Hearing what he said, I made a completely disgusted expression.

"Umm, Yun-san. You already were a famous crafter, and thanks to Ryui's unveiling from yesterday, I think that everyone's interest in you has temporarily increased."

"So once we release you, you will probably be surrounded again, you know?"

I glared at Taku, who said that happily.

It was Taku who was the one who said I should do Ryui's unveiling before people swarm over to me, but seeing this it appeared that the unveiling had no effect anyway.

"I'll be logging out then. Taku, thanks for bringing me out of there."

"Come on, how about picking up the hidden quest together with us?"

I thought Taku said I was waiting for them in order to bring me out of the crowd, but in fact he intended to invite me to the party to do the quest.

"I told you before, right? That I'll help you gather chips."

"I don't really need any help with that..."

In fact, I could reach my goal of 50 Quest Chips without receiving this escort quest, just by finishing the apothecary's delivery quests and some more errand quests.

While I made a confused expression, Taku asked differently.

"Then help US out, Yun. We need you."

"...Well, if you really need me I wouldn't mind helping out."

Being told by Taku that I'm needed I felt a little embarrassed and agreed on taking the quest. I myself don't need anyone's support, but I did want to be of help to others.

Hearing me answer like that, Gantz and Minute grinned——

"To think Yun-chan was this simple to talk over. And Taku, seriously?! Aghh, this must be jealousy, murderous intent towards Taku is growing inside of me... I feel like now, I could use that combo from before!"

"Shut up Gantz. Rather than that, Yun-chan's flustered expression is completely that of a girl in love, the destructive power is outstanding."

Smacking Gantz' ass with the mace as he howled something, Minute guided us to the queue for the hidden quest.

Other than that, I felt slight killing intent from the surroundings, but ended up puzzled as I was unable to find it's source.

We stood in the long queue, during the wait I shared information with Taku and others.

"I heard the quest summary from one of the recruiters earlier, Taku, what do you think about it?"

In response to my words, Taku smiled broadly.

"Best of all, I think is that we get 5 Quest Chips each. And the strength and number of mobs doesn't change with the number of participants, it's a really delicious quest for a full party."

"I'm not talking about that. I never did any escort quest, I'm asking if you got any advice."

"It's just normal combat. Though, in this case you are limited when it comes to weapon and armour. That is the bigger problem."

Taku was using dual long swords, but because of the limitation on the equipment he could only use one, and was unable to fight in his usual style.

"By the way, what is everyone going to use?"

"I'm using a single long sword, Gantz doesn't use weapons, Minute uses a mace, Kei a shield and Mami a staff."

"Is everyone in the same location?"

"I think we should be able to cope with everything if we split in three groups of two on the party venue."

And the pairings decided on were me and Taku, Gantz and Minute, Kei and Mami-san.

Also, there was a need of avoiding other non-relevant NPCs on the party venue, but there was no way to plan for that until we actually enter the location.

As the queue grew gradually shorter, Taku told me to relax.

"It's just a quest where you beat everyone who's attacking us, there's no need to worry."

"G-got it."

Since it's a body-guarding quest, will I end up wearing some kind of suit? I thought, hoping that the equipment I wear will not inhibit my movements. Meanwhile, our turn came.

"Welcome, adventurers. I would like you all to protect the organizer of today's party, our milady."

The Quest NPC bowed respectfully, it an elderly butler with a moustache and all-back hairstyle.

Although it was just an NPC, I kind of admired this kind of dandy people who had an atmosphere of a hard worker so I observed him closely.

"By the end of this year our master has been inviting nobles to parties every day. Among them, there are filth who aim to harm milady, our master's only daughter. With that said, we are unable to cancel the party either, thus we want you to join the party and protect milady."

After we listened to the base objective of the quest, Taku accepted it and the iron gate opened. We were guided into the mansion by a young butler NPC.

"Well then, we shall now prepare you for entering the party venue. Once you complete our request, everything will be brought back to original state. Now, I will be waiting in front of the room, please call me once you are ready."

Said the young butler and guided us to a room in the back, then, suddenly a menu appeared in front of us.

"Oh, so you can check what you cannot use inside, and select what you bring in."

I selected the 【Black Maiden's Longbow】 without any hesitation.

At the party venue you could not use armour equipment or tamed mobs, both 【Taming】 Sense and 【Summon】 skills were temporarily disabled.

I confirmed that there were no other restrictions and changed my Sense build.

Possessed SP45

【Bow Lv50】 【Longbow Lv30】 【Magic Bow Lv8】 【Sky Eyes Lv14】 【See-Through Lv24】 【Swiftness Lv20】 【Sorcery Lv18】 【Enchant Arts Lv41】 【Dosing Master Lv7】 【Physical Attack Increase Lv7】


【Alchemy Lv44】 【Synthesis Lv44】 【Engraving Lv25】 【Taming Lv23】 【Earth Element Talent Lv29】 【Crafter's Knowledge Lv3】 【Cook Lv15】 【Swimming Lv15】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】 【Bodily Resistance Lv5】 【Spiritual Resistance Lv4】 【Pre-Emptive Knowledge Lv8】 【Vital Points Knowledge Lv8】

Since I couldn't bring in a knife as a weapon, I removed 【Cooking】-type Sense and in order to avoid destroying the party venue I removed 【Earth Element Talent】 which had many explosive attacks.

In exchange I equipped 【Black Maiden's Longbow】 and three bow-type Senses that were 【Bow】 【Longbow】 and 【Magic Bow】.

Since only one weapon could be brought during the this quest, it was simple to conclude that synergizing similar Senses was the best.

Although the 【DEX Bonus】 from my armour was removed, I somehow managed to make a bow-specialized build by the time Taku called out to me.

"Gantz and others finished preparing their equipment, what about you?"

"Oh, I finished too."

"Well then, let's call the butler NPC."

When we called the butler NPC standing in front of the room he immediately entered and requested confirmation.

"We shall now head towards the party venue. Are your preparations complete?"

"Yeah, no problem."

Once Taku responded, the butler responded with "then excuse me" and raised his left hand and pointed with his finger.

Matching his movement, my winter equipment I had on was instantly switched——

"Ohhh?! This is interesting."

"Why am I wearing a DRESS?!"

Taku, who was changed into a tuxedo in an instant, took a look around with interest. He surprisingly looked well in it, giving an impression of a refreshing young man.

Similarly, Gantz who was changed into a formal wear gave off a slightly rough feel and Kei appeared like a sportsman with his well-built body.

And, for the girls——

"Kyahh——!! Yun-chan, you're so cute!"

"Um, you look wonderful."

"Please, stop calling me cute when I'm wearing a dress. The dress suits you two much more than that."

I peeled Minute off me as she clung to me strongly and once again looked at the two's dresses.

Minute was wearing a bright orange dress that gave off an "active" impression, Mami-san was wearing indigo-blue colour that expressed her docile nature. Also, a pretty ribbon on her chest was a very good accent, it accented her girlish charms.

And finally for my clothes, I was wearing a jet black dress with simple purple decorations. It was decorated with lace at the hem and while there was no much difference compared to the one piece dress I wore before, I still felt reluctant when it came to wearing women's clothing.

"I'm a man, and yet..."

"Don't act so effeminate, c'mon, let's head to the party."

I muttered quietly so that only Taku heard, but he did not try to comfort me. He followed after the butler NPC who said "please, this way", and we quickly walked through the hallway to the party venue.

"Wait, there's no need to hurry so mu..."

I walked in a hurry, but the equipment restriction even affected my shoes and it was very difficult to walk. Since it was possible there will be combat ahead of here, I was wearing low-heeled shoes which did not disturb movement. Still, I wasn't accustomed to wearing women's shoes so I entered the venue as the last one.

On the venue lit up with bright chandeliers and filled with dance song played by the orchestra, the participants danced and ate dishes, enjoying their time.

Walking below the chandeliers, we entered in the venue in pairs.

Gantz headed straight for the all-you-can-eat buffet and Minute had chased after him, appalled.

Mami-san wore same shoes as I do and it seemed she wasn't used to them either, so she walked slowly as she held Kei's arm. Kei's figure as he gentlemanly escorted her was something I felt respect for.

I thought I would like to escort a woman the same way.

And, seeing me like that, Taku has——

"What is it, Yun? Staring at Kei so much. Did you want him to escort you, or what?"

"I'm a man. Why do I even have to be escorted by you, Taku? Heck, I want to escort someone instead."

When I stared intently at Taku, he laughed and said it was a joke.

I heaved a small sigh.

Then, preparing for enemy's attack we moved closer to the dance floor.

Numerous men and women danced to the rhythm of music.

Among them, there was a blonde-haired NPC wearing a white dress, the escort objective of the quest.

"Now, Gantz and Minute are at the buffet table, Kei and Mami by the veranda. What about us?"

"If possible, I'd like to move closer to Milady NPC, it would be easier to protect her. Oh, how about hitting on her? That would make it easier to get close."

"That sounds good. If it's possible, that is. Still, are Gantz and others okay?"

Gantz was going crazy about food and Mami-san was listening to orchestra's performance. I felt like they weren't vigilant enough.

"Each of their partners are properly watching the surroundings, so it's okay."

By Gantz' side, Minute was looking around her. Kei was leaning on the wall next to Mami, his arms crossed as he looked cautiously.

And, as for us——

"Yun, the target is on the move. We can't hit on her, but we can move closer by acting natural."

"Huh? Wait a second!"

I missed the target's movement because I was looking at others. Taku pulled me by my hand and we approached the dance floor filled with music, there, several pairs of NPCs were holding hands dancing together.

"Why are we going in there?! Are you trying to harass me?!"

"Nah, the target is dancing, that's all. You danced the female part of a dance during PE class before, right?"

"That was practice for folk dance in the elementary school! And I was made to because the number of boys to girls was uneven!"

"It's a fun story, now that I think about it."

Talking about the past he made a joyful smile and quietly moved to the centre of the floor. However, I had no intention of dancing in the first place.

"I never danced any social dances."

"How about we just imitate others?"

"No! I don't want to cling onto a guy!"

When Taku took my hand and looked into my face, I was unable to match his gaze and averted my sight.

Ahead of where I looked to, were Minute and Mami-san who stood in position that allowed them to easily protect the target. They were looking my way with expectation.

Why did it turn out like this. I hope the escort target moves as soon as possible, I thought strongly.

However, it wasn't the escort target that made a move.


"I know! 《Enchant》——Attack, speed!"

We let go of each others' hands and jumped in the opposite directions. I put an attack and speed enchant on Taku.

We avoided the chandelier that fell right on us, but tension increased as the entire room's lighting has decreased.

I pulled out the 【Black Maiden's Longbow】 from the inventory and jumped in front of the blonde girl who was the escort target.

Taku pulled out his weapon as well, he crossed swords with an NPC that appeared from the darkness and seemed to be an attacker.

In addition to using the only long sword he brought because of the weapon limit, Taku also used his arm and kicks for fighting against human mob.

I examined the dance venue with my 【Sky Eyes】 night vision ability and found two more attackers.

One of them was suppressed on spot by Gantz who completely ignored damage he received because Minute devoted herself to healing him.

The other one had his movements hindered by Kei's shield as Mami-san dealt damage with magic attacks.

Although I pulled out my bow, other NPCs who ran around in panic and members of our party got in the way of my shooting and I wasn't quite able to release the arrow.

In the middle of all this chaos, together with the blonde girl that was the escort target I escaped towards the wall and applied an enchant on us.

"Enemies themselves aren't too strong, are they? Heck, is there any point in me being here?"

That was great news, but I felt it was too easy for the reward of 5 Quest Chips.

Meanwhile, Gantz took down the first attacker.

It would be nice if the other two were taken down just like that, I thought, but it wasn't as easy.

"——Khh! Sorry, I let him past!"

Kei yelled, and the black-dressed attacker headed towards us with a dagger raised up high.

The reason the attacker passed by Kei, was because he threw a knife towards Mami for a diversion and Kei moved to stop that.

"Yun! Be careful! Don't let him get any closer!"

Taku shouted while he himself was busy with restraining another enemy and was unable to move, Gantz who took down the first attacker was running towards me in order to assist but he wouldn't make it in time.

Now, it was just me between the incoming assailant and the blonde girl.

"I guess I have no choice but to do it. 《Enchant》——Attack, speed!"

I'll somehow manage if it's just one enemy. In worst case, I'll earn time until Kei and Gantz catch up.

Thinking so, I applied enchant on my self and aimed the 【Black Maiden's Longbow】.

Thanks to other NPCs moving from the assailant in order to escape, and him heading straight for us, it was easy to aim.

In order to earn as much time as possible I prepared an arrow with 【Paralysis】 bad status synthesized into it, in order to make sure I hit, I tried waiting until the enemy is in the perfect position.

However, he tried to jump over me and onto the escort target behind me, so I released the arrow while he was in mid-air.


A dumbfounded voice reached my ears, it took me a few seconds it was my own voice.

The assailant received a paralysis arrow to the abdomen from a close range and instead of his movements stopping due to paralysis, it seemed like he was pulled back as he was blown away, spinning in the air.

It was like he was hit by an invisible iron ball in mid-air, the sight left us astounded.

After falling down, the enemy bent down and didn't move even an inch.

Then, Taku defeated his opponent and approached the assailant who was blown away from in front of me to confirm he was taken out.

While I was astounded by what I did everyone gathered up and a piece of information appeared stating that the milady escort quest has been completed.


"...Yun. What did you do?"

Taku stared at me intently, but I couldn't answer his question as I myself didn't know why did this happen.

I intended to release the arrow normally...

When I looked at the enemy who was blown away, I saw that part of his clothing was damaged and underneath there was chain armour protecting him, but it was not enough to stop the impact.

However, it was a mystery why did the arrow produce such impact, so I ended up asking Taku.

"How did this happen?"

"No, don't ask ME. We have to check for difference between your last attack and what you used so far."

Taku muttered in amazement. In response I counted out differences one by one on my fingers.

In the meantime, Mami-san was comforting Kei who was depressed by the fact he let the enemy pass by, Gantz and Minute were speaking with the milady NPC who was the escort's target and a newly appeared nobleman NPC, doing the finishing touches for the quest.

"There is a limit on my armour so I don't have the usual DEX Bonus. I use the same 【Black Maiden's Longbow】 I always do, and the arrow I used was one with paralysis in it."

"Your accessories?"

"Other than the defence-focused 【Substitute Gem's Ring】 I have nothing that affects stats too much. And that ring won't show any effect when the enemy is taken down before reaching me. For my Sense build, it's 【Bow】, 【Longbow】 and 【Magic Bow】——"Wait!"——Hm?"

He interrupted me, so I stopped counting the differences on my fingers and wondered with puzzlement "is there something wrong with that?".

"Yun, tell me what's your Sense build right now."

"Umm, it's 【Bow】 【Longbow】 and 【Magic Bow】 【Sky Eyes】 【Swiftness】 【See-Through】 【Magic】 【Enchant Arts】 【Dosing Master】 and 【Physical Attack Increase】. For the weapon I use my 【Black Maiden's Longbow】 so I focused on the Senses boosting my bow... also, I picked 【Dosing Master】 to increase my DEX."

"You... didn't you think there's something off with that build?"

Told so by Taku, I thought about it and concluded.

"Is there? Ah, you mean that almost all of it is focused on the Bow Sense?"

"Not that. You have three bow Senses equipped, don't you."

So what? I asked, making Taku heave a tired sigh.

I combined the 【Longbow】 and 【Magic Bow】 before and before I acquired 【Magic Bow】 I used to combine 【Bow】 and 【Longbow】. Did combining three of them at once really produce such a dramatic effect?

"Yun, you might not remember, but there are secondary effects to these Senses aside from damage correction, aren't there?"

Hearing this, I vaguely recalled that indeed there was something like that.

For example, players who used either 【Sword】 or 【Smithing】 Senses could deal damage with a sword.

However, using the 【Smithing】 Sense only allowed the player to attack, and did not give him any corrections to using the weapon or Arts.

And since the correction is set individually for each of these Senses, they sometimes overlapped.

"There are cases where people hold multiple Senses of sword or spear types, but it's my first time seeing someone who equipped three of the unpopular Bow Sense."

"Meaning, what I did earlier was..."

"The knock-back effect multiplied due to equipment of triple bow Senses. Adding to that, were 【Physical Attack Increase】 and enchant stat increase. Furthermore, the enemy was in short range and in mid-air..."

Normally it would be impossible for someone to be blown away like he was hit by cannonball with just an arrow. I guess I should say "as expected of fantasy world"?

I myself was surprised by the fact it by what happened because of the triple Bow Sense equipment, but the first words I spoke after hearing Taku's conjecture were——

"——I wasted a paralysis arrow."

"That's the thing that bothers you?!"

"Arrows synthesized with bad status are valuable consumables. I wouldn't have used one if I knew it'd be such an overkill..."

Hearing my answer, Taku let out a sigh of exasperation.

"This is a big opportunity to change the difficult-to-handle Bow Sense's low-evaluation. How about you rejoice for this good news?"

The enemy this time was a human NPC, but if it's also effective against medium and large mobs, this will open new possibilities for the 【Bow】-type senses.

However, since I was a crafter at the base, I wasn't very interested in that.

While we discussed what happened, Gantz and others finished the quest and we have gathered in front of NPCs who appeared to have something to say.

"Looks like they will be talking about the next of the chain quest."

The blonde Milady NPC and an aristocrat NPC that appeared to be her father spoke of the quest's content.

"The attackers this time appear to be fanatics who worship the devil. They attempted to kidnap my daughter who has noble blood in her in order to use her as a sacrifice for summoning the devil."

"Looks like a quest to protect a single NPC escalated really quick, can I go home yet?"

Honestly speaking, I had no intention of pursuing this quest any further. But, the aristocrat NPC continued.

"There are fanatics still remaining in their hideout, they may aim to try kidnapping my daughter again in the future. Thus, I wish for you who have protected my daughter this time, go to their hideout and crush them!"

——【CQuest - Devil Worshippers' Hideout Destruction】——

Enter the devil worshippers' hideout. —— 1/4

This kind of big quest would be quite difficult. Moreover, they said it hasn't been completed by anyone yet. I'm sure even without me participating, someone will eventually complete it. That's how I felt.

"Please, do your best for my daughter's safety."

Still, seeing as the aristocrat NPC lowered his head deeply, and of how a parent protecting his child feels, I had mixed feelings about this.

The young butler NPC who had brought us here upon entering, had guided us to the exit this time.

"Well then, I shall now give you all the belongings the attackers had with them. They might be a clue to finding their hideout."

He said and each of us received a quest item: 【Map to Devil Worshippers' Hideout】.

Then last, when the restriction on everyone's equipment was cancelled and everyone returned to their winter clothes, the butler NPC spoke again.

"The equipment you wore at the party venue is yours, you can take it back home."

"No, I don't need it!"

My resistance was in vain, and against my will I received the 【Pure Black Coordinated Dress】 as one of the quest rewards.