Volume 4 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - The Greed Sensor and Flame Prison Corps

"And so, I'm worried about Myu after all..."

『"Yun-kun, your excessive doting is showing."』

When I shared my worries with Emily-san through the friend chat, she responded appalled.

『"But I get it. R Quest discovery and 【Revival Medicine】 right. As for the revival medicine, you're still in the middle of creating it right?"』

"Yeah, Taku is gathering the Wisteria Peach Petals now, the last material I need is 【Water of Life】."

『"Mmm. I don't know. But how about asking other people?"』

"You're right. I'll do that."

『"Do your job properly and then tell Raina and Al about it in fun and interesting manner please. Until then I'll look after them."』

Although I felt like I was being spoiled by Emily-san who had a caring personality, I allowed myself to rely on her this time.

"Thank you for agreeing for the consultation today."

In the end we said our farewells and the friend call was disconnected.

"Now then, let's try asking crafters, Magi-san and the others."

It would be nice if they knew, thinking like that I initiated a friend chat, contacting Magi-san.

The chat connected with Magi-san immediately.

『"Yes, Yun-kun. What is it?"』

"There's something I want to ask. Is now okay?"

『"Yup. It's all right. What is it about?"』

"Actually, I'm in the middle of looking for an item for crafting a certain item. I wanted to ask Cloude and Lyly as well..."

After I said up to there, Magi-san responded with "wait a moment" and it seemed like she was talking with someone.

『"Sorry, Yun-kun. I'll switch to multi chat mode now. It'll be easier if you ask Cloude and Lyly at the same time, right."』

"Thank you very much."

The friend chat menu changed to the multi chat mode, and it turned into a state where I could hear multiple voices.

Of course, Cloude and Lyly were in the chat, but I felt like I heard other voices there too... or rather, I've heard those quite recently.

『"Then, as for the shark's rare drop, please."』

『"Haa, fine. We're really busy. If we get it, we'll do an exchange."』

That voice, it was probably Mikadzuchi. The one who sighed was Cloude. What were the two talking about?

『"It seems like Yun-kun has something she wants to ask, is it okay?"』

The conversation on the other side of the call stopped and I was prompted by Magi-san.

"Umm, I'm looking for a crafting material 【Water of Life】, do you know of it maybe? Cloude, Lyly."

『"【Water of Life】? Never heard of it."』

『"Me neither. By the way, Yuncchi, what are you trying to make?"』

"That's... I've been asked for 【Revival Medicine】."

『"Oh, a 【Revival Medicine】 in this time of need. Recently there was talk about a revival medicine being completed, were you inspired by that?"』

Magi-san acted a little bit surprised and it felt like there was something behind it as well, but continued.

"No, I've been asked for it by Taku. He's gathering the 【Wisteria Peach Petals】 while I'm looking for the other materials."

When I responded to Magi-san's question, I've heard a convinced murmurs.

『"I see. But I don't know either. I don't know what kind of crafting material is it, but if it's water then I could use it as a metal coolant."』

『"In my case I could use it in a stage of weaving threads."』

『"I could use it when I'm dissolving the paint and varnish on the staffs."』


Magi-san and other crafters have each imagined a situation in which they could use it with ease. I myself, secretly expected for the potions effect to rise if I were to use it instead of distilled water.

『"Yo, Missy. If you can't find it, how about you come here and make some side dishes to come with booze?"』

"I said, who the hell is 'missy'! I'm..."

I'm a man, I wanted to complain as usual but before I could, a voice I haven't heard earlier interrupted me.

『"Um, Yun-chan? I think, I know where it is."』

"Hey, that voice, Sei-nee?! Why?!"

Why, did she know and why, was she there. Although it meant those two things, it seems like Sei-nee took it as the former.

『"I've heard about the raid quest from Taku-kun. He invited a number of parties and friends to participate, did he spread that info?"』

After Sei-nee said that, I was reminded of the conversation I had with Taku.

"Ah, speaking of which he said so earlier."

『"That's right. As thanks for the info I'll tell you where to find it for free. You can get it in——"』

Sei-nee's voice was interrupted halfway and I could hear something like a slapstick sound come from the other side.


I called out worried, but for some reason the one who answered was Mikadzuchi.

『"Won't you make a party with us and go on adventure in a dungeon, Missy?"』

"A dungeon?"

『"The ones who discovered the raid quest is you Missy and Taku after all. We'll take you up to the location you can get the 【Water of Life】 you want in."』

That would be great. Despite thinking that, I still was bothered about Mikadzuchi calling me 'missy'.

"Please stop with calling me 'missy' So, about Sei-nee——"

『"Won't you make a party with us and go on adventure in a dungeon, Missy?"』

『"I'm okay! Yun-chan, it's fine I'm all right!"』

Why was she panicking, what was she upset about, I thought there was some trouble on the other side, but since Magi-san and Cloude as well as Lyly didn't make any noises, I could only tilt my head in wonder.

Whatever. I thought and directed my thinking towards the dungeon.

If I go with Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi to a dungeon, I'll be able to learn the location of 【Water of Life】 collection point.

And, by fighting in a party I could do some leveling. However——

"So, what's Mikadzuchi's real goal?"

『"In the underground dungeon of the Maze Town, there's a reinforcing material that has an additional effect we want. Missy, will you join the party in order to go and get it?"』

"I said, don't call me 'missy."

Probably, on the other side of the friend chat Mikadzuchi was going "kukuku" trying to suppress her laughter, I could easily imagine that.

"Well, if it's that then I'm fine with it. But I won't be too useful in there."

『"It's all right. I've heard from Sei. That you have something she doesn't."』

I wonder if that's the case. Sei-nee is strong and beautiful. Also, she holds the position of 【Eight Million Gods】 submaster. Compared to me, she was a top player.

Saying that I have something Sei-nee doesn't, sounds like a method often used to console someone so I didn't take it seriously.

"Well, fine. So when do we gather?"

『"Let's see. With everyone's schedule... how about this evening?"』

"Understood. Now then, I'll prepare before then."

I disconnected from the multi-chat with Magi-san and the others and proceeded with preparations for completing the dungeon. Speaking of which, I didn't hear anything about the dungeon other than that it was the underground cave dungeon so I prepared the general purpose items.

I made a large number of High Potions and MP Potions. Also, Enchant Stones and Magic Gems. For as long as I could I polished the gemstones collected by Emily-san and others, then continued to use 《Skill Enchant》 on them.

In addition to that, I used 【Synthesis】 consuming my MP to combine items, I combined Iron Arrows and various bad status drugs making poison arrows. Since with this my stock of bad status drugs has been thinned, I'll have to return to cultivation of the poisonous herbs in the field I thought and made a small sigh.

Working all alone in silence I forgot about lots of things as I immersed myself, when I suddenly remembered I got worried about Myu again.

"Not good, these kind of feelings. All right, let's do this!"

I slapped my cheeks once, firing myself up.

Since it was the good time, I transitioned from the 【Atelier】's mini portal to the portal in the Maze Town.

The meeting was in the street in front of the dungeon's entrance, there were quite a few above average leveled players there.

"Oh, Missy! Here, this way!"

"It's embarrassing so stop with that 'missy'!"

Mikadzuchi found my figure and started waving to me, but I was in the middle of disappearing so I didn't want to attract too many gazes towards myself. I had a hood lowered deeply on my head and was facing down, so the players went "who?", looking at me puzzled.

"Mikadzuchi. You're troubling Yun-chan so quit it. Now then, let's form a party."

I accepted the party invitation that came from Mikadzuchi, entering it.

The party members were Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee as the two from 【Eight Million Gods】, Magi-san, Lyly and Cloude the three crafters.

Seeing this unusual combination I was puzzled but refrained from asking until we entered this unpopular dungeon.

After we were guided by Sei-nee to a stone gate, the scenery has completely changed.

It was very quiet and a murmur of water could be heard in the distance. It was a cave-type dungeon, but the ceiling and the passages weren't that narrow. Rather, the ceiling was high and the passages were wide.

The pale white light on the walls didn't have cold sharpness, it felt soft and dazed.

"Haa, since Yun-kun's been hiding recently Onee-san was very lonely."

"Uh, umm... I'm sorry, Magi-san."

As I stood there impressed by the sight of the cave, Magi-san called out to me with a smile. Since I was dazed my reaction was delayed and I reflexively apologized.

"Oh Yun-kun, you don't have to worry so much!"

"Uwahh?! Magi-san?!"

"Yuncchi, I'll cling too!"

"Hey, Lyly!"

While I was making a puzzled expression, Magi-san has embraced me from the front. When I hurriedly raised my voice, Lyly also joined in and clung to my waist.

"Wai-, it's embarrassing! Sei-nee and others are watching!"

"But...! Without Yun-kun to heal me I'm starting to have trouble breathing because I stay with Cloude!"

Being a guild master of crafting guild is not fuuun! Magi-san's cries echoed throughout the cave. Not knowing what to say to comfort her I lightly pat her back.

Then, Lyly, probably satisfied earlier than Magi-san moved away from me.

"Sorry, Yun-kun."

"No, it's fine, really..."

I'll keep to myself the fact that she pressed her breasts against me from the front.

And when I looked around, I saw smiling Sei-nee with a hand on her cheek say "oh my' and Mikadzuchi who grinned broadly. The last one, spreading his arms saying "now, I'm next" was Cloude. I suppressed the urge to smash his face in, ignoring him.

"S-speaking of which, why are Magi-san and others here?"

"We undertook a consultation on the topic of raid quest completion also, we came to collect items for the event Lyly's planning."

I recalled the event he was supposed to use the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 for and went "ahh", convinced.

"The raid boss is a spirit type so 【Silver Ore】 will be needed right? We can gather a little of it in here and at the same time get reinforcement material for Sei-san's weapon, there's lots of reasons."

When I was convinced by Magi-san's explanation, she said "of course, learning the 【Water of Life】's Yun-kun wants is also an objective" and winked.

"Since we're going until we reach boss, until what layer are we going to go?"

"Until we pass through all five layer of the dungeon."

Sei-nee seemed to have been most familiar with this dungeon and has taken over the explaining role from Magi-san.

The boss mob was in the deepest part of the dungeon, fifth layer, there was no shortcut that would lead to the bottom.

However, the mobs on the first and second layers are not active so we can ignore them and proceed, the fifth layer is just a rest area and the boss room so only the third and fourth layers were real problems.

"But we've searched this dungeon thoroughly so don't worry."

"You've searched it thoroughly yet you still need the reinforcement material from the boss, do you need a new staff again?"

When I responded to Sei-nee who puffed her chest and raised the bottom of her robe, her smile somewhat stiffened.

"What is it? Sei-nee."

"It's nothing."

When I tilted my head, puzzled with Sei-nee's strange appearance, Mikadzuchi furrowed her eyebrows and made a small grimace.

"Sei has her own circumstances."


Is that so. Nothing came to my mind. "I'll guide you then", Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi stood in front.

"There's no need to hurry, let's proceed leisurely. Speaking of dungeons, it's treasures. Random treasure chests filled with hopes and dreams occassionally appear at random."

" "Hee〜" "

Lyly and I let out our voices impressed with Sei-nee's explanation.

"On the first layer, you move in a straight line towards the stairs that lead lower but no treasure chest appears on the way there, but it does appear on the side alleys. That's why you should look around to the sides and search for the treasure chests."

"Yuncchi! There it is!"

"That side alley. It's in a place where light doesn't reach."

"But, about 90% of the drops from the treasure chests is poor equipment. It's mostly stuff that's sold to NPCs and becomes seas of electrons. Earlier, I found just poor items like a 【Magic Power Hammer】."

While listening to Sei-nee's explanation, Lyly and I went to pick up the treasure chest in the alley.

"Yuncchi, let's open it together."

"Sure, then, one, two——"

" "——Three!" "

Partially forced to do it by Lyly, I thought I should act my age, but without minding too much I checked the items.

Air Reduction Ring 【Ornament】

DEF+4 Additional Effect : Substitute (Wind)

"Yuncchi, what did you get? I got an item called 【Power Knife】."

"I got 【Air Reduction Ring 】. What's this 【Substitute】 additional effect? Is it like 【Gem Substitute Ring】? Hey, Sei-nee..."

In the treasure chest, there was the accessory with 【Substitute】 additional effect, a little bit of gold, silver and iron ore crafting mateirals and basic potions with default recovery value.

I wanted to ask Sei-nee to evaluate it, but she crouched on spot and was holding her knees.


"What Missy pulled out is a very rare item with 5% drop probability. It's an item that reduces elemental damage taken by the player in exchange for the item's durability. If the item's durability runs out it's destroyed, but since its effect overlaps with many other effects that have limitations, you're in the luck. As for Lyly, that's a 'miss' equipment."

"Is that so. Great for you, Yuncchi."

In response to Mikadzuchi's description, I thought 'hee, is that so' and realized it had a backwards compatibility with 【Gem Substitute Ring】. As long as the 【Gem Substitute Ring】's gem was changed, it could exert its effect multiple times and the ring itself wasn't an unique item by itself. However, since it had quite a peaky nature, there were advantages and disadvantages to using it.

"I don't need it, so if you want Lyly you can take it?"

"Eh? Is that okay?"

"I don't mind. I already have the 【Gem Substitute Ring】. In exchange, how about you give me that ore?"

"That wouldn't be enough alone, next time I'll perform a maintenance on your equipment for free."

"Okay then."

I agreed to trade with Lyly and passed the 【Air Reduction Ring 】 to him.

In fact, since I needed Silver Ore so that I could fight against the Garm Phantom, I was happy about getting it.

"Hey, Sei."

"That's right. Yun-chan is always like that."

"Ahh, how dreadful. Obliviousness."

Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi were talking about something and it seemed to be about me.

"Hey, what about me?"

"No, it's nothing. Let's proceed forward."

As we were prompted by Sei-nee, I once again today tilted my head puzzled. I thought that she acted kind of strange.

We went down to the second floor, engaged in some light combat to coordinate ourselves and level up, we aimed for the bottom layer.

"Kurocchi, there's one there too. A 【Black Lustrous Sphere】."

"I know. I'll collect this one here first."

Cloude and Lyly entered a small room in the middle of the third layer and were picking up black cobblestone that was lying in the corner of the room.

It seemed like they would be used for Lyly's event. While staring at the excited duo young beasts and I were taking a break.

"It's like an aquarium with fish flying isn't it."

I muttered after recalling the sight I saw on the second layer.

Fish-type mobs freely swimming in the wide space. The thinly stretched over the ground water matched well with the light source and created a reflection of water on the walls and ceiling.

When one looked up to the ceiling, they could see movements of fish that can normally be only seen from inside of water, observe an angle impossible to observe from normally.

That impression lodged itself inside of me earlier.

Flying fish aquarium. Of course, if attacked, they would assault us, but I was secretly satisfied being able to enjoy the aquarium part of the dungeon.

And, we were able to take a break on the third layer because Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi took initiative hunting down the enemies.

In a room with two entrances the two were in charge of taking care of mobs that came from one of them each.

"——《Aqua Bullet》"

Sei-nee raised her staff, created dozens of water bullets, and with a barrage of the water bullets she crushed an entire group of mobs that were looming towards her. Other than that, fishes were momentarily frozen with -30°C from a long distance and then one-sidedly slaughtered.

"——《Multistage Attack》"

Mikadzuchi raised her stick and released fast and sharp, barely visible thrusts. In an instant a sound of multiple enemies' bodies getting hit has rang out.

"Hmm. Enchant's strengthening is nice. Usually they take down about 80%, but with Yun-chan's support it's one shot."

"I took them down in a single blow in the first place, but the SPEED enchant is not bad."

"No, I think you're fine even without enchants."

I put intelligence enchant on Sei-nee and a speed enchant on Mikadzuchi who ensured a safe zone, but the combat in the meanwhile could be summarized in one word, 'spectacular'.

In the first place, the reason mobs were left with 20% HP, is because this dungeon's mobs appeared to have a small water resistance. For Sei-nee to take down those mobs with a single blow, her magic attack power was extremely high.

"Seicchi, Mikadzucchi. Let's go forward after we finish collecting!"

"Okay then, to the fourth layer. There's no pretty mobs like ones so far in there, but if we're lucky, he will appear."

"If we're lucky?"

"That's Mikadzuchi's objective. There's the 【Water of Life】 collection point and 【Silver Ore】 mining points on the fourth layer, but the enemies are significantly stronger there."

Guided by Sei-nee, we headed towards the stairs leading to the lower layer.

Meanwhile, I tried asking Lyly and Cloude about the 【Black Lustrous Sphere】 item they were gathering, but was responded with "secret" in a cute manner by Lyly making me give up on trying to forcibly elicit it from him as it would be boorish. I'll just look forward to the day of the event.

And, the first mob we met after going down to the fourth layer has blown away all the mood and impressions of the aquarium's flying mobs.

"A fishman, Sahagin. It's very realistic making it harsh."

"Yup, that's true. Still, Sei-san is really ruthless isn't she."

Magi-san agreed to what I muttered.

Sahagin are fish that had the chest fin and the dorsal fin evolve, turning into hands and legs. In their hand, there were three-pronged spears and knives they were armed with. They had ragged cloth wrapped around their waist.

It's protruding eyes caught the sight of us and it drew near, but——

'Mikaduchi' is a romanization fail (づ - pronounced dzu is brought up by writing 'du' when using Japanese keyboard setting).

"——《Steam Pillar》"

As the the Sahagin appeared looking like it came out of a monster movie, Sei-nee created an extremely high pressure and high temperature of over 100°C steam to stew it. Although it was steam cooking that didn't use any fire, the fishman's hazy death throes could be heard.

Since it couldn't be instantly defeated with the enchant support like the mobs so far, I created a 《Clay Shield》 to prevent it from escaping. Its exterior was completely roasted.

All the mobs defeated in the dungeon so far looked like big fish and shellfish, so without any reluctance I was rejoiced being able to use it as a food treasury.

But, imagining ingredient drops from the Sahagin, I lost my appetite. I mean, that appearance...

"It's okay, Yun-chan. Sahagin's drops are mainly metal weapons and armour parts."

"I see. That's great then. Hey, Sei-nee. Did I say anything?"

"Just how many years you think I'm Yun-chan's older sister? I can tell just by looking at your face."

When Sei-nee said so with a smile, I wondered if it shows in my expressions so easily and sighed. However, I got taken aback after hearing what Mikadzuchi said next.

"That's for Sahagins though. However, it's different for a certain rare Sahagin-type mob."

"N-no way, it drops ingredients?!"

"Oh, Mikadzuchi. That thing doesn't appear so often."

Although Sei-nee tried to protest Mikadzuchi's words, starting with Lyly, Magi, Cloude and I listened intently. None of us had 【Cooking】 Sense as our main, but we've gotten curious hearing her say it so pompously.

"Sahagin's rare mob——Sabagin's strength is twice that of a normal Sahagin——"

Mikadzuchi paused for a moment. If it had twice the strength of a normal Sahagin, I felt it must've been quite strong. One versus one against a Sahagin I would use lots of items and win easily, but against a twice as strong Sahagin I would barely make it.

"——And, a three times as tasty ingredient! The drop is 【Sahagin-Approved Mackerel Can】."

"Processed goods?!"

"That mackerel can is delicious. It's amazing when eaten with booze and rice."

No, I couldn't care less about that. I thought.

"Ahh, speaking of which I've heard of it. If you eat something canned your HP's and MP's upper limit will be temporarily increased, or something."

Magi-san mentioned something she recalled and Sei-nee affirmed it.

"Taste aside, having food that increases stats is really appealing."

There weren't any ingredients found that would increase both HP and MP limit so that was quire rare.

"But, even if we find the Sabagin, there's only 50% chances for a drop. And the extra rare drops from it would be silver equipment and the can."

"I told you, it doesn't appear so often."

Sei-nee admonished Mikadzuchi again. We still haven't finished our goal on the fourth layer so we couldn't go look for the Sabagin.

"In that case, how about we split in two? If I'm not wrong, Magi-chan is looking for 【Silver Ore】 and I have to show Yun-chan the 【Water of Life】 collection point right."

"Then I'll take missy Magi to explore this layer. I'll take one more with me."

"I'll go then, I'm a mage after all. It's more balanced with two vanguards and a rearguard, right."

Cloude volunteered for that, the remaining ones going to collect the 【Water of Life】 was me, Lyly, and Sei-nee who assumed the leading role. However, considering that both Lyly and I were closer to scouts rather than vanguards, I don't think one could call it too balanced but with Sei-nee there it should be good enough.

"Sei! If you find the Sabagin make sure to take it down!"

Mikadzuchi reminded us in the end right before we split into two.

In case we fight in separate locations, players who aren't near won't get any drops. Well, we have to find it first.

"We're going as well then."

After seeing Mikadzuchi off, guided by Sei-nee we proceeded deeper.

We have encountered several Sahagins, but Sei-nee defeated them all with pre-emptive attacks, when their number was reduced to only a few, Lyly and I used them for combat training. Until they approached I slowly damaged them with the bow, when they got close I switched to the kitchen knife and together with Lyly we played around with them.

I used 《Ingredients Knowledge》 and aimed at the vital points with the normal attacks, Lyly took care of the hate management, attracted and avoided the enemy's attacks before dealing damage with the arts.

Since the knife and the dagger were the same type of weapon, we both used hit and run tactics. However, we still got hit by attacks from time to time, at that time Sei-nee immediately used recovery magic to restore our HP to full.

And when we advanced towards the dungeon's end repeatedly battling like that, there was a small crack in the wall from which water has been trickling down.

"Is this it? Sei-nee."

"Yup. 【Water of Life】's collection point."

"Yuncchi, let's scoop some fast. We need to collect enough for Magicchi and Kurocchi too."

"You're right."

Agreeing with what Lyly said, I took out large containers and poured 【Water of Life】 into it.

Water of Life 【Material】

Permeated with power of ley lines, water that grants vitality.

I checked the 【Water of Life】's simple description and filled the containers with it. Even after the 【Water of Life】 ran out from the small pool, I collected it directly from the crack.

"Sei-nee, I'll should be able to make revival medicine with this. Thanks."

"It's fine to be grateful, but I'm having expectations of Yun-chan for the boss fight here."

"I don't know what you're expecting, but I'll do what I can."

While I answered Sei-nee, Lyly moved slightly ahead and peeked around the corner.

Since he made a stop sign with his hand, it seemed like enemy mobs were there.

"Yuncchi, please check the enemies."


Lyly checked the passage, but since he doesn't have either 【See-Through】 or 【Hawk Eyes】 Senses, I investigated the enemy instead.

On the passage we used before, there were three Sahagins on a patrol. Among them, here was one smart individual mixed in.

Its back was darkish blue, its belly shone beautifully as it was lit up by the cave's silver light source, emitting a beautiful marine blue glow. In addition to that, various places on his body were covered in silver, this Sahagin was clad in an armour.

For a mere fish, this Sahagin's model was much more refined than of those we met before. It didn't seem like the same Sahagin-type mob at all.

"A cool Sahagin is mixed in there."

"No way? think we'd really encounter it."

"We did it. Let's not let it escape and defeat it."

In response to Lyly's voice, Sei-nee took a step back from surprise, grimaced and glared at the Sahagins.

"Well then, I'll defeat the normal Sahagins first. After that, Yun-chan and Lyly-kun will attack Sabagin and hold it up. As soon as preparation for my magic is complete, you retreat and I annihilate it, is that okay?"

We nodded to Sei-nee who had a serious expression, then waited for the timing during which the Sahagin patrol will be turned away.


"——《Steam Pillar》!"

When the enemy started to notice us, Sei-nee strengthened by my enchant cast 《Steam Pillar》 which crawled on the ground approaching the Sahagins, then roasted them. All of the Sahagins were trapped for several tens of seconds and fell one after another in the steam pillar.

Only the Sabagin withstood Sei-nee's extreme firepower and slipping out of the steam pillar, it has come to assault us.

"Let's go Yuncchi!"

"I know! 《Cursed》 ——Defence, speed!"

Subjected to the cursed, Sabagin had its defence lowered, but it has resisted the speed cursed.

But, not minding it I released one arrow after another, dealing damage to it.

Between his fingers Lyly held a weapon other than his daggers, throwing knives which he was throwing at the Sabagin. Since we were both crafters who had a high DEX we didn't miss much as we unleashed a barrage of physical attacks at it, but the Sabagin skilfully blocked it using its trident.

Even with multiple arrows and knives flying at once densely since Lyly and I matched our timing, only one or two at best struck the enemy.

Still, the target changed from Sei-nee to us, as not to allow it get any closer I changed to the kitchen knife and together with Lyly we ran to the front.


"Lyly, don't get hit!"

"You too, Yuncchi!"

Since Sei-nee was currently preparing the magic, she couldn't provide support with recovery magic. That's why we had to avoid fatal wounds and attract the enemy to ourselves.

Alternating with Lyly I moved in front of the enemy and attacked it. Although our movements were much better than back when we first entered the dungeon, the Sabagin had twice the Sahagin's strength and closing on us it released sharp thrusts with its spear.



"I'm all right."

An attack with the spear that came from below as it was swung up has captured armpit and the shoulder. That blow has reduced my HP by 30%, then the spear was pulled back and Sabagin poised for a thrust. I avoided it by jumping strongly backwards, took out a High Potion and recovered.

If I received another attack now, it was possible that I'd receive 【Stunned】 bad status for losing more than half of my HP in a short period of time. It was quite close, causing cold sweat to trickle down my back.

"Preparations are complete. ——《Diamond Dust》!"

Signalled by Sei-nee, Lyly and I evacuated. Then, tiny particles of ice drifted in the air freezing Sabagin starting from the ends of its limbs. Sabagin tried to blow away the ice with its spear but the icy erosion did not stop. In the end, the Sabagin turned into an ice figure, cracked and shattered.

"Good work. How was it?"

"Tough. Sabagin's real strong. Also, that's not my normal battle style."

I muttered a complaint and sighed.

"Let's check Sabagin's drop then. If it's silver equipment, we'll be able to make ingots out of it and we'll have a material to create weapons against undead."

"Yuncchi, Yuncchi. If we're to find out what is it, let's do it after meeting up with Kurocchi and others. Let's announce it in front of others."

Lyly's proposal isn't that bad, as I thought that, Sei-nee called Mikadzuchi through friend chat to decide the meeting point and we started to move.

On the way to the collection point we moved slowly in order to level up some by battling, but on the way back to merge by the stairs leading below we moved fast. The reason it was much faster, was because Sei-nee annihilated the Sahagins with the first attack.

"Sei-nee. The fight with Sabagin, did you hold back?"

"Rather than holding back, in order for Yun-chan and Lyly-kun to get some battle experience I just delayed the spells's activation."

When Sei-nee said so with a troubled smile, both Lyly and I laughed, forgiving her.

It's something she did thinking of us. Even if she kept quiet about it, it wasn't something to be angry about.

"Ah! Yun-kun, Lyly! Also, Sei-san. Welcome back."

"Magicchi, Magicchi! On the way back we found Sabagin and defeated it!"

"Really?! And, the result?!"

Seeing Mikadzuchi all bothered about the drop Sei-nee made a bitter smile. Then, on Lyly's signal we checked the drop we haven't taken a look at yet.

"One, two——"

Lyly opened his inventory with a sparkle in his eyes, but after checking the item he slumped.

"Sorry, Mikadzucchi. It's 【Silver Shoulderpads】."

Ehehe, Lyly laughed without any energy in it.

"Well, the probability is 50%, there's no need to be bothered about it is there? Ah, Mackerel Can."

Honestly, since I could make stewed mackerel by myself I didn't need it. The moment I thought that, Sei-nee who was walking next to me crouched, her shoulders shaking strongly.

"Yun-chan, not fair〜. Why are you getting rare items one after another like that..."

"Umm... Sei-nee?"

I saw something I've seen less often since she moved to university far away, Sei-nee's depressed appearance. Mikadzuchi for some reason put a hand on her forehead and muttered.

"Really, why did Mikadzuchi have to call Yun-chan... it would be fine if we just told Yun-chan where 【Water of Life】 can be collected."

"But, just as we suspected, Missy has it."

As expected, seeing Sei-nee like this Mikadzuchi faltered. Sei-nee was a reliable beauty of an older sister, but at times she acts spoiled or gets depressed like this. That also is quite cute, but let's leave that aside for now——

"Mikadzuchi——is there any other objective you have other than the dungeon's boss?"

When I glared intently at Mikadzuchi, after faltering she panicked even further.

She tried to make some excuses, but when I ignored them and continued to stare at her she has given up on the idea and slumped.

"I get it so don't stare at me like that. Sei said it before, that Missy is lucky."

While happily, with a broad smile she polished the new staff which dropped from the boss mob, Sei-nee bragged boasted about me to Mikadzuchi. Sei-nee intended to normally teach me the location, but Mikadzuchi acted assertively and has incorporated me into the party for the dungeon to rely on my luck.

"Aiming for the rare drop many times and battling is tough, right. Also, Sei catches it quite often."

"Catches what."

When I spoke to Mikadzuchi with irritation in my voice, I was responded with unfamiliar words.

"She's catching the greed sensor."

Greed sensor is an occultistic phenomenon that's supposedly making it harder to get an item the more one wanted it, it was true that there were deviations from the probability, and there was a lot of people who caught it.

"So Sei-nee catches it quite often? Is she unlucky?"

"Her luck isn't bad. However, the items Sei herself wants don't want to drop. This time's boss drop, the reinforcement material is for Sei sake, this time surely..."

"And so you involved me?"

"To be precise I involved Cloude and others as well to increase the chance of getting it."

Rather than get two items after defeating it with two people, defeating it with six and getting six items was better and the possibility of the item dropping for one of the members was higher.

"Sei herself has rare items she has no use for she can trade for it, or so we calculated."

I listened to what Mikadzuchi had to say while consoling Sei-nee. Depressed Sei-nee was considerably calm, but I decided that going to challenge the boss like this would be cruel to her and made it so that we rested in the break room of the fifth layer.

"So, Missy. The 【Sahagin-Approved Mackerel Can】 give it to m—"

"There's no way I would give it away after hearing that. Geez..."

I ignored Mikadzuchi and thought of a way to cheer Sei-nee up. It should be fine to spoil and distract her. I can't care less about Mikadzuchi whose shoulders drooped dejectedly.

"Sorry Magi-san, Cloude, Lyly. Will you lend me a hand in consoling Sei-nee?"

"Sure, but what will you do?"

Magi-san tilted her head puzzled. She didn't have any intention of rejecting it, so I explained and convinced her. In the end, I called out to Cloude and consulted him if a certain something could be done.

"Haa, I'm being healed〜"

We were still in the fifth layer's break room right before the boss' room.

Inside of it, small animals not fitting in with the dungeon have surrounded Sei-nee.

Magi-san's partner, a young wolf Rickle. Cloude's partner, kitten Socks. Lyly's partner, the bird Neshias. And, my partners Ryui and Zakuro. Patting them and holding them gently against her chest, Sei-nee made a loose expression.

Small tears could be seen in the corners of Sei-nee's eyes, she must've felt like crying because of her greed sensor. I thought.

"Sei-nee. Calmed down?"

"Yup. Yun-chan, sorry."

"Well then, let's go to the boss."

Sei-nee put down Rickle and Socks she was holding to her chest on the ground and pat their heads.

Patted Rickle squinted comfortably and Socks who cried sweetly as it stared at Sei-nee reluctant to part with her. However, she shook it off, ignored Mikadzuchi who was still depressed and turned towards us.

"Well then, the vanguards will be Magi-san and Mikadzuchi. Yun-chan and Lyly in the centre. The rearguards will be me and Cloude-kun, no problems right?"

"No problems. Before we go to the boss put enchants on us."

I applied an enchant of the type of a chosen type on everyone. When it was Sei-nee's turn and I put magic attack power increase and mind enchant on her, Socks made a remarkably loud cry.


"Mm? What was that?"

"Socks is just being friendly. Now, about time we returned them."

Cloude lifted up Socks who was coiling itself around his leg and returned it to the summon stone. Doing the same, was me, Magi-san and Lyly. Each of us returned our partners to summoning stones and proceeded deeper.

There was a long and narrow passage leading to the boss who was far in the back.

In case someone else was there before, we should wait in the resting place we were in earlier, but this time there was more than one party ahead of us.

"That's... a party that's fighting the boss and a party that watches them fight?"

The party that was fighting the boss mob, Twin-Headed Shark had it cornered, but they seemed to be worried about the party that was observing them. Also, the party that was observing had their weapons drawn and something like killing intent could be felt from them.

"——Mikadzuchi. Among them there's the guy who came to my store."

"I know. They're 【Fosch Hound】 PKs."

There was one of the PKs Mikadzuchi saved me from in the 【Atelier】. He noticed and headed towards us.

"You bunch?!!"

My body trembled as I recalled how I was grasped by the collar, but Sei-nee held my hand and I was able to calm down. Moreover, Magi-san and Mikadzuchi positioned themselves as to hide me.

"Tch, the female player who got in the way back then and 【Crafting Guild】's guild master huh."

He muttered as if spitting the words out, to which Magi-san cheerfully responded.

"Hello there〜. How are we feeling?"

"Ha! Obviously, the worst! You guys've tightened too hard and we can't buy any weapons, armour or consumables! Don't screw with me!"

"Who is the one screwing around here. Not only you repeated your guild solicitation, you also acted maliciously towards a number of crafters. In response to the losses and disadvantages PK guilds and new guilds bring to us, crafters united and just stopped supplying you items."

Magi-san did something like that while I was in the hiding?! Surprised, I looked at Magi-san's reliable back.

"Tch, we're outta here."

Spitting curses, the leader took his comrade, the PK who tried to solicit me and escaped towards the open entrance.

"Well then, it seems like people over there finished fighting boss, let's greet them."

The party that was in combat with the boss earlier lowered their heads to us lightly and we chatted about a thing or two. They were grateful to us for driving off the PKs, since I didn't do anything in particular that made me feel uneasy.

"All right, let's challenge the boss again."

In response to Mikadzuchi's voice we turned towards the boss that reappeared and readied our weapons.

The boss was a shark-type mob with two heads. Our pre-emptive attack was Sei-nee's simultaneous sweep of dozens 《Aqua Bullets》.

Magi-san and Mikadzuchi moved in front of the boss and attacked.

The flying Twin-Headed Shark attacked with a tail slam and by biting with its sharp fangs. After avoiding those, Mikadzuchi thrust into the shark's nose that was its weak point, which resulted with the Twin-Headed Shark landing on the ground having its senses driven mad. That moment Lyly cut with the daggers he held in both hands. And Cloude released a darkness element magical attack.

"I'd better not lose to them."

While everyone attacked continuously to gaining chain attack gaining bonus damage every time they hit, I tried buying more time making the boss unable to move, even if only a little.

The arrows I chose were ones that were synthesized with 【Sleep】, 【Paralysis】 and 【Stun】 bad statuses.

After they pierced the shark's body, it received a bad status.

The movement of the shark that gradually recovered its senses from the impact had slowed down again.

When there remaining HP was cut down to 40%, Mikadzuchi started to move away from the front.

"I leave the rest to you!"

"Hey! Mikadzuchi!"

"Yun-chan, it's up to us!"

Sei-nee has rebuked me, and when I turned around I saw the PKs who have fled earlier plus one new one who were about to pounce at us.

"Geez, they waited until we start fighting the boss to attack us from behind, that's cheap."

I sighed and looked away from Mikadzuchi who faced five PKs and one more who was observing us, looking back at the boss again.

"Let's finish this! Match me!"

Along with Cloude's shout, we went on the last offensive at the Twin-Headed Shark that almost recovered from the bad status.

"Haa——《Sword Dance》!"

"——《Make Weak》!"

Using continuous attack art Lyly increased the amount of chain attacks and Cloude used a darkness elemental magic I didn't know of. As a result, a dark red aura surrounded the Twin-Headed Shark.

"He's become weak to fire element!"

"It's my turn then! ——《Flame Turn》!"

Magi-san used a weapon enhancement magic and flames have sprouted from the cracks of the dark red flickering axe.

I matched it and used a new enchant.

"《Element Enchant》 ——Weapon!"

The one I chose was a fire weapon enchant that consumed a fire elements stone. Even more intense flames sprouted from Magi-san's weapon, she was surprised for an instant before floating a smile of satisfaction as she brandished the large axe.

"It's over!"

The shark's right head was swallowed by the gushing flames, struggled and it drooped without strength. The left head tried to fight back, it opened its mouth and attacked Magi-san who was close by, but the head was pierced with ice spears from the left side.

The grandly opened mouth has been pressed down by numerous chunks of ice that made one mass and sewn together by a large number of ice spears. That turned out to be a decisive factor, the Twin-Headed Shark's body turned into light particles and disappeared.

Normally, I would be honestly happy with having this as the end, but I was worried about Mikadzuchi who headed to fight off the PKs. However, that also ended as baseless fears.

"What? You came back in high spirits and had tables turned on you?"

"Damnn! Flein! Take her down!"

The PK that tried soliciting me into his guild called to the new one who appeared, the man who hasn't participated in combat until now pulled out the sword from his hip and started to walk at a brisk pace.

Seeing the man called Flein participate, remaining PKs made dark smiles, but that has immediately changed into astonishment.

"Even if you bastards from 【Fosch Hound】 are also a PK guild and we cooperate with each other, it doesn't mean I have to clean up after you fuck up. It's unsightly, so why don't you become my experience?"


Without any hesitation, he cut down a 【Fosch Hound】's PK from behind. The five PKs were hit by critical hits from behind and taken down in the blink of an eye.

"Oh, sorry. It seems like 【Fosch Hound】 guys troubled you. I'm Flein."

Flein called out to us as if he didn't just commit a slaughter, but Magi-san absent-mindedly muttered, saying what's his position.

"——The other PK guild's 【Flame Prison Corps】 guild master, Flein."

"Ohh? So you know about me! There's the 【Eight Million Gods】's master and sub-master. There's the 【Crafting Guild】's trio. And... well, I don't know you, but since the bunch is obsessed about you, there has to be something."

Seeing as the man didn't deny being guild master of a PK guild, my expression strongly cramped up.

Considering his abilities that allowed him to take down the five from earlier in the blink of an eye, I didn't want to fight him.

"If possible, I'd like you to overlook us."

"That'd be out of question."

Can't we negotiate? Is it items? Guild solicitation? Or maybe revenge?

"There's only thing I desire——intense enough to uplift me, thrilling slaughtering each other! So I want PVP which isn't a set in stone routine work. I want to fight with flesh-and-blood players! That's why I can't overlook you here!"

Of all things a combat maniac, it's over, we'll be taken down here - is what I thought, but I didn't really have any problems with just losing half of my money...

"But, I'm not conceited enough to think I can take down a party of six all alone. That's why I'll fight with the strongest one here and go back. How about it?"

"In that case I'll take you on. Missy and others can watch."


"Don't worry."

"Without you the party's vanguard's balance will break down, it'll be hard to go back. Don't lose."

Sei-nee... is she concerned? Or maybe it's her real feelings? In any case, Mikadzuchi accepted it and just smiled wryly.

"Well then, let's start."

"I'm ready."

Mikadzuchi readied her stick that was as tall as her. Flein set up a sword so thin it seemed like it'll break if used in combat.

Both of them closed the distance between each other in an instant and swung their weapons at each other. Mikadzuchi's thrust was deflected by the thin sword, Flein moved in all at once and cut her. She avoided it by hair's breath and did a horizontal swing that was avoided with a jump.

There were a few dozens exchanges, but Mikadzuchi was gradually being overpowered.

"Hoho, what's this! Is a huge guild's top only this much?!"

"Where did you get this strength. What a brute force!"

They yelled at each other and used all their strength.

Flein joyfully raised his voice and Mikadzuchi painfully took each hit.

They were both players, so I wondered where did such a difference come from. Both Flein's strength and speed exceeded that of Mikadzuchi. She compensated for it with her skills and her weapon's long reach. It seemed like someone's weapon would break if they continued to fight like this. And, that time has come.


"Over huh. What a shame, I'll at least use this thing to end it. ——《Killing Edge》!"

Mikadzuchi's stick was broken down and she lost her weapon. The fact that Flein's brittle-looking weapon was more durable than Mikadzuchi's was strange, but I've had an even worse feeling about the art he used.

A black effect crawled through the thin sword, extended and disappeared in thin air. In that state the sword's slash aimed for Mikadzuchi's neck——

"《Enchant》 ——Speed!"


Momentarily, a speed enchant was cast on Mikadzuchi and she succeeded in barely avoiding the attack in the last second.

The art, avoided by leaning backwards as if falling down, had the effect on the blade scatter in the air during the swing.

"...she avoided it, huh."

Flein who seemed to be having fun furrowed his eyebrows and glared towards me. He knew I did something just a moment ago. He understood that I intervened in the two's fight. I just acted instinctively.

"Kukuku... ahahahaha——avoided! She avoided a sure-kill!"

He placed a hand on his forehead, Flein's laughter echoed loudly in the location. Feeling it possible that his target would change to me for intervening in the two's fight, I was covered in cold sweat out of dread. Flein continued to laugh happily from the bottom of his heart.

"Is that so, I see. So that's why 【Fosch Hound】 is obsessed with her. This one's interesting! There are folks strong by themselves, but to strengthen others! Like this, fellows who couldn't do a thing against me might actually surpass me!"

Flein stared at me happily, but Mikadzuchi stood between us to intercept his line of sight.

"Our match isn't over yet."

"Ah? That's true. Ohh, well, after having that avoided, I can't use it any more. Let's do it again next time in perfect conditions. Okay then, I'll be going back."

After saying so, Flein walked towards the only door in the boss room. And, when he was leaving——

"The obsessed-about fellow over there... next time we meet, I'd like to go at it with ya."

I've caught attention of a troublesome guy. I screamed in my mind and unable to protest it I could only see him off.

Flein said a lot of meaningful things like about that attack not being perfect, and then our encounter has ended.