Volume 5 - Prologue

Chapter Prologue

Prologue - Revival Medicine and Black Insects

"Yun, can you really make a Revival Medicine?"

"The recipe isn't complete. Since we gathered materials, I can experiment. Right."

"And what if mixing fails?"

"We'll go gather them again."

"There ain't time."

I invited Taku to 【Atelier】's workshop and received 【Wisteria Peach Petals】 from him. As the item provider, Taku watched me from the side.

I haven't told Taku about it, but for mixing the Revival Medicine, there were other materials than 【Wisteria Peach Petals】.

Herbs that are the base of every potion, the Spirit Grass that's used for MP Potions. Also, the 【Water of Life】 that's used in various ways in crafting.

After knowing the combination of the materials, there was a possibility of reproducing the recipe from that. That's why I didn't tell Taku any details and have proceeded with the preparations alone.

With this, no matter the procedure I'll be able to make the Revival Medicine. The work from now on is to explore it blindly.

"Well, I'll just try like usual."

"Sure, it's in your hands."

First, I mixed the same amount of Potion, MP Potion and Water of Life together. With that, I created a pale green liquid inside of which I mixed in the peach-coloured petals. The petals have dissolved in the light green liquid over time and in the end, the liquid changed its colour to pink.

Degraded Revival Medicine 【Consumable】

Revival 【HP +1%】

I heaved a sigh at the result. In order to determine what was wrong I considered what effect each material granted the potion and wrote a crafting procedure I thought of on a note.

The effect difference between the basic Potion's that was made with a skill and a high-quality Potion made manually.

The effect difference between Potion, High Potion and a Concentrated Potion.

The effect difference depending on the Potion and MP Potion ratio.

What happens when Water of Life is used on a Potion.

In case it was subjected to concentration, the difference depending on when was it done.

First, I changed ratio of each medicine to create a different mixture, on each try there was a difference in the shade of green.

I dropped a petal into a beaker with each mixture one by one and mixed it in, dissolving it.

Meanwhile, Taku looked around the 【Atelier】 interested, glaring at the tools he doesn't normally see.

Starting with concentrator and grinding machine, through multiple Synthesis Kit magic circles, the furnishings and to the Making Box. In the corner of the workshop part, were hanging herbs for drying and a portable furnace in the corner.

As I stared sideways towards Taku who acted like that, I summarized the results I got from each mixture in the notebook.

Depending on the mixture, some liquids have reacted by turning vividly pink immediately and there were ones that have turned pale over time as the petal dissolved. There were also ones that completely lost their colour.

The pale ones have shown themselves to be complete as 【Degraded Revival Medicine】, the ones that turned vivid were complete Revival Medicine.

Judging by these results, thinking of the impact it has on the mixing——

"For highly effective Revival Medicine——the high quality potions are not essential. 【Water of Life】's usage is mandatory. If the potion already uses 【Water of Life】, there is no need to add it during the mixture's production. For highly effective ratio I need three High Potions to one MP Potion. The concentration is to be done afte

r mixing the solution. ...something like that."

"Yun, you can tell that much?"

"It's the ratio I've gotten as a result but only in case the conditions are the same as with everything else. Still, most likely a more detailed ratio might be possible."

After saying so, I started making a mixture under the best conditions I knew with the remaining petals.

I carefully measured the quantity, since I was using the potions I have prepared beforehand there was no strange failures.

But, in this case what was quite painful, was making the concentrated potion. Or rather, making the concentrated mixture.

I put the mixture of the High Potions and MP Potions into the concentrator, concentrating it down ten times which increased the costs tenfold. Moreover, the mixture's name was Concentrated High Potion, it had no MP recovery effect and its HP recovery effect was inferior as compared to the one before concentration. It was a mere intermediate product in a complete recipe.

Then, I dropped a petal into that vivid dark green concentrated mixture. The petal melted the moment it touched the liquid and a pink colour spread throughout it. Then I slowly refilled the potion bottle, before showing it to Taku.

Revival Medicine 【Consumable】

Revival 【HP +10%】

"It's complete now. Next I'll use the remaining petals to make Revival Medicines."

"Ohh?!! Finally, a Revival Medicine! A complete Revival Medicine was made!"

"The ones I made earlier are mostly failures or Degraded Revival Medicine. I made one more, but it has quite low amount recovered."

Looking sideways as Taku rejoiced staring at the Revival Medicine, I prepared the rest of the medicine.

"From the ten petals used to search for the Revival Medicine recipe, two are complete for now. Four more have become Degraded Revival Medicine and the rest was failures."

"Thanks, Yun. With this my preparations for crafter's PVP event are complete. Come to think of it, we haven't talked about the payment, have we."

Eh? Didn't we? I recalled the conversation I had with Taku and while certainly I was asked to prepare Revival Medicine, we didn't talk about payment. Well, I was able to do some 【Mixing】 with expensive materials, so I got a big reward in the Sense experience. Moreover, getting multiple 【Mixing】 recipes for 【Revival Medicine】 was a reward by itself. That's why I didn't think of asking for anything else.

"I don't mind, the experience I got is good enough as payment..."

"That'd be working for free. While it might be a reason for a discount, it's not a reason not to get any payment. That's why——"

While saying so, Taku passed about half of the Revival Medicine to me and forced 500kG on me by using the item trade function.

One high quality Revival Medicine, one normal Revival Medicine and four Degraded Revival Medicines.

"That's shrewd. You took the highly effective ones for yourself, leaving the failures and ones with weak effect to me. Do you really need six highly-effective Revival Medicines?"

"I'm in the vanguard so I need the ones with high recovery amount, otherwise I'd retire immediately after revival if I receive any damage."

In that respect, I'm a rearguard, an archer. It was convincing considering the fact I don't take much damage. Moreover, as my childhood friend Taku knew I wouldn't agree on taking any more.

"Speaking of which, it seems like there was a declaration of 【Guild Solicitation Discontinuation】, aren't you going to go outside now?"

"Even if it stopped it doesn't mean I have to immediately go outside. I've got enough of what I need."

After finishing Taku's request, I took out tea cups and started preparing tea. We moved from the workshop part to the store part and started drinking tea, sitting face to face.

The uproar caused by the price crash of the Guild Emblem——

As a result of the inexpensive Guild Emblems appearing on the market in large amounts, there was a flood of new guilds. The small guilds wanted to grow in power by doing aggressive guild solicitation.

Among them, there were guilds that behaved maliciously. Starting with me, a part of the players have performed a 【Disappearance】, no longer appearing in the town and popular areas.

"Well, I'm glad the whole fuss is over."

"You're right. 【Atelier】 without Yun behind the counter feels lonely."

"As I thought, this place is calming me the most."

Magi-san was eager to finish it before the Crafting Guild-sponsored event begins, but it seemed to have ended sooner than expected.

Well, speaking of what was done, as a protest the crafters have ceased to sell anything to them. The fact I have banned maliciously-soliciting guilds from entering 【Atelier】 has sparked the other crafters to do the same.

A number of guilds was unable to secure weapon maintenance and consumables, dissolving naturally or have lowered their heads apologizing. Is what I heard.

Cloude spread information and had spread the fear of turning the crafters into enemies.

There were a few stronger guilds and guilds that have crafters remaining, but they aren't in the best state and no longer perform any solicitation.

It seemed like they also had players targeting the consumables in dungeon treasure chests.

In a time like this the resale guilds would be able to earn a lot, but like a ship sinking, they felt it wasn't enough and have come into an agreement with Cloude behind the scenes.

"Well, it seems like lots is going on that's unrelated to me, they're doing their best."

"Yun, you talk as if it was not your business... you're the one who pulled the trigger."

I know nothing. Sooner or later it would have become a problem anyway. I held out freshly prepared tea to Taku and drank my own from the cup.

"That's right! How about we go and eat something to celebrate the ending of your disappearance and completion of the Revival Medicine?"

"Then it's your treat, Taku. It'll be additional payment for the Revival Medicine."

"Roger that. So, where do we go?"

I've said that as a joke, but he easily agreed on it. What should I extort out of Taku who's pretty rich in the game... I pondered.

"How about we go to Cloude's 【Commonest Café & Clothier】? I want to eat some cake."

"Let's go right away!"

With that said, Taku drank all the prepared tea at once and stood up. There's no need to hurry so much, while thinking so I drank the tea to match Taku's pace and ended up burning my tongue.

I left the 【Atelier】 and spoke as I walked.

"You've gathered the Revival Medicine for PVP, right? Taku, you're going to win that?"'

I asked what I was curious about, Revival Medicine gave the user a big advantage. I wondered how far could he get if he used that. When I asked wondering about that, he shook his head slightly.

"I wonder about that. I might retire early."

"...then, isn't it meaningless for me to prepare the Revival Medicine?"

"It can't be helped, victory depends on the luck of the day. When I stand up, there's a possibility of receiving a barrage of hits. Well, it's just one of measures for survival."

That's really a blunt way to approach it, I thought, but it was true. Certainly, normal tournament would take too much time so they gave up and decided on a battle royale. In that case, everyone around would be enemies... I feel chills just by imagining it.

"Yun, what cake you're going to ask for in the café?"

"Let's see. I've tried the chocolate-based ones before. I'll try cheese-based ones this time. Also, I'll pick some sweets for Zakuro and Ryui to eat after I go back."

"Heyy. 【Commonest Café & Clothier】's pâtissier is someone who specializes in sweets and the food has stat-raising effect, the price is ten times higher than that of normal cooking. Moderate yourself a little."

"You were stingy with reward so you can pay this much."

When I stared intently at Taku who walked beside me. It can't be helped, he said and heaved a sigh.

That's when, a slight distance away——"A date in a café. Damn it!" "The hell ya flirt in the public, ya wanna make us cry tears of blood or something?!!" "Go croak." "I'm so angry and envious I feel like dying." "Hey, he said PVP earlier. I'll participate. As long as I can get a hit on him." "Good idea. We can get rid of the riajuu players at the same time, take initiative and crush them." "All right, that's decided. There's no time! Let's begin!"——I've heard male voices say that.

I didn't hear it too well, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. I didn't think about the fact their gazes were directed towards us, the thoughts of the café's menu have prevailed.

We have arrived at Cloude's store, the 【Commonest Café & Clothier】 and peeked inside. The seats by the counter were all filled and the only ones open were those at the terrace.

"I'll go and reserve some seats for us outside."

"Then I'll go pick some cakes and tea. Taku, what you want to drink?"

"Same thing as you."

"Got it."

How about refreshing lemon tea today, I wondered. Since there was a lemon-flavoured cheese cake, I picked a lemon-based combination. At the same time, for Zakuro and Ryui I ordered some cream puffs for take-away.

Before taking the cake set for eating in the store, I took the cream puffs for take-away and then I carried the cake and tea on a tray towards Taku.

"Welcome back, but Yun... shouldn't a clerk carry it here?"

"Hm? It seemed busy so I carried it myself. This way's faster, right?"

The Commonest's clerk and waitress players hesitated a little, but since I was Cloude's acquaintance my suggestion was passed.

"Well then, let's eat. A lemon cake set. Here we g——"

My bliss was only temporary, as if to break it something black has suddenly come jumping.


Five insect-type mobs broke through the wall of 【Lyly's Woodworking Store】 that was across the street.

Momentarily, the open terrace was surrounded by five black insect mobs.

There were some players trying to cut them with swords and block them with shields, but because of multiple parties fighting in joint struggle penalty, they couldn't quite defeat them.

At first, we have stood up while still clutching our forks and froze, but one of the mobs that wasn't defeated had come flying at us on the open terrace.

"Hey, you serious?!"

"Get back, Yun!"

Taku strongly pushed me away at the same time touching my chest, making me fall back. Hey, where are you touching.

"Haaa——《Sonic Edge》!"

And Taku who had pulled out two long swords, retracted them and then swung in order to take on the insect mob.

The two swords have shone in matching yellow light, creating a huge vacuum wave, smacking the flying mob directly.

The insect-type mob couldn't escape in mid-air and was subjected to large damage from the front, it hit the table and its body changed into particles of light, disappearing.


In this situation where the insect mob was suddenly defeated, I fell on my butt and was looking upwards.

"You okay, Yun?"

I wanted to take Taku's outstretched hand, but realized I still had fork in my own. Feeling awkward I outstretched my left hand and was pulled up by Taku.

And what has come into my sight, was the miserable state——of my cake.

Seeing the crushed and scattered on the table cake and lemon tea, my spirit has plummeted.

"Ahh, it's gone to waste."

" cake."

Fortunately, the cream puffs in the inventory weren't damaged, but I was really looking forward to the cake.

At that time, a loud clattering footsteps have approached the café from the other side of the road.

"What's this, what happened. It seems like part of the terrace is broken..."

"Kurocchi, sorry! An item went off! Did anyone take damage?!"

The woodworker Lyly had come flying from the 【Lyly's Woodworking Store】 on the other side of the street. He was holding knives in both his hands, his appearance suggested he was fighting a moment ago.

"...let's prioritize the damage first."

The owner of the café and a tailor, Cloude had checked on the damage dealt by the black insect-type mobs.

"Ohh, this time it's something going berserk in quiet Lyly's store." "Speaking of which, there was a guy who tried to make bombs and his store had become a sea of fire." "Ahahaha, crafting sure is a risky job." "It's a battlefield different from ours." "No problem. We took down all that have come out."

The bystanders didn't seem to be particularly bothered by it. Speaking of damage, it was limited to part of the store's terrace and tables being destroyed. Lyly should be able to repair it as a woodcrafter.


"Aah, Yuncchi. Um, sorry."

"...haa, don't make such sorrowful face. Choose whatever cake you like. This time it's an event-related accident. Crafting guild's gonna pay for it."

"Come, order a new cake. Ahh, fine, eat as much cake as you like!"

Cloude and Lyly started to make a fuss around me, who was dispirited. Still, I've had a lingering attachment to the fallen cake.

"Uuu, it won't come back, my lemon cheese cake..."

"It's part of the payment for work you asked for, don't hold back."

Seeing me depressed, Taku called out to me. Then, he pulled me by hand, taking me in front of the store's showcase.

Unfortunately, lemon-flavoured cheese cake was sold out, so I chose kiwi and cream roll cake.

I combined it with sweet milk tea, I ate while sipping the tea for taste.


It was delicious, but I still had tears in my eyes out of the lingering attachment to the dropped cake.

"That's right, Lyly. Explain, how did the accident occur?"

While I ate the cake in the middle of sadness, Lyly provided an explanation for the accident.

"Um, I was performing an experiment at my place before the event starts, by using the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 Yuncchi made. I failed to confirm the range and they escaped..."

"Haa, that sounds unlucky, but I get it. I'll be going back to the back of the store."

Understanding the situation, Cloude drank the coffee that was just served and stood up. Then, as if he recalled something, he called out.

"The preparations for the Crafting Guild-sponsored event are mostly complete. Look forward to it."

Seeing Cloude's wink as he was leaving made me half expectant and half anxious considering the accidental outburst earlier.

The event will be carried out during the two days of this weekend.

I don't know how do Taku and Myu with others plan to spend it, but I intend to spend it relaxedly.