Volume 10 epilogue

Epilogue - Homecoming and the Christmas Party

“Fufufu, Takumi-san, today is the day we settle it once and for all!”

“Fine by me, Miu-chan, let’s do it!”

My best friend Takumi and my little sister Miu have dominated our home’s TV standing in the corner. The Christmas party starts in the evening, but they’ve been gaming ever since noon.

Sometimes they played against each other, sometimes co-op, as they competed for victory in various games. Right now they were playing a fighting game, their characters reacted under a split second and the fierce battle appeared like some kind of strange dance. Their gaze, all of it, was poured onto the characters on the screen. When I looked at their hands accurately manipulating the controllers and the combos appearing on the screen, honestly speaking, I didn’t feel like I could copy that.

“You two… You intend on playing games all day long?”

“It’s what I brought juice and sweets for… heyyyy?!”

“Got youu!! Super combo techniqueeee!!!”

My little sister’s voice was much louder than even that of the rushing mohican meatball on the screen. And, the martial artist character Taku was playing with had lost all of his HP at once, was thrown up to dance in the air before falling, after which the KO was displayed.

“Ugh! I got distracted. One more time! I won’t let my guard down this time!”

“Then how about a racing game next? Or maybe robo battle? Or maybe sports?”

“She’s not listening…"

With that said, Miu just wouldn’t calm down until Taku came, so it’s hard to say what is better.

According to the schedule, Shizuka-nee will come back today. We heard approximately when will she be back, and she’s supposed to make it for the Christmas party in the evening, but Miu was still all impatient so I was grateful to Taku for calming her down. While thinking about that, I drank some juice brought by Taku and watched the two.

That’s when——

“I’m baack——"

“It’s Shizuka-oneechan!”

“Hey, Miu! Don’t run in the house!”

Dropping the controller she had in her hand, Miu rushed to the entrance in order to greet Shizuka-nee, who came on scheduled time. I raised my voice to rebuke her, but she Miu was already gone and didn’t hear it.

Good grief, said Taku, paused the game and went to the entrance to greet Shizuka-nee.

“Welcome back! Whoaa! It’s Shizuka-oneechan! A raw, live Shizuka-oneechan! It’s Onee-chan’s scent!”

“Oh Miu-chan, you’re still such a kid. Shun-chan, Takumi-kun, I’m back.”

“Welcome back. Hurry up and come in, drink some juice and rest a little. We’ll be having a party after that.”

“Shizuka-san, I’ll carry your luggage.”

Takumi casually received Shizuka-nee’s case and carried it in front of the stairs.

Miu was burying her face in Shizuka-nee’s chest from the front, so I peeled her off and then gave juice and sweets to Shizuka-nee. “I feel like a guest here" she said in response.

“How long will you stay, Onee-chan?”

“From Christmas until right before the coming-of-age ceremony in January, so about two weeks. I’ll take my time here until then.”

“Quite long.”

“University’s holidays are long and sometimes they’re different by the department. In my case it’s not so busy, so I plan to reasonably schedule my vacations in spring and summer. It’s hard to find good timing to come back from so far away.”

Shizuka-nee said and heaved a small sigh, but it didn’t feel too serious.

If anything, it felt like a sigh of happiness caused by a fulfilling daily life.

“Now that Shizuka-san’s here, let’s play games with the four of us!”

“Yeees! FPS! FPS!”

“A party game would be nice. You’ll play too, right, Shun-chan.”

“Yes yes. To fill up the party, right.”

Among those four I’m definitely the weakest, but it’s been a while since we’ve gathered with all four of us, surely it would be fun.

The Christmas night has been spent on a game tournament. Everyone had games they were good in, and the ones I sometimes won in, were games where luck was a strong element.

Once Christmas is over, most likely each of us would start our preparations in OSO.

With the New Year’s update coming up, I couldn’t wait.


Name : Yun

Weapon : Black Maiden's Longbow, Wolf Commander’s Longbow

Secondary Weapons : Magi-san's Kitchen Knife, Meat Cleaver – Heavy Black, Dismantling Kitchen Knife – Blue Dancer

Armour : CS No.6 Ochre Creator (Summer and Winter Versions)

Accessory Equipment Limit 2/10

● Faerie Ring (1)

● Substitute Gem's Ring (1)

Possessed SP64

【Longbow Lv31】【Magic Bow Lv10】 【Sky Eyes Lv17】 【See-Through Lv29】 【Sorcery Lv20】 【Earth Element Talent Lv30】 【Enchant Arts Lv44】 【Taming Lv30】 【Dosing Master Lv12】 【Physical Attack Increase Lv10】


【Bow Lv50】 【Swiftness Lv20】 【Alchemy Lv45】 【Synthesis Lv45】 【Engraving Lv26】 【Crafter's Knowledge Lv7】 【Cook Lv15】 【Swimming Lv15】 【Linguistics Lv25】 【Climbing Lv21】 【Bodily Resistance Lv5】 【Spiritual Resistance Lv4】 【Pre-Emptive Knowledge Lv10】 【Vital Points Knowledge Lv10】


● New: 【Earth Element Talent】 reached level 30. A higher sense has been unlocked.

Quest Event Final Results

● The Winter Quest Event Completion Rate——86%.

● The Event Rewards: 【Present Box (Unopened)】【Instant House (Unused)】【Random Box (3)】

● Other Rewards:【Death Count’s Choker】, Various Mixing Recipes