Volume 5 - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The Secret Plan and the Emergency Quest

『"The subjugation of the mobs is the highlight of the event's first day, to start we shall summon a certain amount of mobs we have prepared! The parties that defeat a certain amount or more are going to be awarded with an accessory as a prize. The location is in front of east and west gates outside the city! You can participate in it freely. In this area, we have the joint struggle penalty cancelled. However, the condition is that only those who have stats appropriate for reaching second or third town can participate, do your best!"』

From Lyly's words I could feel that a certain amount of strength was required.

It didn't seem like the mobs were as strong as the ones that ran berserk at 【Lyly's Woodworking Store】, but as expected they were unable to adjust the strength of the mobs that are called in.

"Accessories! Then we have to participate. Let's go, Al!"

"You're right Rai-chan! We need to test our improved equipment!"

"Hey! You two!"

I grasped the collars of the two who tried to break into a run, retaining them on spot.

"Give up this time. Your levels aren't high enough."

"Yun-kun? How do you know?"

Well, that's because I was involved in it. Once they have appeared, I was able to immediately get a grasp on the situation.

While not defying the flow of gathering people, the participating players moved in front of the city gates on the east and west. Among them, the players mainly watched the screen displayed on the sky.

In the space prepared in front of the east and west city gates, "certain things" were placed at regular intervals and on the outside of it, these things were put fire to.

There were some who have scowled not accustomed to incense's smell, I who knew what was it spoke its name.

"—— 【Insect Repelling Incense】, huh. As I thought, it's those bugs."

"What's a 【Insect Repelling Incense】?"

Since Letia didn't know, she tilted her head in puzzlement. Emily-san knew I made them, but she probably didn't think it would be used like this.

"The called in mobs are limited to insect-type, by putting the incense arranged at regular intervals an area inhospitable to insects was created, making it possible to keep down the mobs in a specific place."

No way, to think items for avoiding encounters with mobs could be used in this manner, it was a concept reversal.

"It was said that the mobs called in are about the strength of people who reached second or third town. The location in which you can get the item is the dungeon in the 【Maze Town】 . That's why, it's reckless for the two to go now."

So for this time, just watch. When I said that, the two were convinced and came apologizing.

"Um, thank you for stopping us from charging in again. And sorry."

"I was careless too. I should have properly stopped Rai-chan. I'm sorry."

The two lowered their heads looking apologetically, so I accepted their apologies.

"This time, let's just buy some juice and watch it. It's my treat."

"Is that so? Then, for me five mega bucket mix juices."

"You... hold back yourself. Letia."

Seeing my exchange with the hungry elf, Emily-san chuckled which in turn induced Raina and Al to laugh as well.

Like I said, I treated everyone to juice and put out the sweets I had in my inventory, as not to get in people's way we moved to the corner and looked up at the screen displayed in the air.

In the centre between the 【Insect Repelling Incenses】, the 【Black Lustrous Spheres】 piled up like a mountain, looking like nothing else but black cobble


When magic was used beside them, the black cobblestone immediately changed into black insect-type mobs at once.

Previously when Lyly had them outburst into the town I was unable to observe them leisurely, but the insect mobs heads were tear-shaped and on it was a highly-transparent crystal that looked like jewellery. While it's body was hidden behind a large head, it was covered with a large shell and at its tip it brandished large vertical pair of scissors. They used their six legs to firmly thread on the ground, moving their tails and scissors in an intimidating manner.

They have appeared one after another, cramming themselves into a narrow space.

"Somehow, seeing so many of them gather is gross. I feel it's a good thing we didn't go."

"How do you take that on? Conversely, won't they be easily wiped out with magic if they're so dense?"

"It hasn't begun yet. Probably, the effect of the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 will be turned off inside and the insect mobs will spread more?"

The two seemed to enjoy the fact that I assumed the explaining role this time.

However, with the following event the town had become dead calm.

——An emergency quest 【Town Assault】 has been started in the town. A number of bosses have been arranged in the town and the joint struggle penalty is cancelled until the quest ends. The level required is suitable for all players. After subjugating a number of monsters you'll become a winner eligible for a reward. In addition, limited edition items have been prepared for the winners——

This, was the announcement of an official event from the management. The content was an emergency quest for all participating players. Hearing this, I've felt a vague fear the crafter's event and the official emergency quest might complicate things.

Still, despite that, the players who couldn't participate in the event earlier stood excited, holding their weapons.

It was because the official emergency quest had no level restriction.

With everyone holding a weapon, they waited for the emergency quest mobs.

"Hey, this time we can participate, right. We'll do what we can."

"Y-yeah, with appropriate level there's no problems."

With that said, the twins have happily swung their newly-bought weapons. However, I was still anxious about whether it was all right for them to participate in something this unexpected.

"How about we form a party and back each other up?"

Hearing Al's question, I thought he's right, Emily-san and I just have to support them as much as possible. I noticed.

"Like usual, Yun-kun and I will cover you. We won't meddle in too much and just support you so that you don't die."

"Well then, Letia will you——"I'll fight together with you"——participate?"

She nodded energetically. Since we didn't know what fighting style Letia used, I was worried if we're able to cooperate all of a sudden.

"Okay, I understand that Letia' will fight. Well then, let's drop the talk and go."

Despite my anxiety, Letia and Emily-san spoke about the order for the emergency quest, so I too supplemented it with ideas for cooperation.

No enchant support for Raina and Al. No recovery from recovery items. We'll defeat the mobs coming from the side, but we won't help with the ones the two are targeting.

When we told that to them, they suddenly got motivated.

"Well then, let's do it!"

Raina moved the buckler on the arm forward and made a stance with half of her body, Al squeezed the staff with both his hands.

And as the countdown for the emergency quest had begun, on the screen displayed in the air the secret plan's group of black insects have started to gradually spread.

"Haa?! Seriously."

A certain voice. The person speaking must have thought that the secret planning and emergency quest were started jointly. At first I thought of the same.

However, it was actually different in reality.

『"3, 2, 1..."』

As the countdown progressed, the amount of black insect mobs projected on the screen had increased. The density had thickened within the predetermined range and as it started to rapidly form a shape I started feeling vague anxiety.

——This is bad, this is bad, this is bad. There's no evidence for cooperation with the emergency quest."

Reflected on the screen, as the crafters executing the event greatly panicked, finally the time had come and——

"The insects ran away."

Multiple medium-sized boss mobs from the emergency quest appeared everywhere in the town and next, small fry mobs have appeared surrounding them.

The appearance of the group of black insects from earlier, emergency quest bosses and small fry mobs had overlapped, turning everything into chaos.

"Players who don't fight run away to the centre! Fighting players, to the front! The mobs started moving!"

Someone's roar had echoed.

Originally, the horde of black insect mobs wouldn't leave the area created with 【Insect Repelling Incense】. The personnel was placed so as to not let the lit incense be destroyed. However, a wide variety of mobs have appeared in the town due to the emergency quest without receiving the effect of the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 and destroyed part of the incenses, allowing the freed insects to rush out.

And there, the strong and weak jumbled together have entered large-sized close combat battle.

The town in which there was a large number of people. In addition, with the stalls and booths the passages were narrow, where the players movement was inhibited a horde of insect mobs had attacked.

When someone incapable of defeating had encountered the black insect mobs they were revived in the town square, then continued to deal with the mobs coming one after another despite the death penalty.

"It's just like β version's Zombie Attack."

"Zombie Attack?"

"That's right. During the town defence event in β version, defeated players continued to rush in despite death penalty. Revived, they continued their assault. And, bit by bit they delivered a little bit of damage to the enemy."

Hearing Emily-san's explanation, I recalled a fragment of a story I heard before. If I'm not wrong, it was about the actions of 【Bow】 users who have ran out of arrows. Because of that story the 【Bow】 had started receiving treatment as a trash Sense.

In this situation there was a localized battle like that as well.

『"All the crafters! Will you allow the event to break down because of such a thing?! We too sortie and go out there!"』

『" " "UOOOOOO——!" " "』

『"Everyone, CHARGE!"』

"Magi-san, Cloude..."

Projected by chance on the screen were the crafters from the 【Crafting Guild】 who organized the event. Called out to by Magi-san who held the position of the guild master, they continued to defeat the monsters the town was overflowing with.

"So what should we do? Just stand firm and protect?"

"Letia, let's see..."

I downcast my eyes slightly.

Magi-san and the others are fighting too. Other players are fighting right now. As if I'd let such an occurrence screw up the event. That's why I——

"——We'll support Raina and Al so that we can defeat as many mobs as we can. Let's not have this confusion spread any further."

"Got it. With that said though, with a confusing battle like this I can't use my synthetic mobs because it'll end in friendly fire."

"In that case, since they can't add on to combat potential it's bad to leave Ryui and Zakuro summoned. ——《Dismissal》 !"

"Then rather on the main road, it would be better to meet them where they enter a side road."

In that case, it'll work. I thought.

The enemy mobs have spread out in the town, although a lot of mobs were running on the broadest streets leading to in south and north, east and west, there was just as many players there. We entered a side street and selected mobs to defeat immediately after.

"Well take care of just the small fries. Let's go, Al."

"A-all right!"

When Al nodded in response to Raina, she had yelled raising her fighting spirit and rushed at the closest weakling mob to pierce it with the short spear, then slash it.

Not to lose to her, Al activated magic in the narrow side street without anywhere to escape, delivering damage.

"Natsu and Aki, scout and restrain the enemy. Fuyu, attack as soon as you find black insects. Haru, please stop the enemies that get in the way."

Letia instructed the four tamed mobs.

The Herbivorous Beast Haru took on the enemies and using its elastic hair, absorbed the attack's impact. While the enemy was stopped, the Fairy Panther kicked off the wall and spread fairy wings, gliding in the air, then crushing the enemy from above.

The Mill Bird Natsu and the Wisp Aki drew an 8 in the sky, restraining the enemy with fire and blades of wind.

"All right! There!"

I aimed with the bow and fired. When the black insect walking on top of the building was pierced, it fell on the street, turned into particles of light and disappeared.

"Coming again!"


In the same manner, I shot an arrow towards an insects that clung to the wall and made clunky sounds with their scissors and tails, piercing them. One of them kicked off the wall it clung to and headed towards Raina and Al.

"Emily-san, I leave it to you!"


She drew the connecting sword and when she swung up the extended metal pieces and the wire core entwined around the black insect, dropping it to the ground.

"It's bound, devour it!"

When she twisted the handle of the connecting sword a sound of wind could be heard and the wire tightly crept on the body's surface, metal pieces tore the black insect to shreds.

There was damage from tightening and the damage from being slashed by metal pieces, in particular they were biting into the insect's soft parts tearing it apart. Finally, it had changed into particles of light.

"That was splendid. Emily-san."

"It's the first time we group up, but you're not bad, Letia."

"It's fine to compliment yourselves, but don't forget to support the twins."

Letia and Emily-san complimented each other's actions. I chided it while continuing to shoot arrows, continuing to aid the twins.

Still, even though the twins weren't familiar with fighting while watching the surroundings, level and stat-wise they were enough to overwhelm small fry mobs. However, since they immediately attacked the enemy in front of them, they were surrounded by weak mobs.

"Let's thin them out leaving some for Raina and Al."

"Well, let's do our best."

"You're right."

When I saw black insects mingle among the growing flock of mobs I heaved a sigh, Emily-san smiled wryly and Letia instructed her four tamed mobs.

How many did we defeat, how much time has elapsed. We arrived in an open plaza slightly away from the town centre and stopped our legs.

In the centre of the square Raina and Al have reached by chasing after an enemy in the side street, there was a boss mob.

"——Forest Bear!"

Along with Raina's voice, Al gasped.

It was a medium-sized mob that had previously attacked Raina. However, its size was greater than 3 metres, it had claws and the fur's colour was red. In other words, it was a sub-species of a Forest Bear.

While the Forest Bear wasn't that strong for an emergency quest boss, because of their memories they were unable to take a single step.

"Seeing enemy lie in ambush like this, it reminds me of the early game bosses. In any game there's lots of these weak small fry bosses."

"To me, seeing as its hair colour is different, it seems as if they're cutting corners and just change colour scheme to increase the number of enemies. Certainly... if it's a boss whose colour is clearly different stats and movement patterns are enhanced, it might actually fulfil the role of a boss?"

"If we defeat that, we'll get materials for bear pot, right?"

Each of us three had thought whatever we liked. By the way, it was spoken in the order from the right, starting with me, Emily-san and Letia.

With just an enemy of this level, we didn't feel any threat.

"Why are you so lacking in tension!"

"No, Al. You see..."

Why would we be scared of a boss we'll probably defeat with ease. We have directed our gazes saying that towards Al.

"Enemy's moving, Yun-kun."

"Follow them up! Raina and Al, which one you're aiming for?!"

"Of course, the boss! We'll defeat it!"

Raina showed her motivation and Al screamed from behind her. Well, being at mercy of the sister is the destiny of a brother, accept it. I already accepted it.

In my mind I cheered for Al, then shot arrow from the bow piercing through the black insects on the wall.

Letia cooperated with her four tamed mobs in close proximity as not to let Raina and Al be attacked from behind by the black insects.

Emily-san freely manipulated the connecting sword, just attacking the enemies that assaulted Raina and Al from the sides. She sometimes let them go through allowing the two to take them on.

"Geez, you're pretty Spartan aren't you, Emily-san."

"But spoiling them too much isn't good either!"

Having a reasonable ordeal was important. And as Raina and Al rushed to the boss in front, Emily-san and I stood back-to-back raising our weapons.

"Normally, this would be quite a pinch, but I don't feel any sense of crisis at all."

While saying so, I nocked the arrows as fast as possible and reduced their number in blink of an eye——

"Were I to describe it, it feels as if I'm playing a Musou game. You know, manipulating the warlords."

After saying that, Emily-san returned the connecting sword to long sword state and cut down a black insect with it.

Although the enemy numbers were gradually decreasing, we still couldn't see the end of it. In order to clean up the secret plan and the emergency quest, we had to dispose of all the black insects and boss mobs that appeared in the town.

"Well, let's increase the pace a little 《Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form》!"

I aimed at two mobs that came jumping at me and nocked arrows. The art that fired two arrows in a row further changed as the level increased.

Both the delay time and the time the art itself took had shortened, in an instant two arrows were fired.

Enhanced by the art I fired continuously, delivering a powerful barrage.

If there was a drawback, that would be the fact arrow had to be replenished once they expired and that MP was consumed by continuous use of art. These two weren't a problem as I had the + correction arrows and plenty MP to spare.

The drawback that couldn't be covered by items or level, was that due to the art recoil the angle I could move the aim was limited. However, at the moment Emily-san was protecting my back.

"I'll do it too——《Cracking》!"

The connecting sword was swung up far overhead, bent strongly and was swung down.

The sword like had slammed into the cobblestone like a whip, creating a shockwave which damaged enemies radially from that point.

It had a paralysis effect and damaged with sound. Originally it was an art from the 【Whip】 Sense, but it could be used with the weapon that was derived from and had both of 【Whip】's and 【Sword】's properties.

The metal pieces tore through returning to the long sword shape. Cutting with Whip's arts, it showed a variety of attack methods.

"Emily! Above!"

As Letia's voice resounded, above me and Emily-san there was a black shadow.

I reflexively looked up and saw a black insect jump in. Spreading its six legs, it tried to crush us .

Normally it would be easy to avoid it or shoot it down, but I couldn't move because of the recoil from continuous use of arts and I could move my aim as the angle was restricted.

"Leave it to me! HAAaaa!!"

Emily-san swung the connecting sword overhead, tangling the insect in the wire and metal pieces.

And like that, she held the sword's hilt with both hands swinging it vertically. The metal pieces bit into the insect's body, launching it.

The black insect was pulled down with the swing and slammed into the stone pavement, taking large damage.

However, there were more black insects over our heads. They brandished the tips of their legs. The attack with the claws increased the attack power together with the falling momentum.

I still couldn't move because of art's rebound.

Emily-san brought down the one insect but it wasn't defeated yet. If she solved the restraint it would move towards Raina and Al so she couldn't move.

Since Letia was defeating the enemy mobs that got in the way of Raina and Al, she couldn't help.

"Geez... well, gotta let myself get hit."

Rebuilding the posture after being hit takes time so it's a pain. While thinking so, I resigned myself and got hit by the scissors attack——that didn't happen.

"——《Sol Ray》! One more discovered!"

A white shadow contrasting with the black insects that moved from building to building jumped over our heads.

It had emitted a laser beam from its fingertip which pierced the black insect from the side, then it kicked off the wall changing direction to cut down the black insects escaping on the walls.


"The boss is already taken, but there's a lot of untouched mobs. Now, become my nourishment for the sake of defeating that big pup!"

"...Myu-san. I defeated the enemies on the roof. Let's go!"

"Roger. Let's move around for a little longer before merging with Luka-chan and others. ——《Light Wave》!"

Myu landed on the ground and spoke with Toutobi who stood on top of the building. From there, she triggered a wide-range attack magic to the narrow alley and rushed in.

"What was that... just now."

"As usual, Yun-kun's Lil' Sister is being energetic."

Emily-san and I looked at where Myu had ran to for just a moment.

And then, once again we saw Myu pop out from between the buildings, using 【Action Restriction Release】 she kicked off the walls moving in three-dimensional manner all over the town. I somehow understood.

Surely, looking from above was more efficient. She thought. Toutobi too nonchalantly jumped from one building to another.

"Somehow, I've got a headache."

"Don't escape reality. The boss is still remaining!"

"Oh, right! Raina and Al!"

When I looked back at the boss from the Forest Bear subspecies, I saw Raina extend the buckler on her wrist to the front and endure.

While she emphasized on the defence, Al was now the cornerstone of their attack steadily shaving off the boss' HP. They fought carefully managing their HP and MP.

"They'll defeat it eventually, but before that we're going to run out of mobs around us."

"It can't be helped. In order to shorten the combat time let's give them some aid. Raina! Al! We're gonna give you support!"

"Please make it minimal!"

When I called out, I was responded to by Raina who burned with desire to take revenge on the Forest Bear. She sure hates to lose, I felt so. If possible, we didn't want to butt in directly, but we couldn't afford to prolong it either.

Well, I won't directly intervene in the twins' battle.

"Let's go! 《Enchant》——Attack, defence, speed!"

I put on physical enchants on Raina, raising her stats.

Then after a few seconds of delay time, I put different enchants on Al.

"《Enchant》——Intelligence, speed! The last one is a bonus. 《Element Enchant》——Weapon!"

On Al, I put on magic attack increase and speed enchants. Also, I crushed the Elemental Stone for the element I wanted to use, strengthening the corresponding element.

"This——《Fire Ball》!"

"Me too! ——《Charge Lance》!"

Al released two large fireballs and Raina hid in their shade, rushing in with the short spear in her hands.

The fireball hit the Forest Bear's body and spread throughout it, delivering damage. The Forest Bear swung its thick arm to scatter the flames, but with low posture hiding behind the fire Raina had stabbed in with the spear.

"HAaaa! Pierceee!"

The furious charge pierced Forest Bear's belly, breaking its posture. Retaining the momentum Raina ran through behind it and pierced the Forest Bear's outstretched neck, then twisted the handle gouging it.

It had become a decisive factor, the Forest Bear sank in and turned into particles of light.

"All right! Boss is defeated!"

"Not yet, the town assault isn't over yet! Let's go to the next one."

"A break before that. You need to recover HP and MP."

I stopped Al who spoke happily and joyful Raina before the two rushed to the next enemy in sight.

"Despite the boss being defeated, the Bear's Paw didn't drop. I expected that considering it was a subspecies..."

"Letia. Don't make such a sad face. Come on, I'll give you some of the sweets I made earlier."

"Yes. Yun-san, I love you for giving me so many things."

Matching her Letia's tamed mobs cried out. Since the Wisp couldn't speak, he relayed it by changing the flame's colour.

"Yun-kun, getting closer by feeding, huh."

"That wasn't my intention..."

With appetite Letia had begun munching on the pound cake.

The large screen visible from anywhere in the town that was still being projected in the air had displayed a quite changed battle situation.

Since the black insects have mixed together with the weak bosses spread out all over the town, and subjugation of the weak enemies in this labyrinth did not go as I thought it would. On the other hand, the excessive forces on the major roads in the east and west, south and north already finished cleaning up the enemies. The organization of the teams for fixing the stalls and the sweeping teams for the alleys were ongoing.

In the centre of it was Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee from the guild 【Eight Million Gods】. The 【Crafting Guild】 members capable of combat moved, starting with Magi-san.

Talented parties like Taku's have scattered in various places, engaging in the encounter battles.

"Hey, we've rested enough we want to go on!"

"You're right. Then, how about we go south where's less people and defeat what we find?"

As Emily-san proposed, no one objected and have nodded.

"Now, let's go!"

I put on a wry smile seeing Raina raise the spear again and close on the enemy in front of her. We chased after her.

Possibly because they defeated the Forest Bear subspecies boss earlier the twins' level increased. The rate at which enemy was being exterminated and the combat efficiency had increased.

"At this rate, soon enough they'll be able to join a party to defeat Big Boar and Blade Lizard."

"You're right. When that happens, they'll be out of our hands."

While both of us took down the black insects, Emily-san and I muttered.

And then, we continued to fight until a sound had rang out thirty minutes later, signalling the end of emergency quest.

"Take that!! Haa! Aaa..."

——Emergency Quest complete. Cheers for the good work. The summary of the results are ready, please wait for a moment.

Raina released a full body thrust, scratching the mob that had disappeared and her movements stopped retaining the posture as she missed.

And since she continued to concentrate on fighting until now, tired, she calmed her breathing and sat on spot.

"Rai-chan. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just need to rest a little. Rather than that Al, look at the status. In this short time it's gone up 5 levels."

Her breathing was still rough, but I looked at her with a smile as she said so happily.

I too checked my own Sense status.

Possessed SP24

【Bow Lv37】 【Longbow Lv10】 【Hawk Eyes Lv48】 【Speed Increase Lv28】 【See-Through Lv13】 【Magic Talent Lv44】 【Magic Power Lv48】 【Enchant Arts Lv22】 【Dosing Lv28】 【Earth Element Talent Lv19】


【Alchemy Lv32】 【Synthesis Lv33】 【Engraving Lv2】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv34】【Taming Lv8】 【Linguistics Lv18】 【Cooking Lv26】

Considering the strength of the mobs we took on, it seemed like my level barely increased at all making me heave a light sigh. It can't be helped. I smiled wryly.

The result must have been similar for Emily-san as she made a subtle smile.

"Yun-kun, cheers for good work."

"You too, Emily-san."

Both of us took out drinks from inventory and put it up to our mouths.

When we sat in the side street from which we could view at the main street, we saw that even after the assault quest, the residual black insect sweeping program and the preparations of stall were over, everyone was running around and the town was bustling.

"Yun-saan, Emily-saaan. Please look at thiiis."

"What is it, Letia. Hey, haa?!!"

Letia had hailed to us, when we turned around, there, we saw the black insect gnawing on the Herbivorous Beast who seemed completely fine as well as the Mill Bird Natsu and Aki restraining the insect with magic. In addition, in case the insect were to turn violent the Fairy Panther Fuyu was there to protect Letia.

"What are you doing! It's dangerous, isn't it!"

"No, somehow I wondered if I could make it a comrade."

Raina and Al raised their tired bodies and set up their weapons, but Letia entered between them not letting them fight.

While ignoring them, Letia approached the black insect and touched the crystal on its forehead.

"Let's go then. ——《Taming》"

She muttered quietly, a pale ripple spread from Letia's hand.

As that was sucked into the black insect's forehead, it's mouth inside gnawing on the Herbivorous Beast's fur had relaxed. It's eyes glowing red changed into blue and the black insect moved away from Haru.

"It succeeded. So the mob's name is Runner Bug, huh. Your name is Kisaragi. So, your nickname is Ragi. Best regards."

Saying so, she pat the Runner Bug Kisaragi, it let out a clattery sweet sound and morphed into a summoning stone.

"If I call you out now you might get attacked by mistake, see you later. Ragi."

Letia muttered to the summoning stone in her hand, then tired, she fell down into the Herbivorous Beast Haru, sticking her face in its fur.

"Hey, you okay?"

"I'm... hungry."

Her stomach let out a loud sound and she stretched her hand in my direction. I responded with "good grief" and went to buy food in the restored stall to pass it to her.

With that for the time being she secured enough physical strength to move and had begun to actively go eat on her own.

The problem with Letia was over, we looked towards Raina and Al again and seeing them make a difficult expressions despite raising their levels, Emily-san and I smiled wryly slightly troubled.

"What happened?"

"It's fine that our levels increased, but the amount recovered by the potions used so far has decreased. MP Potion didn't change. How about you, Al?"

"Me? Nothing changed."

"Congratulations. That means the amount recovered was reduced as your level increased. Right now you're using Beginner's Potions, right? Then next ones you use will be Potions and High Potions."

"But I still have lots of them left. It's a waste. Just earlier we bought equipment, and we have to spend again..."

I calmed down Raina and Al who lowered their heads and shoulders dejected.

"Then, how about you make them into Blue Potions that have the same effect as Potions? With just a little bit of adjustment to the Beginner's Potions, they can be changed into Bluepots."

Hearing my proposal Raina and Al raised their faces and tilted their heads.

If one used 【Synthesis】 on multiple Beginner's Potions with each other, it was possible to make a different potion. If there one mixed in the material Blue Jelly, one could make the Blue Potions instantly.

Originally, I would have boiled herbs then concentrated it to make highly effective potions, but it would be too excessive to give that to the two right from the start.

"The effect will be just a little higher than that of a potion, how about it?"

"With that we might suppress the costs. Rai-chan, how about we go hunt some slimes later?"

"Hmm, sure."

By the time the two consented, Letia had come back holding enough food she had to protrude her hands to hold them.

Looking as she had divided it between the twins and the tamed mobs, Emily-san lined up next to me and spoke.

"Yun-kun and Blue Potions sounds nostalgic. Miss 【Mysterious Bluepot Vendor】."

"It's not like I named myself that though."

Recalling the way I was once referred to feeling nostalgic myself and smiled wryly. I thought it was a better nickname than current 【Nanny】.

"Certainly, with the basic recipe their effect is on the level of a Potion, but with the recipe adjustments it can be comparable to High Potions. Since there's no potion recovery amount limit, the two might use them for really long."

"I didn't really think of that."

Understanding Emily-san's grin even despite the mask, I returned a similar grin.

At that time, information had reached us through the party menu which we checked through.

【"——Congratulations on winning Emergency Quest 【Town Assault】's prize. The commemorative prize had been placed in your inventory."】

"Al! Look! Really?! We got it?!"

"We did! It's not a dream!"

The summary of the emergency quest results had ended and we have won a prize. For our result of defeating 80 small fry mobs and a single boss we received a prize. Comparing it to others' results, we have barely made it, but for novice players it was a really good result.

"We did it! Also, with new accessories we'll get even stronger!"

"You're right!"

What the two had equipped on their arms were bracelets shining in brownish colour with a missing portion that made it easy to put on. A red gem was fitted into their centres, it was an unique product with a relief engraved on it.

Emily-san and I, as well as Letia have received the same equipment and checked the information on the items.

Scramble Hero 【Accessory】(Weight: 3)

ATK+3 DEF+3 INT+3 MIND+3 Additional Effect: HP+3%

It raised four stats and its additional effect increased HP limit by 3%, the effect should be more than enough for Raina and Al.

For the two who haven't yet established a clear fighting style for themselves, this type of accessory that raises their base stats will come in handy. However, for me, Emily-san and Letia they were quite lacking. When they get far enough in the game like we did, they'll want to choose accessories that match their Senses, combat styles and weapons.

In that meaning, for the high-level players it was a medal and for the low-level players it had a worth as a reward. It could be said it was a balanced prize.

For accomplishments, not only ones for the emergency quest had come but also ones for the summoned Runner Bugs interception had come, but our party was unable to make it.

"What, even though we defeated a lot of them."

"The ones who defeated them were Yun-san, Emily-san and Letia-san."


Well, since the event required players to have stats high enough to reach second or third town, the accessories prepared were for people like that. Voices of joy have rose up in various places in the town, for this moment Magi-san must have worked hard. The accessories must have been a great treat.

"But the ones who did the most were senior players, wasn't it. We were being saved the entire time."

"What are you saying? You're the event's heroes."

Letia caught Raina and Al, and with her head between theirs she continued.

"It's fine for you to stand out."

"Is it?"


She responded the twins with a nod. Raina and Al turned around to look at us, so we smiled and nodded to them.

"Let's march through under the banner of bracelet-wearing arm. A victory parade."

With that said, Letia walked to the widest location in the main street.

Since we realized what she wanted to do, we helped to clean out the surroundings of people, then watched over Letia's actions.

"Let's go, Mutsuki——《Summon》!"

Letia had called out the elephant young beast, Ganesha Mutsuki. Despite being a cub that huge body had emitted an overwhelming aura.

I was accustomed to it because it was my second time seeing it, Emily-san standing next to me looked up slightly agape.

"Now, let's go."

She had nimbly climbed on Mutsuki's raised front leg to its back, then reached out to Raina, Al was raised up by Mutsuki's long nose and put on its back.

After confirming the two are safely riding on Mutsuki's back, Letia called out to us.

"How about Yun-san and Emily-san?"

"I'll pass, I don't like standing out."

"Well. I'll refrain myself as well. I want to talk with Yun-kun."

"Is that so. We'll be going then. Mutsu, please."

When she instructed Mutsuki from its back, Mutsuki started parading through the main street with the twins on its back showing their brown bracelets. They were surrounded by Letia's four tamed mobs, Haru, Natsu, Aki and Fuyu flying about tagging along them. We could hear cheers from surroundings celebrating the prizes.

"Well then, what to do next."

"Let's see. Actually, I've found something I'd like to ask Yun-kun..."

"Something to ask me?"

"The skill you used during emergency quest, 《Element Enchant》 was it? The item used by that, was it Elemental Stone?"

I was surprised that she saw me when I used that skill just once on Al, but I didn't really have any intention of hiding it.

"Yeah. When we were bartering, that skill was added."

"When you took it out at first I thought you're going to use attack magic, but the stone's element was fire. What Yun-kun uses should be just earth, so it surprised me."

"Was it that surprising?"

"It meant there was a method to use them I didn't know of."

Even despite the mask I could tell Emily-san made a joyful expression.

"I've got a proposal, can we verify the effect of the skill? I want to know as many methods of using the material I sell as possible."

"I don't mind, but now?"

"No. I need to do my own preparations. Let's see. When the preparations are over I'll contact you through friend chat."

"Then I'll log out for now. I need to prepare lunch."

Because of the event battle somehow the time for lunch had passed. Myu was still logged in, but I had to prepare it.

"Well then, see you later."


Emily-san and I both logged out to take a break.