Volume 10 afterword


You whom I meet for the first time, you whom I meet again after a while, hello, Aloha Zachou here.

You who took this book in your hands, O-san the editor in charge, yukisan who prepared wonderful illustrations, and also all of you who have read my work on the net before it was officially published - I am really grateful to all of you. Currently the OSO series has a spin-off called Silver Muse in Dragon Magazine, and a manga drawn by Hani Kuraun (Honey Crown) running in Dragon Age. In the comic version of Yun’s adventures you can see Yun’s cute and comedic adventures, as well as cute and cool efforts of Myu and others who aren’t so often drawn in the original work. By all means, please try it.

The “Winter Town Arc" that started in Volume 9 had the characters do various things in wonderful winter clothes, but to me personally, winter is a time of trials.

Once before when I was lodging in a warm part of Kanto region, there was no snow. Even when it was cold, I could go by wearing a thin jacket. If anything, I spent time in light clothes because the room was warmed up by air conditioner. But after continuing such life, when I returned home the situation changed completely.

In the morning the temperature fell below zero and the melting snow froze over. In my home I used a kerosene stove and kotatsu, as well as blankets and thick clothes in order to stop my bodily temperature from escaping.

The change of temperature inside the room and the drying air deprived my skin of moisture and dealt damage, so every morning when I had to leave the warm blanket I prepared myself for death.

Every day I prayed “I hope summer comes soon’, and like that, I survived spring, and it’s summer now. It’s hot and not very humid making it very nice for a nap and spend time. I’m thinking of splitting my time of the year, my winters in Kanto, and summers in my family house.

Please take care of me, Aloha Zachou, from now on as well.

Lastly, once again I would like to thank all those who took this book in their hands.

I’m looking forward to the day I meet you all again