Volume 5 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - The Final and the Sky Eyes

The finals will start again after everyone refocuses. Flein's suddenly stormed in and made a declaration of an area's occupation, after which he provoked all the players and left.

Flein himself saw no value in the PvP's victory and just seemed to just gathered the players in the area to serve as his prey. That's how I judged it based on my meetings with PKs so far. However, the atmosphere in which 【Fosch Hound】 and 【Flame Prison Corps】 were clad in seemed different. Possibly, the declaration was that of 【Flame Prison Corps】, or Flein alone. I wondered.

"Hey, I'd like to eat those sweets too, can I?"

"Then, in exchange..."

"Hmm. So your aim is the dark horse after all? Or maybe we should make a steady bet of 10kG?"

"That be seven thousand fold increase eh?"

As we waited for the finals to start, everyone did whatever they pleased. Running to the stalls to buy sweets and food, exchanging juice. Also, though there was too many people to do it in the qualifiers, betting on players was permitted by the 【Crafting Guild】 for the finals.

Even now, the names of finalists were displayed on a huge screen with the amounts of money bet on them.

Taku, Sei-nee, Lucato, Toutobi, Mikadzuchi. Among these five acquaintances remaining, the vanguards Taku, Lucato and Mikadzuchi were favourites. The rearguard Sei-nee and guerrilla Toutobi were believed to be short on defence and attack, not included among the candidates for winning.

"Yun-san, Emily-san, don't make such dark expression!"

"That's right. Let's make predictions together."

Raina and Al have already accustomed themselves to this space. They induced me and Emily-san to make our own bets.

We were trying to escape reality though...

"It can't be helped. But, I don't intend to bet too much."

"I'm not interested but..."

"Then! J-just your predictions! What are your predictions?!"

The two have quickly turned towards the screen with bets.

On the betting screen, there were various bets. From standard betting on who will be on the first place up to third place, but also ones where you chose five players who will enter the first five places, there was a lot of options.

The odds depended on the rumour's about players and their reputation, but there were also people choosing stable bets and those with low odds, people investing as congratulatory prizes for their relatives and acquaintances cheering them on by betting small amounts on them.

Also, they bet big amounts or split the risk by betting on multiple players...

"I'll bet on Sei-nee. Also, for the dark horse I'll bet everyone loses."

"Betting on a relative huh. Well, I guess it's reasonable? Still, everyone loses option was prepared as a joke, isn't that the one with seven thousand fold multiplication."

Well, for a relative it was a congratulatory prize, but I also think everyone losing isn't impossible either. There were few mages overall, but if a mage used a spell for wide-area annihilation, they can be hit by a cross-counter and collateral damage, also being taken down.

"Oh my, aren't you going to congratulate your childhood friend Taku?"

"Ugh, Minute. Also, Hino, Kohaku and Rirei. Haa, it can't be helped. Then, Lucato and Toutobi, Mikadzuchi as well as Taku, for the congratulatory prizes."

"Mufufu, Yun-san sure isn't honest."

"By betting on everyone, you hide the fact you're cheering for Taku-san. Still, you won't fool my eyes."

No, your eyes are knotholes. I stared intently in response to Kohaku's and Hino's words.

Ahahaha, unab

le to bear my gaze the three laughed dryly. I heaved a sigh.

『"Now, for the finals' moderator's baton is passed from Cloude to me, Magi!"』

The preparations for PvP finals must have been complete as Magi-san stood on top of the stage and once again, she described the finals' rules to the gathered people once again.

『"For the rules, although the usage of recovery items was prohibited in the qualifiers to prevent from making them tedious, from here on there's a partial release of recovery items! Still, you don't have to worry! If you see a player use a recovery item, you can of course prevent them! As for recovery items that can be used, regardless of type you can use up to 10. MP Potions are counted separately! Whether you use potions with high recovery amounts, pills that are hard to prevent from being ingested, it's all up to you!"』

Who's the strongest one?! PvP Tournament starts!!

Magi-san finished a simple explanation, then started the countdown.

『"Countdown, 3, 2, 1——battle start!"』

At the same time she swung her hand up, the players who have won their ways to the finals started running all at once.

The thirty remaining players begun to fight with weapons in their hands.

Sei-nee started battling with a fire-type mage, the aftermath of their magic clashing spread to the surroundings, creating a situation where no one could approach them.

Taku and Toutobi have entered a duel by themselves. They bustled about on the field, Toutobi tried to suppress him with speed and number of moves and Taku had continued to counter while protecting himself.

Even though he was slow compared to Toutobi, Taku continued to avoid thanks to his skills and combat Senses, persistently surviving.

Only protecting his vital points Taku accumulated small amounts of damage, Toutobi who had low amount of defence and covered it up with avoiding. Myu and the others cheered for them both.

In the battle of the two, they were tied evenly.

Toutobi moved horizontally like a ninja to escape from Taku's sight. Unable to lay a hit on Toutobi Taku had released a sharp stab with the long sword in his right hand, she had avoided it by twisting her body and had entered below him using the opportunity to counter-attack.


Taku blocked Toutobi's attack with the sword in his left hand and pushed her back by force.

Using the sword in his right hand he attacked and the one in his left hand to defend, he stopped Toutobi's dagger using the difference between their reach.

Occasionally, there were players entering the two's fight, but were unable to keep up with their advanced offence and defence. They were also high-level players, but the two were stronger by several stages.

"...then, let's raise the speed even further. ——【Attack】, 【Speed】"

"In that case, I'll use borrowed strength to win as well. ——【Attack】, 【Speed】"

Toutobi and Taku squeezed something and used it. I was familiar with that item which changed into particles right after using.

"The two used Enchant Stones."

"So there are people among Yun-kun's acquaintances who use that."

The stones put on sale in the 【Atelier】——Enchant Stones. The two with enchants on further increased their speed and power.

In the battle that was in stalemate, a slight difference in their stats was born.



Along with a shout, both of them started running.

Capturing Toutobi who never stood in one place and emphasized on speed was difficult, with his power enhanced Taku's single blow pulverized the ground.

Taku continued to defend himself, but the blade's point often grazed his body and the damage accumulated.

Taku and Toutobi continued their battle interchanging themselves in rapid offence in defence. They have moved up to the brim of a certain location and their movement stopped.

"Tobi-chan! That place is...!"

Before Myu's voice could reach, fire and ice clashed in the location in which Taku and Toutobi were in, swallowing the two.



The advanced attack magic engulfed not only Taku and Toutobi, but also a few other players.

"Imperceptibly they entered the location where the mages were clashing. A shame."

The simultaneous defeat of Taku and Toutobi was because they were too heated up to notice they entered the attack range of the mages. Even though I felt it's a shame for the two's battle, I turned towards Sei-nee's battle with the other mage.

"Now is the time! Let's fight with the seat of strongest mage on the line!"

"I'm not really interested in things like seat of strongest, though."

With a troubled look on her face Sei-nee raised her staff, creating multiple water bullets and ice lances.

The opponent held a large book in their hand, activating magic in the same manner.

In their surroundings from which people have retracted unfolded fierce barrages of fire and ice.

Magic of both of them have cancelled themselves out and the aftermath had swept on the field. They used defensive magic, interference and feints. Both of them were familiar with the localization and timing, continuing to wage an advanced game of magic as long as MP allowed them to.

However, Sei-nee had gradually gained advantage.

The amount of MP remaining, number of magic waiting on standby, magic power granted by external source of an enchant, as well as the number of high-level magic cast.

In each one of these, she was just slightly higher and when it all stacked up it had come to a level where it couldn't be ignored.

And, the end had come to the two's game of magic. Sei-nee's magic had passed through one after one, then the rest of her magic flooded the opponent delivering a large amount of chain damage.

Originally, the mages had a weak defence and their firepower was an overkill. The compensation for waging a high-level battle between mages was high.

MP depletion and delay time until activation of another magic skill. The surrounding players confronted with the firepower of a high-level mage moved as to prevent her recovery with an item. Sei-nee entered an uphill battle.

"...I have returned."

"Welcome back, Tobi-chan! That was close! Still, to think you'd become so enthusiastic as to let out such a loud voice!"

As Myu happily welcomed her, Toutobi recalled having let out a loud voice as she rushed at Taku and faced downwards in embarrassment.

Everyone spoke words of praise to her, but I couldn't see Taku's figure who should have lost together with her.

"And Taku?"

"...he wasn't with me. But, we were done in at the same time."

For an instant Toutobi made a frustrated expression, pausing, then said.

" wasn't decisive, but his movements seemed to have aimed for directing me to that place together with him. By the end, Taku-san managed to respond to my speed..."

When Toutobi muttered that, I opened my eyes wide. And at the same time, Taku who had surely fallen was displayed on the giant screen.

Taku's and Lucato's conversation could be heard from the screen.

"You were in the middle of the magic clash together with Tobi-san, weren't you."

"Yeah, I was. But, I have prepared some recovery items for today and was able to continue the battle."

"Haa, that's sly. You've made Yun-san your ally and acquired 【Revival Medicine】 haven't you."

While Lucato and Taku set up their weapons against each other, the words that leaked out caused an uproar in the audience.

And, for some reasons put up on the screen were us, sitting in the audience. Hey——ehh?!!

『"H-heyy! Why are you showing me on the screen! I have nothing to do with it!"』

『"Here's appears Yun-kun, the new creator of Revival Medicine who had also adorned the opening ceremonyy!!"』

As my voice had resounded twice, Magi-san's had overlapped it.

In order not to be noticed I lowered my head, but Myu, Minute and the others who were also reflected on the screen have waved appealing to people.

"Please, stop it already."

After a while it had ended and once again the scenery on the screen had changed to Taku and Lucato.

The two who didn't have anything to talk about in particular closed the distance in an instant.

The passage of arms between Taku and Lucato had intensified. However, Taku who got used to Toutobi's speed easily parried Lucato's attack and dealt damage.

Taku wielding two long swords and bastard sword-wielding Lucato. So far Lucato seemed dominant, but since the timing of her attack's impact was off, it was a negligible difference. Taku's speed was higher. As the two didn't use any arts the difference in skill between them could be seen clearly, meanwhile, Myu waited for something with a broad smile.


"It's okay. Luka-chan is strong."

In that instant Taku released his fastest blow to finish the match. Lucato avoided continuous attacks from the cross-wielded long swords by a narrow margin and in the same manner she slashed the fastest she could.

"Yes!! It's decided with Luka-chan's counte——?!"

Just like Myu I thought it was over with the counter, but Taku surpassed it.

He let go of his sword then re-gripped the handle in mid-air with a reverse grip. With an acrobatic feat and the reverse grip on the sword he parried Lucato's attack, then continuing to move as if to tackle her he thrust the long sword held in reverse grip at her shoulder.

That blow had decided Lucato's elimination. The remaining ones in the battle was Sei-nee who had endured but was in a pinch because of MP depletion and cast time delay, locked in a showdown between members of 【Eight Million Gods】 with Mikadzuchi who still had surplus strength.

Sei-nee used all of her remaining MP to create a barrage of water and ice, releasing it with a strong momentum at approaching Mikadzuchi.

"Sei! Ain't you quite strained! ——《Kidoukon》!"

In response, Mikadzuchi triggered an art prepared, hitting the necessary minimum of magic.

However, the magic that was blown away was sent towards Taku who was taking a break until the two settle their fight.

"Woah, danger?!!"

"Nice! Sei-nee! Take Taku down!"

"Hey, Sei. Is Missy cheering on you? Or does she have a grudge on that Taku boy?"

"That is, hiding embarrassment."

The two had a short exchange of words, then again focused on fighting.

If Sei-nee doesn't let Mikadzuchi get close by using barrage of magic, she wins. Conversely, if Mikadzuchi gets close to Sei-nee, she wins. That's the situation they were in.

Sei-nee fired barrage of magic and Mikadzuchi blown it away.

Mikadzuchi could be seen accumulating small amounts of damage when hit during a small gap in defence after activating art, Sei-nee suffered a heavy MP consumption.

The two's battle had settled during a very short moment of stiffness after art activation. Not missing it, Sei-nee used an advanced magic that was on standby making a situation in which Mikadzuchi couldn't defend herself.

The only ones remaining, were Sei-nee and Taku.

All other participating players have retired.

"Hey, Taku-kun. Won't you already give up the win?"

"What are you saying, after much trouble I've preserved myself in various ways for this."

As Taku said that while running all around, I realized that his behaviour focused on avoidance was an unshaken strategy for the victory.

And to the audience who wanted to see a PvP battle, it was more than enough a reason to jeer him.

From all over the audience came taunting voices saying things like "That's dirty! Fight fair and square!" as well suppressed laughter. In response to that Taku——

"Who cares as long as I win."

Suppressing his laughter just like the audience, he answered. No, it would be better if he said without looking as if he's about to laugh. It's ruining the atmosphere in the area.

Other than that, "Riajuu go explode!" "To have three beautiful sisters as childhood friends, seriously, just lose already!" taunts filled with jealousy have also sounded in his direction. Wait a second, I'm a man.

Taku received the jeers containing jealousy laughing and with a smile. On the other hand, the cheers going in Sei-nee's direction were mainly positive.

"Do your beest!" "As a disadvantaged mage, aim for victory!" "Become our hope!"

And among such heart-warming cheers——

"Marry mee!" "By all means, be my wife!" "I love you!"

"Umm, please let me off!"

" " "Thank you very much!" " "

The guys who made such remarks were immediately beat up senseless by surrounding players. Incidentally, Myu too started rotating her shoulder doing warm-up.

I'll be right back, hey where are you going?! I caught her with my hand to stop her. Hino, Kohaku and the others also appeased her.

In the end, it took a while until those cheers quietened down.

Meanwhile, Sei-nee recovered her HP and MP to full with items and Taku had changed his equipment.

"Taku-kun, couldn't you attack aiming for the moment I'm recovering?"

"That wouldn't satisfy the audience, right? I've been running around until now. This is where I show off. Still, Sei-san, with two seconds you're able to form a barrage of minor magic aren't you?"

With that said, Taku laughed fearlessly.

"As I thought, it's best to win fair and square, isn't it."

Sei-nee smiled.

Rather than his usual long swords, Taku used two iron blue long swords this time.

The one who made his move first, was Taku. He took a large leap, reducing the distance between them. However, reacting to it immediately Sei-nee fired magic.

Sei-nee was a mage damage dealer, just like with Mikadzuchi she had no intention to fight him in close combat.

Just like Mikadzuchi, Taku aimed to block the magic with skills. It did seem like a repeat of the previous scene but——

"...he cut down the magic."

He cut apart the ice lance with the sword in his right hand and dispersed a water bullet with the sword in his left.

I didn't know what happened, but Myu and other mage acquaintances stared at it with bitter expressions.

"Taku-san, that's too much. Not only 【Revival Medicine】, he also prepared such meta equipment."

"M-meta? What's that?"

When I asked, Myu stared explaining not looking away from Taku.

I listened to it seriously along with Raina and Al.

Meta——a specific type of configuration prepared for a virtual enemy, chosen as to have advantage in a fight. In a nutshell, if enemy is weak to fire element, it would be a weapon of fire element. If enemy is using wind element, that would be an armour with wind element resistance.

Moreover, in case of going against mobs which have a fixed routine actions, it would be acting, planning and general strategic measures to fight against them. It was called meta measures.

Just recently, what the guild master of PK guild 【Flame Prison Corps】 used, 《Killing Edge》 could be called anti-player meta.

In other words, currently Taku had prepared equipment against mages, in particular he was equipped against mages using water element.

"What Taku-san is using, probably are weapons with 【Seal Magic (Water)】 and its higher version 【Seal Magic (Ice)】. It's an effect that disables magic of the corresponding effect when slashed, but..."


"It's incredibly difficult to obtain. Also, when used its durability drops significantly, not only it can be used against one element but also can be used only for a short amount of time. It's literally a meta equipment."

To have prepared two of these, what else did he prepare. Myu muttered appalled.

Possibly, aside from my 【Revival Medicine】, he had also prepared other meta equipment he didn't use this time.

Sei-nee had to take special measures against such an opponent, she was surprised for a moment but learning that low-level magic won't work' she cancelled it.

"I'm surprised. I didn't think you'd find such a precise countermeasure."

"That just shows how high I evaluate Sei-san, you see. Even I can't find countermeasures for all the participants."

"Well, let's keep it at that. ——《Aqua Wall》!"

Three sheets of water wall have surrounded Taku in a triangle pattern. It was a defence magic, but was used to narrow enemy's line of sight instead allowing Sei-nee to use a high-level magic in its shade.

"This is pointless! But, is that so!"

He cut the wall of water with the long sword in his left hand, but was repelled by the wall of ice behind it.

When he cut down the dummy wall of water his sword was repelled by the wall of ice. Taku pulled back the sword in his left hand in a hurry and pierced the ice wall with the sword in his right hand, making it shatter and make it turn into small fragments.

" That's also a feint."

We who sat at the audience have seen everything.

Sei-nee created a siege of water walls, behind which there were ice walls and even further behind there were five icicles.

She was dealing with two elements of water and ice. Basically, water and ice were of the same group and among the meta equipment's additional effect 【Seal Magic】, one weapon included the derivation.

That's why Sei-nee tried to make the long sword in Taku's left hand meaningless by narrowing the used magic to ice. Moreover, if she makes it hit a mass of ice instead of water, there was a possibility of lowering the weapon's durability and destroying it for free. That's how she must have calculated it.

"Well then, let's go!"

"?!! ——《Shock Impact》!"

Just like Mikadzuchi, Taku had clad his weapon with an anti-magic skill and tore apart a number of magic coming at him.

For the icicles difficult to avoid he had reliably destroyed them with the sword in the right hand and the minimal amount of magic was blown away back towards Sei-nee with the sword in his left.

Sei-nee's concentration had to be broken to deflect the approaching ice blocks that were hit back at her, because of that her control over magic aimed at Taku had weakened.

Taku judged the attacks with ice have weakened and the damage was minimal, still, Sei-nee's attack didn't end.

"I'm sorry. Even if it's Taku-kun I can't hold back, I assume you already prepared countermeasures."

While saying so, this time she swung her staff sideways. One of the icicles that waited for activation has broken and a large size fist-sized pieces have assaulted Taku.

All at once several dozens of pieces of ice rushed at Taku, hitting his body and stopping his movements. Aiming for that moment, the remaining ice had approached him at once.

"Oh shit——【Mind】!"

He pulled out an Enchant Stone for magic defence from the inventory then used it, giving up on avoidance and interception Taku had defended himself by crossing his arm.

"No way?!! You withstood that?!"


Taku raised his magic defence, smashed the ice chasing him with the longsword in his right hand and assaulted Sei-nee while raising his voice loudly.

A little bit more and he would reach Sei-nee.

"But, you're one step late. ——《Maelstrom》!"

Taku was caught in a vortex generated beneath his feet. Rotated by something like a deep blue, large washing machine, Taku was washed away.

That seems nauseous. Rather, after rotating that much Taku will surely get dirty. An out of place thought had crossed my mind.

The match is over. I thought.

Taku powerlessly rotated in the vortex, he regained strength only for a moment and held the sword inside the water.

After rebuilding his posture in middle of spin, Taku swung the long sword in his left hand, tearing the vortex apart before jumping out.

"HAAaaa! ——《Power Buster》!"

Momentarily, Sei-nee tried to intercept it with the magic waiting behind her, but before she could Taku swung both his long swords. Taku twisted his body rotating to the right while falling down, retaining the momentum and swung his right longsword, slashing Sei-nee diagonally from the shoulder.

"Sei-nee's loss?"

However, neither of them moved. And——

『"Draw! It's a draw! All players are wiped out, a draw without a winner!"』

Magi-san's commentary has sounded on the site and at the same time, Taku and Sei-nee were ejected outside the field.

Together with Magi-san's voice who had forgot to do live commentary, the audience had boiled with excitement. A wipe out of all things. As for those of the audience who didn't know what happened, a commentary had immediately come together with an edited video.

『"It seems like the competitor Taku had in the end attacked with a full body blow and 《Power Buster》 art. On the other hand, the competitor Sei had delivered a pincer attack with the blocks of ice hovering up until that moment, which caused a simultaneous knock-down. It was truly a wonderful fight."』

With this the most significant event was over and the audience immersed itself in the after-taste.

The previous battle had left various impressions on the people in the location, exciting many.

Taku specialized himself in particular type of defence and took corresponding measures in consideration to the risk on his life. And Sei-nee, who has countered him by using a variety of magic. The audience was gradually overwhelmed by the two's greatness.

After the PvP had ended, the players had gradually moved to locations chosen by themselves. The place into which the two locked in a fierce battle just a moment earlier have come, had naturally attracted a lot of attention.

"No way, I didn't think you would have come out from inside the vortex. You have surprised me, Taku-kun. I should have crushed you with ice cubes while you were restrained by the vortex."

"As for me, I regret not throwing my weapons instead of attacking directly after getting out. No, I reflect on not doing it."

Hearing Sei-nee and my childhood friend Taku talk about methods of finishing each other off in a relaxed mood I was horrified and greet the two.

"Sei-oneechan, Taku-san. Cheers for good work! We have sweets prepared here!"

Myu had called Sei-nee and Taku from part of the audience seats, joined them and then everyone started an big evaluation meeting.

The light gamers, me, Raina and Al couldn't keep up with their conversation so we diverted our consciousness towards the sweets. Emily-san who didn't want to talk with Taku and indifferent Letia had also gathered by the sweets. Also, Taku hasn't realized Emily-san's identity.

"Ohh, they're talking in some mysterious language."

"Well, let's talk about something else ourselves. Speaking of which, Yun-kun, you didn't forget have you?"

"Forgot, about what?"

"Yun-san, you have bet on 'everyone loses' haven't you."

Raina stared at me intently, did you forget? In response to that cold gaze I went "ah", recalling while letting out a miserable voice.

"The lowest possible bet was 100G, if I'm not wrong it was multiplied by seven thousand fold... so 700kG."

As I muttered that quietly, Raina and Al's eyes shone. Well, for me it was just some lucky extra income. It wasn't something to think about deeply. Had I to say something——

"Well, it's just some more savings."

When I muttered that, Raina and Al directed a gaze towards me that said "you have no dreams" making me falter.

"W-what's with that look——"

"No, let's say it's just like Yun-kun. How do I say it..."

Emily-san said something ambiguous. Say it clearly! I wanted to protest loudly, but I directed my gaze towards one player approaching from the audience seats.

"Ah... it's Mikadzuchi."

"Good job in PvP. The big event is over now."

Approaching, Mikadzuchi spoke a light greeting and headed towards Sei-nee.

"Mikadzuchi, where were you until now?"

"Naw, I was called over by others. In the end, there were a lot of people who moved straight over there after being provoked by Flein so it took time to get them under control."

Mikadzuchi must have gotten through to everyone, seeing as she smiled broadly.

"All right! The after-event's festival night! We're going to hunt PKs and complete the raid quest so start preparing!"

"Hey, wait a second!"

"By the way, Missy, forced participation!"

"You have already planned to ignore my will?!"

Is there a need to hurry so much? I thought, but Mikadzuchi had explained it to me.

"Right now, the 【Fosch Hound】 and 【Flame Prison Corps】 are occupying that area. They won't let us pass through smoothly. That's why, we need to gather a number of people to compete with them. We can gather the most right after Flein's declaration."

After saying one of the prerequisite she paused.

"Next, as for the disadvantages of having that area occupied, you must have already heard from that Kuro character."

"Yeah, if I'm not wrong then it's monopolizing the materials for 【Revival Medicine】 and the raid quest, which would be disadvantageous in a long term."

"That's why, gathering people and settling it tonight would be the best."

"I get it. Still, that's no reason for me to participate."

When I said that disgruntled and pouted, did you forget? She responded with a sigh.

"Missy, you have the 【Linguistics】 Sense that's a key to triggering the raid quest right? Without a player who meets the quest's conditions the plan won't start. Kuro character who has learned the same Sense is busy with post-processing of the event. And above all, it won't do if one of people who discovered the quest isn't there."

With that said, Mikadzuchi had decided my participation. Actually, I have done preparations with the intention of undertaking it one day, but I was confused seeing it be so sudden.

I have turned my line of sight to Emily-san as to seeking help, she had showed just a slightly concerned attitude and nodded.

The time is running out. We need to hurry and start preparing.

"Emily-san, help us out with the quest. You might not like being with Taku but, please."

"Am I really okay?"

I didn't know what kind of expression did she make under the mask, but surely she must've been concerned.

And. Why are you asking in a manner weaker than that of a girl, I can't refuse like this. That quiet complaint didn't reach my ears, the one asking.

"Combat potential-wise, you can bring Letia as well can't you?"

"No, the person herself isn't interested. Also, she's taking care of the twins..."

Raina and Al couldn't undertake the raid quest and they themselves were aware of that, so they didn't even try saying they want to participate. Letia had taken them saying "let's enjoy the rest of the event" and went away with her expression unchanged, fist raised high.

I think it was Letia's concern, so I felt apologetic.

"You might not like being with Taku, but could you?"

"This once, I'll undertake it since I am also interested. With acquaintances there I'll be at peace as well. However, don't expect me to be too much of use with my strength."

"It's all right. I don't count as a fighting force at all."

"What's with that thinking of yours."

Hearing my self-evaluation Emily-san stared intently at me, but she stopped it soon and said "let's do our best".

I was relieved seeing as Emily-san had undertaken it.

"So, there's no time right? What are you doing for preparations?"

"For equipment, Cloude and Lyly should make it in time. Also, for consumables I'll just take some from the 【Atelier】 but——"

I checked my Senses and rearranged them for combat.

Possessed SP25

【Bow Lv38】 【Longbow Lv11】 【Hawk Eyes Lv50】 【Speed Increase Lv28】 【See-Through Lv13】 【Magic Talent Lv44】 【Magic Power Lv48】 【Enchant Arts Lv22】 【Dosing Lv28】 【Linguistics Lv18】


【Alchemy Lv32】 【Synthesis Lv33】 【Engraving Lv2】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv34】 【Taming Lv8】 【Earth Element Talent Lv19】 【Cooking Lv26】

It seems like because of the yesterday's battle at night with PKs, the 【Hawk Eyes】 had reached the level required for growth and a target Sense had appeared.

The 【Hawk Eyes】 Sense specialized in targeting and night vision capabilities. And the growth target that could be selected was 【Sky Eyes】.

It was the highest level Sense among the ones I possessed. My stats increased with its level, but were it be grown the 【Sky Eyes】 would turn level 1 and the stat increase would disappear.

Considering just the stats, it would be best to challenge the quest as is.

Considering the Sense's skills and passives, it would be best to grow the skill.


"What is it? Suddenly growling."

"No, um... I've got a Sense that can grow and I wondered what to do."

I consulted Emily-san, but maybe it was a difficult question since she fell silent.

If this was a derived Sense, I would have acquired it without hesitation and would equip it double like with 【Bow】 and 【Longbow】, a method like that would exist.

"Then, Yun-kun. What's the description of the target Sense? Generally, the higher Senses are compatible with the previous ones, so it depends on the handling of the new performance and skills."

"Let's see, 【Hawk Eyes】 growth target and is named 【Sky Eyes】."

Sky Eyes can be obtained by consuming 3SP, it allows expanding the targeting ability within the visible range

There was just one point, a special skill called 【Zone】 would be added.

It could be triggered alone and had an effect when combined with other skills.

It's description said that when triggered, it expands the single effect skills and magic range.

"But, whether its usability is good or not is something we won't know unless we actually use it."

Even though it seems like its usability is good based on the skill description, it happens often that it actually is a miss.

"Uoohh! In that case, man's guts!"

By consuming the SP, I have grown 【Hawk Eyes】 into 【Sky Eyes】.

"I haven't heard any info on the 【Sky Eyes】 Sense. It's either a Sense no one reached so far, or the information on it hasn't been published, so there's no one to ask. What will you do?"

"Emily-san, help me out checking the Sense until it's time..."

Where did your man's guts go. Emily-san had heaved a sigh as I weakly appealed for her help.

"First, try using it in a basic manner and what else you can think of."

"G-got it. 《Zone Enchant》——Attack!"

While looking at Emily-san, I used the attack increasing Zone Enchant.

The enchants were applied at the same time, the effects were the same as that of a normal enchant.

The problems, were the delay time that was longer than that of a normal enchant and much bigger MP consumption.

After repeating it several times, I told Emily-san what I found.

"Umm, whether I'm alone or with Emily-san, the MP consumption doesn't change I guess? It did increase considerably though."

"In that case, won't the overall consumption decrease if you use that for putting enchants on the party members?"

"I guess. Also, it can be used only once a while because of the delay time so it's limited to one type. I'd like to learn some more. Emily-san."

"I get it. These little ones should be a good target. ——《Summon》"

While saying so, Emily-san threw Nucleus Stones, summoning 59 synthetic mobs I saw last night, the Wood Dolls. After that, she summoned 5 slime-type mobs.

While thinking it's a good way to use mobs that don't consume MP and are disposable, I used enchant on the mobs Emily-san had prepared.

"《Zone Enchant》——Defence!"

Emily-san and I stared towards the summoned synthetic mobs. The number specified for targeting were six parties, approximately the number we'll challenge the raid quest with.

But, nothing happened?


All my MP was drained and the enchant did not go off.

"With a misfire I've ran out of MP..."

"In that case, let's examine it in detail."

I confirmed again that the effect of the enchant had expired and used the enchant again.

As a result, we found out several things.

"The MP consumption increases beyond 6 targets."

"But, the fact that the delay time for reuse doesn't change with the number of people is an advantageous point."

Is she trying to console me? I tilted my head strongly.

With the base skill's consumption increasing ten times, the consumption rose beyond a certain point. In enchant's case, ten people was the current limit with a full MP tank.

Anything beyond that ended up with a misfire.

Moreover, it was the same with attack magic.

Eight rounds of the 《Bomb》 magic was the limit, even with simultaneous bombing, in the end it was just a lowest level magic.

"It's good enough against one opponent at a time, but it pales in comparison with Sei-san's barrage."

"Right? As I thought."

It was incredibly bad considering MP consumption efficiency. In bomb's case the MP potions could be used during the delay time before re-use, but the potions would go like water and it was inefficient.

Casting bomb on each target. In that case, Sei-nee's simultaneous sweep using multiple stocked magic which used 【Delay】 Sense had good efficiency and high attack power. Even though 【Delay】 consumed MP to withhold the magic, my efficiency was bad even when compared to that.

It could be fired at the same time and considerably dense, allowing to add some chain damage, but it was too restrictive.

"In that case, it might be better to just operate with 【Sky Eyes】 during the raid quest."

"Also, since the delay time is shorter than that of the time enchant takes to expire, I probably can put on two or three normal enchants in the meanwhile."

"Certainly. It takes a fairly short wait time to use a single-target enchants."

Right now my 【Sky Eyes】 level is still low, but if it goes up and somewhat improves, there's a possibility I'll be able to afford more.

"In the end, I'm not suited for attacking. Well, with the remaining time let's raise 【Sky Eyes】 level as much as possible."

"Understood. Then, I'll put myself in sleep state and take a short break. Meanwhile, you can use the synthetic mobs as the target."

"Thank you, Emily-san."

After I said that, consciousness had disappeared from Emily-san's body. It seems she was able to safely log out.

The Wood Dolls that were arranged as if to protect her and Slimes have lined up themselves in front of me.

During the time I waited for Emily-san who logged out, I have summoned Ryui and Zakuro whom I couldn't call out during the PvP event and yesterday's mess, relaxing myself.

Having my maximum MP reduced by summoning the two, the maximum number of targets for 《Zone Enchant》 was reduced to 8, but it didn't matter. Having the two's company during the long skill re-use delay, I continued to repeat enchanting.

Since it was low level it grew easily and the efficiency of the Enchant had raised just slightly. Specifically speaking, there was a slight decrease in MP consumption and delay time. Feeling it was better than nothing, I waited for Emily-san to come back.

Me and a part of the mobs were clad in red, blue and yellow enchant auras at the same time, looking like a strange spectacle. Somehow, for some reason I feel like I'm seeing a deja vu.

After a while, when my head had gone empty, suddenly words had leaked out.

"Hey, Ryui, Zakuro. Can I really do the raid quest?"

Ryui had put its head on my knees and closed its eyes, Zakuro tilted its head mystified. Well, it wasn't like I'd be heard by anyone, so I just felt like saying so.

"Mikadzuchi said it's the best timing and that I was needed by everyone, but that was probably because they needed someone with 【Linguistics】."

*Kyuu*, I tickled Zakuro's throat as it let out a lovely cry, it had twisted its body and rolled around. Seeing that, my smile spilled naturally.

"Myu aimed to raise her levels for the sake of revenge. Taku too had thought of various measures."

It wasn't just Myu and Taku. Sei-nee, Lucato, Toutobi, Mikadzuchi, they all aimed for leveling and polishing their skills as players in PvP.

In addition to that, Magi-san, Cloude and Lyly did their best to calm the PK uproar that occurred at the same time.

"I want to be useful with more than just 【Enchant Arts】 and 【Linguistics】."

Haa, I heaved a sigh. Good grief, as I look up I see no end. I muttered. When I looked away, suddenly Ryui who slept on my lap and Zakuro have quickly moved away from me. What is it? And, a shadow had enveloped around me...

"Yun-oneechan. No, Onii-chan. Pull yourself together!"

"Gueh!! My-Myu?!"

I got hit in the back strongly, then let out a strange voice.

When I got up on the knees and turned around, Myu had caught my face in both hands and moved her face close enough to have our foreheads touch, staring straight at me.

" 'She's doing something interesting!' I heard, but when I come to look here you are acting all-weak."

"No, I had no intention of doing anything interesting..."

Eh? Was it my quirky handling of 《Zone Enchant》 for leveling up my 【Sky Eyes】?

"My Onii-chan is certainly weak alone! Weak-kneed and quick to run!"

"Hey, can I cry? Or should I get angry here?"

"When we're acting reckless you come to help us! You always wait for us, encourage us! Come to help us! That's why——"

She smiled at me. Her confident smile.

"We leave our back to you and only face forward to fight. That's why I believe Yun-oniichan will definitely support us from behind."


The ones fighting in front cover each other's backs. But to support them, was my role.

Geez, why is someone with character whose main is support getting all-weak here!

I already knew well I had no attack power.

That's why, I'll just do what I can.

"Thanks, Myu. I'll do what I can do."

"Also, Mikadzuchi-san said this! When the raid quest is over and the feast starts, without Yun-oneechan we'll run out of fish."

"You ruined it!"

"Pu-kukuku... Yun-kun's being pinned down."

"E-ehh?!! Since when were you here?!"

When Myu moved away from me energetically, before I realized Emily-san who was in the sleep state had come back.

"When I logged in, I heard Yun-kun complain so I stayed silent. I've seen something unusual."

I glared at Emily-san who wore a mask and the voice changer, but since she said "I'm sorry", apologizing, I couldn't get angry at her.

"Well then, I'll take Yun-oneechan for a break, let's meet later for the quest!"

"Sure. Make sure to gather enough strength before coming."

Pulled by Myu, I was made leave Emily-san's location and made log out.

I've spent time until the set time for the quest participation calming myself.

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Bareus2015.09.24 at 09:44

Flein himself saw no value in the PvP's victory and just seemed to just gathered the players in the area to serve as his prey.

Flein himself saw no value in the PvP's victory and just seemed to just gather the players in the area to serve as his prey.

..., there was a lot of options.

..., there were a lot of options.

"Let's see, 【Hawk Eyes】 growth target and is named 【Sky Eyes】."

"Let's see, 【Hawk Eyes】 growth target and is named 【Sky Eyes】."

-> I still think that's somehow wrong, but that's just me :/

..., in the end it was just a lowest level magic.

..., in the end it was just a low level magic.

..., in the end it was just the lowest level magic.

Pulled by Myu, I was made leave Emily-san's location and made log out.

Pulled by Myu, I was made to leave Emily-san's location and made to log out.

-> I still think that's somehow wrong, but that's just me :/