Volume 5 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - The Ghost Wolf and the Raid Quest

The meeting place was the town's centre where the portal was installed. There, when I have appeared together with Myu after logging in, most of the players participating in raid quest were already waiting.

Players with whom I was acquainted with spoke with those I didn't know. The few players that didn't know each other have done final confirmations and comparisons of methodology and items.

I also checked on my Senses, the 【Sky Eyes】 only changed by an insignificant, single level, making me heave a sigh.

"Yun-oneechan, why are you sighing! It's all from now on! The future!"

"Yeah, I'm all right."

"Now then, I'll go greet everyone!"

With that said, Myu moved away from me and jumped into the gathering of players. As I felt lightly envious of her activeness, it seemed like I was being watched from somewhere afar.

The players participating in the raid quest were——

The party of six. Myu, Lucato, Toutobi, Hino, Rirei and Kohaku.

The party of five. Taku, Gantz, Kei, Minute, Mami.

Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi, as well as twelve elite members of 【Eight Million Gods】, making up two parties.

The reserve troops consisted of solo players picked in case-by-case manner depending on the type needed.

And finally, me and Emily-san.

——A total of thirty people. Five parties participated in the raid quest this time.

As for the configuration, there were mages as the main damage dealers, tanks and quite a few healers.

Speaking of tanks, my acquaintance Kei had mainly PvP equipment on and wasn't really active, but now he had switched to his defence-oriented large shield and short sword.

Moreover, Kei had become the centre and the leader on the position, he discussed with others the entire formation for the vanguard players and even the timing of attacks of the rearguard.

"Amazing right, that Kei."

"Hm? Ah, Taku. Yeah, I have no clue what's he's on about though."

I just stared at them stunned, but I could feel some kind of a reassuring atmosphere from the tanks.

"Those guys specialize in protecting the rearguard you're included in. Also, since all of them trained cooperation in PvP they look like they have a considerable sense of stability when improvising.

It's something worth seeing. Taku laughed like a child.

"You won't see it as a vanguard, will you. I'll watch firmly from behind instead."

"Yeah, I leave it to you. This time's raid quest challenge is for fulfilling our revenge. I'll go at it with full force as well."

I knew that even without him declaring that, I nodded in silence.

Meanwhile as we roused ourselves the members have gathered on time, leading them from the centre was Mikadzuchi.

"For beating the raid quest this time, we have a joint of multiple parties. There are probably many reasons for joining. The ones who discovered the quest, those who have high expectations of a large-sized quest, those who want to take revenge on the PKs who have occupied the area. This time's quest completion has more meaning than it usually does. There must be some who are anxious as for the quest rewards. Well, it's fine to have expectations for that, but we need to defeat the boss before that."

As Mikadzuchi jokingly declared starting the quest, I put on a bitter smile, but when she paused, everyone made a serious expression.

"There's lots I want to say, but I hate long-winded talks. So——let's go!"

" " "——Yeahh!" " "

The enthusiastic men formed a circle and shouted together.

I thought it looks reliable as I watched

them. After being put in a different position from Emily-san, we started to move.

We have transferred to the portal in the Abandoned Village nearby the Wisteria Peach Flower, a few people including me have entered the underground of village chief's house, triggering the quest.

—— 【R Quest: Subjugate Wisteria Peach Tree's Giant Wolf 1/3 】 —— Destroy the cornerstones. —— 0/7

At the same time the quest was activated, the raid quest attendees moved towards the cornerstones, continuing to destroy them one after one.


"We were waiting! For a bunch like you to come!"

"Tch! As I thought, you won't let us undertake the quest so easily. Everyone, fight back!"

The surroundings of the cornerstones were a battle area. There, PKs have gathered and with weapons in their hands they have approached us

Together with Mikadzuchi's shout, the raid quest participants have begun to fight back. From the start we knew they won't let us take the quest so easily.

The elite players have gathered and turned the tables on the enemy. The PKs tried to compete with numbers. They have built up a siege, surrounding us and interfering at full force.

"If you want to pass, you'll have to get killed by us first! Also, leave behind your consumables!"

And, one of them said a line like that of a bandit or a thief.

As for our side, the participants felt no sense of crisis and just striked back at the PKs, feeling them to be cumbersome.

Gradually, the number of PKs defeated had increased and while they had originally a high morale, they had begun to get cold feet. Well, they too had their own risks. There were better ways to earn experience than picking a fight with people they can't win against.

However, the encirclement was still maintained and there was a change to the situation where a part of strong PKs had stood against us.

"Mikadzuchi-neesan! Whilst belated, we have come!"

"Anego! It took time to bring those who haven't registered the portal yet!"

"You guys! ——I'll leave release of this area to you! Go around and eliminate all occupying PKs!"

" " "——Yes sir!!" " "

"Quest participants follow me! We're going to break through at one point!"

As Mikadzuchi shouted, the siege was cut apart all at once and we rushed through. However, there were twelve PKs in front on watch waiting as to prevent it.

Among them there were familiar faces. One of them was 【Flame Prison Corps】 guild master, Flein. Also, there was the shrewd PK we met during the uproar on the first day.

Other than that, there were senior members of the PK guild 【Fosch Hound】.

With curiosity, vigilance, emotions completely different from hostility in his line of sight, Flein had first spoke to Mikadzuchi.

"Yo, did you come to defeat us?"

"No way. We've come to undertake the quest. That's why, don't get in our way, boys."

An exchange of Flein's and Mikadzuchi's.

Hearing Mikadzuchi's provocation there was a bustle among the other PKs, but Flein himself who was talking had only laughed, finding it interesting.

"Then, when your errand's finished, won't you fight me? That'll be the third, concluding match."

"Let's settle it this time, after I get the quest's rare equipment. Prepare yourself to be the first test subject."

"That's interesting. Then, I won't interfere. You're free to go."

Hearing what Flein said, numerous other PKs started bustling.

Let's defeat them here, let's call fellow PKs and we'll have advantage, there's no need to let them through. Is what they were saying. In fact, there was no benefits for the PK guilds in letting us pass here.

However, Flein looked at the other PKs without any emotion in his eyes, as if they were boring.

"Fightin' in such a siege using large numbers brings no benefits to us, 【Flame Prison Corps】."


"That's see. Here on starts——a big brawl!"

"Let's go. Yun!"

Responding to Taku's voice, we have passed by Flein's PKs side.

Becoming a wall behind us, Flein had started fighting with the same PKs.

While leaving, I took a glance at Flein.

What I saw, was the PK guild's guild masters arguing.

"You're the same PK guild's master, why would you point a weapon at me!"

"Obviously! Cuz' I want to fight! Just like you bunch. Even if you have joined hands with small fries, you want to fight strong guys! What I want, is battle with boiling blood and dancing meat!"

"You're mad. To raise PK levels, you have to reduce the risks and only fights against suitable opponents!"

"That's where our opinion differs! 【Flame Prison Corps】 is a collection of battle crazed fools! In the first place, we're annoyed with your way of doing things. That's why, end up being my experience bastards!"

With a ferocious smile, Flein had cut down one of the 【Fosch Hound】's senior members.

Noticing my line of sight, just for a moment our eyes met and Flein tried to convey some words just by moving his lips.

I couldn't read from lips, but wondering what he wanted to say I remembered the movement of his lips as we hurried to the cornerstone, searching for the words.

And, the words I found were——"I'll, wait."

——I'll wait. He wanted Mikadzuchi to strengthen herself, as I thought, he's a battle junkie.

Also, while Mikadzuchi strengthens herself through the raid quest, he will cut down the interfering PKs by himself leveling himself up. I could see through that thinking of his.

And leaving this place to Flein, we have started moving between cornerstones proceeding with quest.

After we have released all the seals and moved closer to the Wisteria Peach Tree, the assaulting PKs and the players confronting them have disappeared from the surroundings and we reached the tree.

The moon was stained red and the pink flowers have strongly presented themselves.

As everyone looked up at the tree towering in front of us, the Skeleton Raiders had emerged from the ground beginning the baptism ceremony.

"The ten tanks, protect the rearguard! Mages, fire from behind the tanks! Healers, make sure to have a safe margin, take care of HP management! Vanguards, follow me!"

"This time, we'll defeat him!"

"Myu-chan, don't overextend too much."

Myu and Taku started running towards their respective Skeleton Raiders. The ones having the same roles in vanguard Gantz, Lucato, Toutobi and Hino fought while cooperating.

Unlike during the previous baptism by the Skeleton Raiders, this battle was a full-on clash with all enemies that appeared.

Matching our numbers, the number of Skeleton Raiders assaulting has changed.

Just like the last time, the normal skeletons with weapons have built up a siege and approached us. However, we didn't let them approach as they wanted. The party's tanks have hampered their invasion by lining up in front of them.

As the tanks have protruded their weapons from the gaps between the shield, the skeletons had change into particles of light. Nevertheless, the skeletons continued to flood in filling the holes.

In addition to that, when an elite Skeleton Raider had bypassed the tanks using the mobility of a wolf raider, Mikadzuchi's vanguard had surrounded it with a number of players and brought it down.

"Let's go as well. ——《Ice Lance》!"

Starting with Sei-nee, Kohaku, Rirei, Mami and other mages have fired magic leaving a trail, piercing through an area dense with skeletons. In order to kill off the Skeleton Magicians whose existence we weren't able to confirm the last time, the mages have fired over the tanks' heads.

And us, the support which has also included the healers——

"So there were skeletons using magic. The magic attack will focus on the tanks. In that case, 《Zone Enchant》——Mind!"

"Kei, please continue maintaining the defence as you are! ——《Round Heal》!"

"I know, Minute! ——《Calling Shield》!"

" " "——《Calling Shield》!" " "

Minute and I put on wide area heals and defence magic enchants. On the other hand the tanks, including Kei have hit their shields letting out a loud sound.

The 【Shield】-type skill 《Calling Shield》 had an effect of increasing the hate value. It allowed the user to attract more enemy to their side.

"Amazing. So this is how multiple parties fight..."

"Yes, a way of fighting in cooperation."

Feeling excitement seeing this way of fighting for the first time, I aimed at enemy's rearguard comprised of Skeleton Magicians and fired an arrow.

Standing near me Emily-san swung her connecting sword, defeating the skeletons that slipped from both left and right.

From the beginning till end we had the initiative during combat with skeletons, overwhelming them. We didn't receive any serious damage.

After defeating a certain number of them, the skeletons have pulled back, splitting to the left and right opening a road leading to the tree.

But, everything until now was just an opening act.

—— 【R Quest: Subjugate Wisteria Peach Tree's Giant Wolf 3/3 】 —— Defeat the Wisteria Peach Tree's Giant Wolf 【Garm Phantom】. Remaining—— 0/1.

The true raid boss, Garm Phantom had appeared.

『"So ye are ones who destroyed my cornerstones..."』

The exactly same words. It was an AI that had a fixed scenario so it couldn't be helped, but it felt like it spoke as if hardly taking a notice of us.

It was my second confrontation with the glaring giant wolf. I swallowed my saliva from tension. Worried that she might recall the shock of losing, I looked away from the giant wolf and to Myu. When I did, I saw her shoulder tremble slightly.

But that trembling wasn't from something negative like fear or agitation. In fact, the will in her pupils was strong as she looked up at the giant wolf, she showed her white teeth and a playful expression making it seem like she would jump in any moment.

Holding herself back like that, the look of her fidgeting made me think she's acting like a child.

It wasn't just Myu. Taku and other people too shook with excitement at their first raid quest, there were several people looking forward to the battle. Loving this game, game-loving fools, is what you'd call them.

I've realized the nervousness was needless. I felt it was silly.

And as we returned our gazes to the raid boss, Garm Phantom, probably because we have reached the default number of people there was a change in the dialogue.

『"Perfect, the Wisteria Peach Tree is lacking nutrients. Also, to re-create the lost cornerstones the number is just right. Feel it an honour, the becoming one of the belov'd tree!"』


That was the trigger to the start of the battle.

Together with Mikadzuchi's voice we have spread like before, making up a formation.

Letting out a roar from his more than ten-metres big body, Garm Phantom had called out a number of skeletons from the ground.

"Missy! First contact! Raise the stats!"

"Roger! 《Zone Enchant》——Defence!"

Just like earlier I put on DEF enchants on the tanks within range and immediately after, they were hit by the preceding Skeleton Raiders, enduring.

Lined up in a row, the tanks they pierced through with the swords and spears from the gap between the shields made of various materials, pushing them back. Compared to the skeleton baptism, the density of enemy attacks was low and there were more chances for counter-attack. As for the enemies they were unable to push back with weapons, they have smashed with their shields.

The series of assault had ended up with a misfire and the Skeleton Riders have made a large arc, circling around the periphery, preparing for a re-offensive.

To fill the gap, Skeleton Magicians have raised their bone staffs in preparation for the rearguard to move out.

"Mages! Defence, after that, attack!"

Directed by Mikadzuchi, the mages have expanded a defence magic in front of the tanks, suppressing the attack. And immediately after the attack was over, flying out from the tank's defensive lines was the vanguard that started running to the front. Over their heads flew colourful attacks of the mages, piercing the Skeleton Magicians.

Before the Skeleton Raiders have gained momentum to go on offensive again, the vanguards have hit them.

"Yun-kun, I'll be going as well. ——《Summon》, Bronze Golem, Flame Beast, Ice Beast, Blood Shadow."

What Emily-san had summoned, was a Bronze Golem and Fire and Ice Chimeras. And, I saw the last one for the first time. However, it was somewhat similar to the boss mob of the wetlands in the south, the Darkman.

An irregular human shape with a smooth surface.

"Using the 【Magical Organism's Catalyst Metal】 I asked Yun-kun for exchange to make a nucleus, I constructed a mob out of bat's poison blood. Now, go forth!"

So that's how she used the items we traded before. Also, she must have used the bat's poison blood she had acquired when we formed a party for leveling Raina and Al.

Because we emphasized on the defence and there was an empty area because of the lack of workforce, there Emily-san had gathered her mobs.

The Golem had took on the charge of the Skeleton Raiders.

Using their mobility, the Chimeras of fire and ice have bit onto the Skeleton Raider's legs, pulling it down.

In the end, the magical organism Blood Shadow had turned its hand into something like a hammer and smashed with full force.

By dealing with the skeletons that had programmed behaviour patterns, we have gradually reduced their numbers.

I recovered MP used up by 《Zone Enchant》 with an MP Potion and this time, I have performed a wide area INT enchant on the rearguard's mages.

At the early stage the hit and run troops, and the mages have reduced the numbers of Skeleton Raiders surrounding us. The tanks have held enemy down, controlling the hate and not allowing them to be directed towards the rearguard.

At the moment I held the bow, but until the situation changed I was prohibited from attacking.

"Haa, hate management is such a hassle. If we could attack, that much more damage could be done."

"Yun-chan, don't say that. This is one of the important techniques for fighting in large group. During the long-term battles healers and damage dealer are targeted with priority. If that happens, the completion rate of the quests will vary. Even if it takes time, it's important to stably defeat the enemy.

While saying so, Sei-nee continued to release relentless attacks that seemed like carpet bombing towards the Skeleton Magicians.

Other than that, with an attack enchant put on them the main mage troop quickly disposed off the skeletons.

After a while the enemy's numbers have decreased, a road to the giant wolf has opened and Garm Phantom had roared again.

Until now the giant wolf only continued to watch, but now it had started to move by itself.

To match it, Myu, Taku and others from the hit and run troop composed by last-minute participants have approached Garm Phantom and attacked him directly.

"This is the crucial moment! Shields, to the front! Hit and run, to the left and right! I'll command the right side!"

"Left side, over here!"

"The front! You're most likely to die, so pay close attention to HP!"

The troop on the right was commanded by Lucato and Myu's party.

The troop on the left was focused on Taku and was a hybrid party that included Emily-san and Gantz.

Then, the front and us the rearguard, as well as Emily-san's mobs centred on the Golem. Mikadzuchi stood like a flag in front, instructing Sei-nee who was her adjutant.

"Everyone, emphasize on timing! When the target seems like they're going to attack either left or right troop, attack together and take-over the target!"

" " "Yes!" " "

"Also, Yun-chan, after confirming the safety margin when contacting with boss, I'll instruct you."

"Roger. Hey, he's coming! 《Zone Enchant》——Defence!"

As Garm Phantom rushed from the front, I once again applied a wide range enchant on the tanks setting up their shields.

The impact that hit the tanks was incomparable to the assault of Skeleton Raiders, just by receiving it their HP was cut down by 30%.

They either were healed by a healer or a potion, recovering to full. It was part of the strategy "life is important" giving priority to ensuring a safety margin. For that, they used items generously.

In addition to that, the players my enchant was unable to reach have Enchant Stones and self-strenghtening items, raising their base stats.

After we endured a frontal attack from Garm Phantom, the hit and run troops have counter-attacked.

"I couldn't do too much in PvP, but I'll make this a brilliant success! Haa, I'll drill my guts into youuu!! ——《Demon Hunter》!"

Jumping high, Gantz from the left troop had spearheaded the attack, he performed a backflip leaving behind a residual image and releasing a powerful kick.

"Don't get too full of yourself, you'll get hit by the foreleg!"

"Then, one more time before that! ——《Demon Hunter》!"

The characteristic of barehanded fighters like Gantz——was the very short delay time between their arts' activation.

As the combo in mid-air flashed with blue extending the flight time, he continued to deliver kicks and backflip continuously ignoring laws of physics. In addition to that, following Gantz the entire troop had joined in the attack.

However, none of the attacks was decisive, feeling them troublesome the giant wolf twisted its body and swung its front paw to crush Gantz.


Just before he was hit by the Garm Phantom, I made it in time with my DEF enchant. Gantz was blown from the air and slammed into the ground, receiving about of 40% of his HP worth of damage.

Gantz was immediately healed, Minute who served as the healer for the left hit and run troop had used a recovery spell on him.

Of course, it came together with a lecture.

"You, it's because you're getting full of yourself you were slapped down like a fly! Listen, even if you don't suffer instant death, with that much HP lost at once you'll suffer 【Stun】!"

"I-I was just caught off guard a little!"

"Then. Be. On. Guard!"

What's with that conversation devoid of tension. This time I barely managed to cast enchant between the delay times of my 《Zone Enchant》, but with a different timing I wouldn't be able to put on a defence enchant on him.

As the giant wolf twisted his body and turned his attention to the left side, the right troop and the front safely cut him, delivering one blow and withdrew.

And at the same moment adding to it, was numerous magic surging like a waterfall from the front.

The magical attacks have become the main source of damage and succeed in cutting Garm Phantom's HP by 20%.

"All troops! Brace yourselves! It's still the very beginning!"

Mikadzuchi said to tense ourselves. Everyone was immediately wrapped in a reasonable sense of tension.

"Hey, our role is to hold down the enemy with our bodies... right."

"That's right. The impact is harsh but... that's how it is with shields, right?"

"After this is done, I'll settle down and try popularizing shield positions!"

"Hey you, stop that, it's a death flag!"

Some people were talking about silly things, but it was a fairly serious work.

The tanks who had much higher defence than the others received multiple heavy blows and their HP was reliably reduced. The healers behind them have recovered their tanks' HP, maintaining the front. The tanks have safely attacked from behind the shields, steadily delivering damage.

However, a death flag was something like a promise.


"This is bad! A big hit's coming! Left and right, avoid it!"

Together with Mikadzuchi's rushed voice, the giant wolf set up its limps as if to impale the ground.

Since it was the first time beating this boss, there was no information and every of his moves had to be dealt with carefully. Responding to Mikadzuchi's alert, the troops on the left and right spread out, preparing themselves for the possible attack. The tanks in the front formed a dense formation, strengthening the defence.

A rush with more power exerted by the four limbs has approached the tanks.

I've rotated ideas in my head as for what else can be done in addition to defence enchants and chanted.


I used Cursed to decrease its physical attack stat. The giant wolf's rush hit the countless shields. However, the tanks forced down the power and diverted it diagonally, somehow parrying it.

The attempt to reduce the damage seems to have succeeded.

However, the giant wolf's momentum hasn't weakened and it ran by the left side of the wall forcefully. As it continued to run, it had raised a loud howl.

In response to the howl Skeletons have raised up from the ground once again. With the field greatly disturbed, the adds have appeared again. On top of that, unlike how it was at first, Garm Phantom acted freely


"《Zone Enchant》——Defence!"

Responding to the second assault, the tanks were turned back into perfect state and made a dense formation again.

The moment assault came, the tanks have further increased their defence by cooperating, their bodies and armour let out large creaking. Pushed down by Garm Phantom's momentum they have gouged the ground and their HP was reduced, but by leaning forward and protruding the shield they managed to stop the giant wolf.

"Now! Half of the left and right assault the boss, the rest deal with skeletons!"

The boss' body was sticking to the shields and as it was unable to raise its front legs, it had undergone an assault with arts from the left and right.

Thanks to this chance the mages were able to fire a volley of strong magic in response to which, the giant wolf had retreated making space in the front, also fighting back with its back legs and tail.

Moreover, we have fought back, parrying sporadic attacks of a small number of summoned skeletons.

"I didn't call for small fries! Go back to the ground!"

The giant wolf interchanged biting and claw attacks, but the wall layer built up by tanks was thick, pushing it back as much as possible.

As this situation was maintained, the Garm Phantom's HP was steadily shaved off.

And when his HP was reduced to 70%, the giant wolf retreated and started emitting a translucent, dark coloured shockwave from its body, blowing away the hit and run troops that chased after him.

That shockwave dealt a little bit of damage and had a knockback effect. The mobile troops on the left and right had to refocus themselves. And the Skeleton Raiders have shown up again in response to the giant wolf's howl.

"Damn!! We haven't processed the skeletons that came out earlier and here's more!"

Someone spat a curse as they took down a Skeleton Raider, but the giant wolf was neglected instead.

As the mobile troops temporarily concentrated on the Skeleton Raiders, we had to go to the front and fight and buy time until the adds are defeated.

Also, we had to manage the hate values since there was a risk the few hit and run troops might be attacked directly from behind by Garm Phantom.

It was a difficult battle where switching between the adds and the main target was required. And Mikadzuchi had precisely directed it despite difficulty! "Don't do anything other than gaining hate! Those who can attack, attack the boss! Hate is more important than damage! Earn time until others come back!"

Finally, the declaration of a ban lift on attacks had come from Mikadzuchi.

While managing the enchants, I nocked an arrow.

I took out arrows with various bad statuses while making sure not to disturb others around me and aiming straight at the giant wolf, I shot them.

Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Stun. Although I shot a several types of arrows, there was no effect. Earlier, the Cursed succeeded in lowering its attack power, but that was pure luck.

Raid boss-class mobs must have had higher stats and resistances. These kind of roundabout methods didn't work well.

Then, I'll change to straightforward attacks.

I took an arrow from the set in the quiver and shot.

The body was big and it was easy to hit it with an arrow. Because of that, a single blow dealt low damage to its HP. However, this arrow pierced deeply into the body composed of gas.


"Silver equipment has a damage compensation when fighting undead due to the material's characteristics. When preparing these, I splurged quite a lot. I'd like it if you enjoyed it thoroughly!"

What I used, were Silver Arrows. The arrows that used silver arrowheads had a damage increase against the undead-type enemies.

"《Zone Enchant》——Defence!"

Again, I strenghtened the defence, then used MP Potion to recover. During the long delay time after the enchant I shot arrows, slightly contributing to the battle.

And after defeating the adds, when left and right mobile troops returned, I once again devoted myself to casting enchants.

When repeating this pattern we have reduced the giant wolf's HP to 60%, a change in his attacks has appeared.

It was a sign of the middle part of battle starting.

Beyond the middle part, not only the boss but also the skeleton adds' attacks have gradually become fiercer, delivering moderate amounts of damage to the players.

"Ghh...recovery! Hurry!"

"Yes!! ——《Round Heal》!"

The damage dealt to the tanks in the front had increased as time passed. Somehow the defence managed to maintain safety margin with enchants and heals, but against the Garm Phantom 50% or more HP was required as a safety margin.

Also, when we started fighting him, the giant wolf's pupils were reminiscent of deep darkness, but as he accumulated damage it became increasingly red, currently having purplish-red colour.

"《Zone Enchant》——Defence!"

A wide-area enchant for the nth time. Not only the boss' attack power was growing, also the interval between summoning of skeleton adds had gradually become shorter, the toll of a long-term battle shown itself.

For one of the measures to overcome that, I have tried to put cursed ATK on Garm Phantom, but the difference between our stats and its resistance resulted with a misfire.

With boss' attack increased, if we loss focus there's a risk of the boss breaking through defence line and damaging us.

"Next time, when we dispose of the adds everyone attack together! We'll cut him down at once!"

After the leader, Mikadzuchi said that Lucato on the right and Taku on the left in charge of their mobile troops have acknowledged in response, acting accordingly.

The parties that included Myu and others have hardened the defence against the Skeleton Raiders that sprung forth, starting to take distance from Garm Phantom.

In addition to that, the party in which Taku and others were also have retreated away from Garm Phantom in the same manner.

As the re-summoning of the skeletons repeated, the left and right mobile troops have optimized their actions, finding an easy way to process the adds in their behaviour patterns.

"Being attacked by small fries all the time sure is a turn-off. I'd like to do something more active like *smash* and *bam*."

"Oh well, to me this is fun, when I swing I hit a few of them at once and they fly like pinball."

It was Myu nonchalantly beating enemy Skeleton Raiders and Hino, swinging the hammer blowing away a number of enemies in the field along with a loud sound of wind being cut.

In the middle of the encirclement, Kohaku and Rirei began preparations for powerful magic, Lucato and Toutobi continued to assist.

"Ahh, come on! With this many there's no choice but to wipe a whole bunch at once! Hino-chan, please buy me some time."

"What? Are you doing something interesting? Sure. But cast recovery on me afterwards."

After saying so, Hino who did large swings with her hammer grasped it very high and started fighting with smaller and sharper swings for manoeuvrability. For the skeletons that have entered too close for the hammer's attack range and couldn't be hit properly, she beat them up with the hammer's handle.

Still, suddenly there was a larger burden on Hino because of which she was subjected to moderate damage, but soon enough Myu's preparations have completed.

"Go! ——《Sunlight Shower》!"

As Myu swung down her raised hand, light poured down in their surroundings.

The sunlight's reflection, as if amplified, the strong light dispelled the darkness of the night illuminating the surroundings.

The skeletons in the range of light were burned by it and decayed.

Most of the individuals who received the damage from light magic more powerful than 《Light Wave》 have disappeared and for those that endured it gradually turned into particles after being hit with just one blow.

While Myu and the others prepared area effect magic, Taku's side had prepared a simultaneous attack, processing enemies quickly.

To an extent where it won't decrease their capability during the simultaneous assault, the rearguard has delivered some damage with magic to the skeletons and the vanguard had reliably finished them off.

Despite the lack of powerful means of attack like Myu's, the enemy number had decreased in a stable manner. Emily-san's summoned mobs played a big role in attacking.

And, we who were protecting the front——

"Sei. When the adds are cleaned up, prepare magic for holding him down."

"I understand. That said, because of its size I can stop one leg at most."

"That's enough. As for Missy, strengthen mages before the attack."


In the tense atmosphere, the number of skeletons was reduced and finally the command had come.


"——《Icicle Lock》!"

"《Zone Enchant》——Intelligence."

Sei-nee's restraint and my enchant were invoked with almost exact same timing.

While cold has sprung up by the giant wolf's leg entwining it, my enchant had raised the base magic attack power of the mages going full frontal.

In addition to that, when the boss was held up and the aim settled, the left side let out a barrage of magic to earn chain bonus, raising the damage.

The right side's attack was Kohaku's and Rirei's combination magic that exploded dealing large amount of damage.

And the maximum of firepower in the front. As the giant wolf was rooted, the entire group of mages had their damage raised by the enchant and chain damage bonus, including Sei-nee they shoot all magic at once.

I scowled at multiple magic attack effects resonating together.

Fire and ice, storm and light. We have directed our attention to the aftermath and everyone had fixed their positions in preparation for the next attack.

In this place, no one had thought the raid boss was defeated, everyone hardened their defence, healed the damage and replenished MP with items.

However, in such a moment, anyone would like to say this.

" " "Did we get him?" " "

Immediately after the impact from the magic, a shockwave was emitted from Garm Phantom's surroundings.

I can understand wanting to say it, still, there was no need to purposely raise that kind of a flag. Not only that, it was said by multiple people.

"Tch. Everyone, defensive formation! The attack power has increased again!"

Subconsciously, Mikadzuchi clicked her tongue and issued a warning.

Garm Phantom's visible HP was cut down by 30% and his pupils turned from purplish-red to red, shining with atrocious light.

His movement was fast.

The vanguard in the front raised their shields towards him, in order to withstand the attack I applied an enchant on them.

In addition to that, the 【Shield】 Sense holders triggered a defensive arts together in a group, as we focused on defence Garm Phantom's thick front leg was swung along with a purple effect——and a part of the defence broke down.

The giant wolf's attack was caught from the front by the players in perfect formation and state, but it broke through.

——A deadly blow.

Those who endured that blow received damage taking down 60% of their HP, surpassing the safety margin of 50%, unable to withstand the impact their posture broke backwards and their damage was further reduced by 30%.

Some received damage to their armour and others have received a 【Stunned】 bad status.

It was a dangerous situation where they could receive another attack from Garm Phantom.

Although rearguard immediately recovered the vanguard, the giant wolf tried to break through the hole that opened in the defence.

"《Summon》——Everything available, come out!"

Originally, there should be no extra forces to use to fill the hole that opened in the front. However, there was a single player who could generate those forces.

"It's great that I made it in time."

An army of various mobs has confronted Garm Phantom. All of it was summoned by Emily-san, mobs that were made to function as a wall.

A golem made from earth and stones, Chimeras made of multiple beasts. Humanoids, insects, various irregular alchemic mobs, the synthetic mobs have attached themselves to the giant wolf's left front leg buying time.

"——《Icicle Lock》!"

"——《Mud Pool》!"

Sei-nee and I made an eye contact, then used rooting magic at the same time.

Sei-nee's 《Icicle Lock》 was cast on his back left leg and my 《Mud Pool》 has been activated at the front left leg, also engulfing the synthetic mobs in. Garm Phantom's body slanted towards the right side mobile troop.

Garm Phantom held out on just his free legs and tried to forcefully slip out, but the left side's hit and run troop has prevented it.

"Eat this!" "Stab stab stabbb!!" "HAaa!"

His legs big like logs were slashed by Taku's long sword held in both hands and repeatedly thrust at by Gantz and others to prevent him from rising.

"We're going in as well!"

The tanks have restored the front and begun to advance as to crush the boss along with Kei's shout.

Garm Phantom wasn't being one-sidedly done in, rooted up himself he called in the skeleton adds and devoted himself to defence.

The ones to receive the interference on the left side were Emily-san's Golem and Chimeras.

The left troop pulled back like a wave and with used movements they have started to process the Skeleton Raiders.

I drew the bow to the limit and did my best to reduce the number of adds, but it was too late to prevent Garm Phantom's return.

"《Zone Enchant》——Defence."

Those who have returned to the line of battle have all glared at the giant wolf. They made a stance like before as not to miss even a smallest attack, as to receive it were it to come again.

"Left side, be careful!"

The giant wolf shook off the mobs clinging to his legs and at the same time he eradicated them, he turned around to the left side.

"Front, full-on attack! Steal the hate! Take distance!"

Together with the instructions, Mikadzuchi immediately rushed to the front. I shot an arrow from behind her. Continuously slashing, piercing, using magic and many other types of attack we still were unable to change the target.

The left mobile troop Taku and others were in charge of took a distance, but their pace wasn't matched and one corner was delayed.

Aiming there, the giant wolf swung its strong leg releasing the purple effect again.

Its range had reached three people. The mage, healer and Emily-san. If here the left troop breaks apart, we'll have to incorporate them into the front and somehow resist.

While I already started thinking of the future events, my predictions were betrayed.

"As if I'd let you! ——《Shock Impact》!"

As to match the extended front legs and claws of the giant wolf, Taku jumped up attacking with his two long swords.

The claws and long swords have clashed in the air, the aftermath let out a shockwave in the surroundings. The three people originally caught Garm Phantom's range also received damage.

After a moment of clashing, Taku's body was blown away by the impact.

Emily-san and others who originally were supposed to receive the attack have received damage, but were safe.

Dumbfounded they didn't retreat, but we were able to change the target to the front. However, Taku's health on the bar had gradually decreased as he took on the attack instead of three others.

Seeing Taku's figure roll like a doll, I thought it can't be. That kind of feeling welling up inside me. And, Taku had lost all of his HP, fallen over and didn't get up.

"...Ta...ku? It can't be."

I leaked out a dry smile.

Did Taku, who always acted like he had strength to spare fall?

Standing there until the end, acting relaxedly. That kind of a guy was taken down.

Word that welled up from the bottom of my belly was squeezed from the back from my throat, overflowing.


"Oww, aaa-ah, I was blown quite far. And died once."

Taku swiftly rose up, then stood while stretching his neck.

Everyone who saw the moment Taku was blown away stared at him worried when he fell, but he stood up as if nothing happened.

Even though everyone opened eyes wide with surprise, the person in question smiled soon after getting up.

"As I thought, it was impossible to intercept it alone."

"Idiot! What kind of idiotic thing are you doing!"

After the first person said that, the entire left troop started to loudly reprimand Taku for being reckless, maintaining their own roles they made a formation as to protect Taku.

In the middle of the formation, the healer recovered Taku's HP.

After having his HP fully recovered, Taku headed towards Mikadzuchi in the front.

"Even if you have Revival Medicine, don't go doing things like covering for others. Well, thanks to that the rearguard that would have dropped off has survived so it's all right..."

"Yeah, fortunately. The man who survives even death is ready to serve."

As he grinned looking sideways at me, why did I even worry about him. I averted my gaze while thinking that.

Also, I was appalled by my foolishness, forgetting about Revival Medicine's existence until this moment.

"Well then, since Taku-boy came here, it must mean he came up with something?"

"Yeah, whether we will continue to fight Garm Phantom risking collapse in the defence from an attack, or do we bet on defeating him."

Taku said that with a serious tone of voice. That's where we took measures as soon as possible to counter Garm Phantom's powerful blow.

When the Skeleton Raiders were summoned again and then defeated, a restructuring of the troops and players was performed.

The front and the right mobile troop have solidified the defence and behind them, the mages started preparations for large spells.

And the left troop Taku was in charge of had Myu and other ten players capable of using interception skills included in it, I too was positioned with them.

"The strategy is simple. We're aiming at the moment Garm Phantom is intercepted and rooted. In order to increase success rate even a little more, give everyone an attack enchant. ——Let's go."

"《Zone Enchant》——Attack!"

Along with Taku's words I have subjected the very limit of ten players to zone physical attack enchant, then we all together have turned towards Garm Phantom.

Since we had no tanks, we repeated hit and run tactics, continuing to accumulate damage and hate. I also fired arrows, gaining hate despite my poor abilities.

How long is this going to go on. While thinking that I fired an arrow then withdrew.

Others, the front and the right side troop had the tanks and mages try not to participate in combat as much as possible, attacking passively in order not to have the target change. It was so that by chance they aren't taken down with Garm Phantom's deadly blow and that they could instantly annihilate the adds with the magic they were preparing, patience was at work.

"Incoming! Everyone form a line. Ready for interception!"

The deadly blow had come earlier than expected. The purple effect of the preliminary operation had overflowed. As Taku had judged it to be a powerful blow and called out, I chanted once again.

"《Zone Enchant》——Attack."

As soon as I confirmed a physical attack enchant was put on ten people I recovered MP with MP Potion. Unable to recover entire MP with one potion I used the second one.

In that moment, the giant wolf's legs and claws clad in light purple light were swung up.

" " "——《Shock Impact》!!" " "

A dozen of intercepting strikes had overlapped with giant wolf's blow. I protected my face from the shockwave with my arm.

As if time had stopped——an instantaneous event.

As a dozen of interceptions has stood against the attack, a single weapon had crumbled.

《Shock Impact》 was an art that excessively consumed the weapon's endurance, it seemed like a weapon was damaged. Having a premonition of failure cold sweat had flowed down my back.

However, the one person who had their weapon destroyed wasn't blown away like Taku, instead they have landed on the ground directly below after a free-fall.

The scene had unfolded there.

This time during the clash, giant wolf was parried and we were successful in breaking his posture.

At the front of repelled giant wolf was released magic prepared by the front and the troop on the right side. An attack that was repeated many times on this boss. And until the very end, everyone acted precisely not letting their guard down.


Letting out a cry like death throes, Garm Phantom jumped out from the centre of the magic barrage and had come at us with an assault. In the end he wanted to take even one person with him. However, because of that the giant wolf has let his guard down.

"《Magic Sword》——Sol Ray."

"《Element Enchant》——Weapon. 《Enchant》——Intelligence."

From among many players who focused on avoiding, Myu alone had jumped out in front of Garm Phantom.

Brandishing her sword towards the wolf's forehead.

The silvery shining sword was wrapped in light and the blade extended a few centimetres. Also, after Zone Enchant's delay time had ended I further put on strengthening.

I consumed a light Elemental Stone to put an light element enchant and also raised Myu's base magic attack power.

Myu's long sword's shine had increased further, leaving a white afterglow.


Kicking off the ground, as if passing by each other, Myu had moved by the giant wolf's head and slashed his neck. Both their movements have stopped and the sword remained stuck in boss' neck.

The giant wolf swung its leg while Myu was in range of a direct hit. Still, Myu did not let go of the weapon, instead she pushed the sword stuck in the neck further——


Light overflowed from the point of the stabbed-in sword, piercing through the shrunk rays of light have come out on the opposite side of the neck. The giant wolf's movements have stopped completely.

《Magic Sword》 was an art that had contained available magic within itself. It gave the sword a bonus of corresponding element and activated magic contained inside with the keyword 【Release】.

After pulling the sword from giant wolf's neck, Myu had returned sluggishly.

Although her expression looked tired from tension, she looked somewhat satisfied.

"The finishing blow, received."

"Geez, don't do such dangerous stuff. We'd win even without adventuring."

I caught Myu who fell over as if diving in and greeted her while heaving a sigh.

Together with Myu who had turned around we looked at the giant wolf.

After Garm Phantom's HP was exhausted, his pupils were no longer red, instead they have changed into clear blue and he has sat down looking in our direction.

He didn't look like a mob with a beast's intellect, but more like a presence with intellect on the level of a NPC that had a virtual personality.