Volume 5 - Epilogue

Chapter Epilogue

Epilogue - Mikadzuchi and Flein

As he folded his back legs, I thought the ten metre large sitting giant wolf is cute. It was savage during the fight a moment ago, but it must have unconsciously sought soothing.

Garm Phantom overlooked us from above with his blue, intelligent eyes and the event finishing the quest had begun.

『"No way, to think I would lose to humans of whom I only thought of as sacrifices. I hast come this far thanks to obsession of mine, but it seems yea I hast limit."』

As he made a speech, a monologue, everyone lowered their weapons and looked up at him.

『"Until the person who loves this tree sees its flowers, a mountain of carrion men was swallow'd by the tree. The roots suck'd the flesh and blood and continu'd to blossom. However, it nay longer is possible f'r me to watch ov'r it."』

The body of Garm Phantom, who seemed to be looking somewhere distant, was covered in coloured smoke and started dispersing.

Even as he gradually lost his contours, the wolf spectre had looked at the players for the last time and left these words.

『"I can no longer protect the natural way of things. The young 【Wisteria Peach Tree】 belongs to no one. Hopefully, before he comes back this tree's flowers will cover the entire world——"』

Unable to finish relaying his words, the raid boss disappeared and, at the same time an information update had come.

—— 【R Quest: Subjugate Wisteria Peach Tree's Giant Wolf 3/3 】 ——

Quest Complete——A reward for success, first quest achievement bonus received.

Seeing this information, I felt that it really finished. As for other information, it seemed like we would be forcefully transferred into normal field in three minutes, but that was enough.


"Good grief, both Myu and Taku, you were too reckless. I got nervous just by looking at that. I'd like it if you left it at that."

The moment Taku was blown away and when Myu delivered the final blow were really bad for my heart.

Personally, I would like to refrain myself from participating in such thrilling quests for a while.

"Grr, I have surpassed the raid boss with my own hands! Onee-chan should praise me."

"Yun, Myu-chan. Prepare for the return. We still don't know how it was settled in the normal field outside."

"What. I'm not in the wrong here."

Even though I worried about Taku and Myu, the two regardless of my words were in festive mood over quest completion. At times like these I should put adult response aside, I reflected on it.

"Time's short so let's make it brief. First, about the reward. The normal reward and the bonus for the first completion. Did everyone confirm receiving them?"

Sei-nee spoke in a loud voice on the topic of the quest reward. Prompted by her, I looked inside my inventory for the quest reward.

The reward was a plant's seedling, a lilac full body armour that had a wolf design engraved on it, and a bracelet of multiple layers of ivy wrapped in a circle and seven wisteria petals on it.

The full body armour had all six item slots integrated as one armour piece.

In addition, on the bracelet with wisteria petals, three of the petals were pale pink and reminiscent of Wisteria Peach Petals.

"What kind of items did you get?"

"Armour and seedling, as well as a bracelet accessory." "I got a fang strengthening material, cloak and a book." "I have a seedling, a seedling and a seedling." "So there are duplicates too. Heck, that's too many duplicates lol. I got a bracelet, a shield and..."

The rewards didn&#

39;t seem to be the same for everyone. From what I heard, there were seven different items. A reward was given randomly from among those. Two items for the first completion, to get them all one would need to complete it at least four times.

I thought that the appeal to a player's gambling heart, making it not possible to complete with just one run is a good method. Well, as long as I get what I want there's no problem.

Since there was no time, Mikadzuchi raised her voice.

Immediately after, the transfer was initiated and I strongly gripped the bow preparing myself mentally so that I could respond to attack right after transferring.

I've felt my feet were floating for a moment, then I was transferred to the same location in the normal space and dropped from a few centimetres. It seemed like feedback announcing this is a different space.

In the place we have come back to, there was Flein sitting cross-legged and PKs standing as to protect the surroundings. Further in the distance surrounding the place were the players who have rushed in as reinforcements shortly before the quest started.

As they have glared at each other, Flein stood up.

"Haha!! I've been waiting. You bunch."

"What, so you're still here. I thought you'd be taken down while we were in middle of the quest."

Flein snorted at Mikadzuchi's provocative response.

"We have cleaned up this side. There's no longer any retards like these 【Fosch Hound】. What's remaining, is just us."

One of the players in the surroundings aimed at Flein all alone and slashed at him. Noticing that, Flein's escort had immediately responded, cutting down his HP in an instant.

There still were some players in the surroundings, but as everyone hesitated to become a decoy themselves and being eliminated, it was a stalemate.

"What? A falling out with comrades of a similar PK guild?"

"Comrades? As if."

Patting his shoulder with his sword in its sheath, Flein started to talk.

"I just used them in order to cut up some strong people. However, growing impudent and making light of crafters was a bad move. Even this sword of mine was made by someone who knew I'm a PK. That's why, before it had become even more cumbersome, I defeated them with my own hands. It was delicious, experience value that is."

As Flein grinned, the PK that had mixed in during the first day's event night sighed and retorted.

"What's are you finding so much fun, really. In the first place, we weren't interested in occupying the area or the quest reward. In addition to that, management had become negligent with a large guild and the uproar had happened because PK quality has decreased. Because 【Fosch Hound】 and 【Flame Prison Corps】 got treated the same, some nasty PKs have mixed among us. Well, on the other hand some battle crazy folks like us got mixed in the 【Fosch Hound】. too."

"Shut up Tobias. Don't say needless stuff. To me, it was interestingly funny, as long as I can have a risky fight with strong folks I'm satisfied."

The PK guild's guild master Flein and sub-master Tobias started talking quite frankly in front of us.

Noticing my dumbfounded line of sight, Flein and Tobias who were talking have smiled and waved in my direction, with a cramped expression I have waved in return.

Somehow, it seemed like treating the PKs as villains was a prejudice and they were more like stylish combat freaks. Seeing how different he was when not going crazy, I felt like I noticed Flein's charisma.

A guild master just like him, overflowing with charisma, Mikadzuchi did a few practice swings with her long weapon as if to warm up. Both of their actions seemed cool every time. These two, really. I muttered in my mind.

"Well then, gotta fulfil my promise. I'll take you on with my rare equipment on."

After a short pause, the equipment wrapping around Mikadzuchi's body changed. The quality cloth and leather armour has changed into lilac full body armour with a wolf design engraved on it.

"Yeah, don't fall over too easily."

"That's my line. 【Flame Prison Corps'】 guild master, Flein. Let's make the third time serious."

Both of them have set up their long weapon and thin sword.

"You bunch! Don't interfere! This is a match between Mikadzuchi and me!"

"After winning the quest, can we lose the match?! No! Whether the quest or match, we'll win! Don't interfere!"

Without any signal, the two instantly closed the distance and drove their weapons at each other.

Each time the stick and the thin sword clashed, a sound impossible to come from their material had resounded.

Mikadzuchi who should have worn a heavy full body armour, contrary to the appearance had parried opponent's attacks with smooth movements and incredible strength.

On the other hands, at this forceful battle-style Flein had determined that he'll lose if he focuses on strength. Like a beast he had let out difficult attacks from a low posture.

Both gave up on minimizing the contact, because of their intense clashes of strength it was clear both had skill rivalling each other.

"Seems like they're having fun, those two."

"What do you want?"

With his line of sight still following the two's fight, Tobias had called out to me. Personally, because I fought him before and couldn't do anything I felt bad at handling him. Emily-san had noticed it and came closer to us, but Tobias spoke ignoring that.

"Today 【Flame Prison Corps】 disbands."

"Haa? You're stopping OSO?"

"No, we're disbanding the guild once then remaking it with the same name. After getting rid of this entire uproar, once again we're recreating with folks who like looking at Flein's selfishness."

"...that so. But, don't be a nuisance to others."

"That'll be difficult. If Flein is selfish then so are we. Once we get bored of it, we'll leave without hesitation. We accept who comes to us, we do not chase the ones who leave. You're free to do whatever you want. We won't deny it nor we will interfere. It seems quite simple but... it's comfortable."

With a distant look in his eyes the PK in front of me spoke of Flein.

Ahead of his line of sight, Flein who was gradually pushed down with force fought, enjoying himself like a child.

——PK. It appeared like a way to play freely unbound by rules in exchange for a high risk, it had left me with impression of yet another way to play the game.

And, everyone watched the two's battle in silence.

Without selecting any method of recovery right from the start, the two continued to fight shaving away each other's HP.

Then, Flein moved.

"——《Killing Edge》!"

It finally came! Driven into a corner Flein had triggered sure-kill skill for a one-shot reversal.

A single blow was released with the thin sword after he lowered his waist and posture. A sharp blow approaching the gap between helmet and the armour, Mikadzuchi avoided it with minimal amount of movement and instead reversed it on Flein by kicking him in the abdomen.

After rolling on the ground Flein stood up again, confronting Mikadzuchi.

"UOOOoooo——《Killing Edge》!"

He did a detailed feint with his legs, betting on one-shot reversal.

Aiming at the moment Mikadzuchi couldn't react, he let out a blow at the gap in the armour. In response to the attack with sure-kill skill, Mikadzuchi's HP received normal damage.

Not missing the moment Flein stopped moving, Mikadzuchi has flattened him with monstrous force. Then, she's gotten on top of Flein mounting him, stopping his movements.

"Now then, your loss is decided. From what I've heard, there's a self-defeating technique that allows avoiding risk. But, let yourself be defeated nice and quiet without self-destructing."

"Of course. Geez, who was it, the guy who avoided risk by self-defeating. Just you wait."

Saying so Flein snorted, relaxing his body.

When I glared at the person who actually used 《Sacrifice Counter》's self-defeating technique to avoid risk, ahahaha, Tobias laughed dryly and averted his gaze.

"You're completely different from the two times before. What did you do."

By pinning down the wrist of the hand holding the sword with her leg and poising her stick at his throat, Mikadzuchi sealed Flein's movement. He requested her to spoil her change.

"That'll be this armour, a quest reward."

One of the items Mikadzuchi has obtained as a reward from the quest. I opened my inventory and checked the equipment's stats.

Dark Wolf's Guardian Armour 【Armour】

DEF+30 Additional Effect: 【Defence Attribute: Immortality】【Might】【Skills Sealed】

The full-body armour with a wolf's design was equipment made with raid boss Garm Phantom as a model, the defence itself was quite low.

However, the additional effects were useful.

"The armour's additional effect is that of an undead, an immortality-type. The damage from slashing done to undead is very low. Also, since they are already dead, sure-kills are meaningless."

"Haa, in that case the way to attack would be blunt attacks, fire or light. Also, recovery-type, was it."

Well, I got this one by chance though. Mikadzuchi shrugged.

Other than that, the additional effect 【Might】 significantly enhanced physical attack power, in synergy with similar physical increase-type Senses it allowed her to surpass Flein's strength.

In the end, 【Skills Sealed】 made it unable to use any skills and arts which was a disadvantage, but in PvP, the usage of 【Arts】 makes opening in defence and their usage is avoided as much as possible, so during this time's battle with Flein it wasn't a disadvantage.

"A combination of burly and muscle-brain huh. This...brute...woman..."

The moment Flein started cursing, Mikadzuchi ruthlessly delivered a blow to Flein's head from above as if to clearly declare the win. The heavy blow broke Flein's head who couldn't escape on the ground, stealing away his remaining HP.

From among everyone watching, Flein's PK comrades who confirmed his loss let out a long sigh, then with light tone of voice "Withdraw〜, well then, sorry for intruding." they tried to leave.

Hearing such careless voice, Mikadzuchi called out to stop them.

"It was fun. How about you people? Having a closing party together now."

"Huh? We're PKs, just a moment ago you were fighting our guild master. What are you saying?"

"I don't mind. Well, you're free to participate."

"No, our top is sleeping here..."

Is that fine? What do we do about this. With that kind of feeling Tobias had loudly scratched his head, troubled.

When he did, with expectation Mikadzuchi's line of sight was directed towards me.

"Haa, geez. I get it."

"Thanks. Missy."

I said, don't call me "missy". Speaking inside of my mind I stood in front of fallen Flein and used a single potion.

"Heyhey, no way..."

The PKs opened their eyes wide as Flein was revived along with a pink-coloured effect. Well, to use an expensive Revival Medicine on reviving a PK, they must have thought me as of some kind a weirdo.

"That hurt. Even if you're a brute, you don't have to go that far. Seriously."

"Don't call a woman 'brute'. Also, a finishing blow has to be decisive."

As Mikadzuchi replied with a personal grudge mixed in her voice, Flein admitted to losing and no longer challenged her. For now, but...

"Next is a match in drinking. Hey, gather up the folks that are logged in to join the party."

"You serious... aren't you. Well, I'll go along with it. Until I'm bored that is."

Imperceptibly, the quest clearance's after-party had started and involved unrelated people.

Eating, drinking and socializing. With free participation, it had started with people still excited after battle. And, together with PKs the adults have started drinking liquor while snacking. There was also a trading competition with the quest rewards.

"Heeey, are the drinks and fish ready yet〜?"

"I'm bringing them now. Heck, why am I making those!"

I retorted while carrying dishes on a platter to the drunks.

After coming back to the first town, we have gathered the remaining food from the stalls and improvised hors d'oeuvre, then together with people who had 【Cooking】 Sense I made requested dishes.

"Hmm. Looks delicious. Let's try it with wine then."

"Fuhaa! Deep-fried good and shōchū combination really is good."

"Beer for me. But, a cook... hey, a few of you from my guild hurry up and learn 【Cooking】 Sense!"

A set of adult drinkers. Mikadzuchi, PK Flein and completing the peculiar trio after hearing about the party from somewhere, Cloude. They picked their fried food and favourite alcohol.

Well, like usual it was decided that responsible for preparing food for the party will be people with 【Cooking】 Sense.

Some people from among 【Flame Prison Corps】 who wished to acquire the Sense have appeared and used the opportunity to try studying and memorizing the efficient methods for growing the Sense.

"Heey. You can change! I've called in personnel from the Crafting Guild who have 【Cooking】 Sense to prepare food for the closing party."

"Magi-san, thank you very much."

I could finally rest with this. When I made a relieved smile, Magi-san waved her hand telling me not to mind it.

"We just wanted to participate as well. Originally after the event organized by crafters we planned to do a closing party, so we're just taking advantage of this now. Also... everyone loves festivals."

"You're right."

Really, there are all kinds of people here.

Some traded or auctioned the rewards from today's quest, the onlookers continued to gather until it was all settled.

The members of 【Flame Prison Corps】 other than Flein made demonstrations of PvP combat, performing a street fight.

That man who was called Flein's right arm had participated in the street fight, also a different person, a female player with a soft expression has received 【Cooking】 Sense's lesson from us.

"Still, it seems like there's some rare materials gathered here that make me really excited."

Squinting, Magi-san watched one of the raid quest's rewards, Garm's Fang pick up the price on the auction.

The crafters seemed to be interested in the reinforcement materials.

"Oh right〜. By the way Yuncchi. Yuncchi, won't you use the seedling for a bow?"

Sitting next to Magi-san, Lyly tempted me with meat on skewer in hands.

One of the raid quest's rewards, 【Wisteria Peach's Seedling】 was a material and an item for cultivation. Lyly already undertook contracts from several people for crafting staffs with them.

But, my answer was already decided.

"Sorry. I intend to plant it."

"Thought so〜. As I thought, you can get materials for 【Revival Medicine】 in a stable manner. It must be really alluring option for someone with 【Mixing】 Sense."

"Then, Yuncchi. What else did you get? Is there something you can use?"

"Not really, doesn't seem like I'll use it."

The same full body armour Mikadzuchi received and a bracelet accessory.

As for the armour's description, I explained its stats already during Mikadzuchi's and Flein's battle, but it was different for the other reward.

The bracelet accessory had a little interesting effect.

Wisteria Peach Tree's Ivy 【Ornament】 (Weight: 3)

DEF+5 MIND+5 Additional Effect: 【Limited Revival: 3 / 7】

The bracelet that was made with motif of the Wisteria Peach Tree that was the quest's symbol, temporarily granted an effect of a revival skill.

The effect was limited, the revival skill could be used up to a number indicated by amount of pink petals on the bracelet, one petal a day recovered its colour after usage. The number of petals was seven.

Since I had the Wisteria Peach Seedling, I felt won't have many opportunities to use the accessory's revival skill.

"——And, so. I'd rather have the second seedling or the book."

"That's allowance of those who haveee!!"

"Woahh?!! Myu, don't startle me."

Suddenly Myu had yelled from behind me, making me turn around in surprise. Myu furrowed her eyebrows with just a little of tears in her eyes.

"The bracelet was the reward I want... Taku-san got a strengthening material he can use for his weapons, Sei-oneechan got mantle and seedling through trading, she said she's going to enhance her mage equipment!"

Ahh, Taku had unexpectedly good luck. Sei-nee didn't get the items she was aiming for because of her greed sensor, but it seems like she obtained them through trade.

"Well, I don't really mind exchanging with you."

"Really?! Yayy! Onee-chan I love you!"

I said, call me 'brother'. Is what I wanted to say, but I was forcibly pressed an item to through the trading screen.

For the trade's contents, Myu put in the book and I put the bracelet. However, I thought of asking what is she going to do with the bracelet I can't use myself and——

"See, with this I can use limited revival magic! Since revival belongs to recovery magic type, when I use it I get much more experience than from using normal recovery! In other words, it'll be a leveling item!"

As Myu explained excitedly, the three of us crafters responded with "I see", convinced. So there's also that kind of usage, I was impressed.

Agitated so much it seemed like she'll start skipping, Myu returned back to Lucato. Looking at her from behind, I thought that she's still a kid.

Then, arbitrarily stirring up a fuss during the closing party seemed like the second event. The young people escaped early. The adults remained drinking until latter hour.

And as everyone spend time in their own way——

"You... are Endo, aren't you."

"W-w-w-what is this about I wonder? Swordsman Taku."

"No, after I covered for you I saw your entire face under the mask from below. Don't hide it."

Emily-san's shoulder slumped and it seemed like her background had become dark, it seemed like her identity was easily found out by Taku. With this there was no longer any reason for her to hide her identity, right now she sat next to me and looked at the surroundings.

"Somehow, it seems like unrelated people mixed in."

"Everyone loves festivals."

There were quite a lot passer-bys who have mixed in, they ate various things and continued to talk with each other.

Look, there are some even next to us——

" the way, Letia, Raina, Al. What are you doing?"

"*'nomnom*... *gulp*, Yun-san, Emily-san. Welcome back."

"Ah, Yun-san, Emily-san. Cheers for good work."

"Cheers for good work."

The three have collected remaining food and were eating it. Mainly Letia that is.

And then, Al's and Raina's expression suddenly turned bright and they gave us a report.

"Listen to this! We decided to make a guild!"

"Our own guild! We were fed up with annoying solicitation and after thinking about it, there was no need to enter anywhere!"

Fufun! As Raina puffed her chest proudly, oh, so that's what happened. I thought.

"You did well to obtain a 【Guild Emblem】."

"That's just something I bought during a walk around the market. It was quite cheap."

She made a classic head tilt, how about it? Want some? Letia had recommended me some fried food, but I refrained myself.

"Our guild is 【Fresh Green Wind】! We haven't decided on doing anything yet, but Letia-san is the guild master and we're the members! Since there's still just three of us, we don't need a sub-master, but one day I'll become stronger and the undisputed sub-master!"

Raina got fired up, but I think a guild's sub-master isn't just about levels. If you look at Sei-nee or Cloude, it would appear that composure and administrative capacity are required. Well, if she were to become Letia's sub-master, the atmosphere wouldn't go bad I guess.

Together with Emily-san, do your best. We said and logged out.

And, at a later date——

"Hmm. I overdid it but well, no problem."

I renovated the 【Atelier】 using the money I obtained through betting. The price of land increased every time I bought some, there was a sunroof and a wooden deck from which I could overlook the field, I prepared a table and chairs making a small stylish space for a tea party.

On a side note. To build this I didn't have enough money saved up, so I got some more by selling Revival Medicine and such, securing the required money.

And, in the field visible from the wooden deck the Wisteria Peach's Seedling was planted, it grew quickly stretching itself out.


Leaning on the tree's trunk was Ryui and running around its chasing after its own tails was Zakuro. The two animals occasionally looked up at the hanging petals.

A comfortable sound reached my ears as wind swayed the vines and petals.

In the real winter was imminent, but in the game the sunshine was warm enough to sunbath.

"Oh my? Fufu, Yun-kun. I've come to see how are you, and here you are sleeping."

I'm not sleeping. I'm awake, I wanted to say but in contrast to my consciousness, my eyes remained closed.

The one who called out to me as I slept on top of a table on the wooden deck must have been Emily-san.

Her gentle voice made me extra drowsy. If I'm not wrong, if fatigue or some other for sleeping is detected through the brainwaves, the player's awareness is temporarily put to rest, allowing the brain to rest.

However, even though I was sleeping, I felt something warm by my side and on my knees.

Before my consciousness fell, the single cry of a wolf I heard must have been a dream or an illusion.


Name : Yun

Weapon : Black Maiden's Longbow

Secondary Weapon : Magi-san's Kitchen Knife

Armour : CS No.6 Ochre Creator (Outerwear, Underwear, Torso, Waist).

Accessory Equipment Limit 2/10

● Rugged Iron Ring (1)

● Substitute Gem's Ring (1)

Possessed SP23

【Bow Lv40】 【Longbow Lv14】 【Sky Eyes Lv5】 【Speed Increase Lv28】 【See-Through Lv15】 【Magic Talent Lv46】 【Magic Power Lv49】 【Enchant Arts Lv26】 【Dosing Lv28】 【Linguistics Lv18】


【Alchemy Lv32】 【Synthesis Lv33】 【Engraving Lv2】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv34】 【Taming Lv8】 【Earth Element Talent Lv19】 【Cooking Lv27】

Raid Quest Rewards

● Wisteria Peach's Seedling

● Dark Wolf's Guardian Armour

● Mysterious Book (not deciphered)