Volume 11 Chapter 4

With the second trial for the Sense Expansion Quest over, we sought information on the third trial's subjugation quest target 【Emperor Isopod】 but we found almost no clues.

And thus, we split up to try find information on the 【Emperor Isopod】. Then, after an entire day of looking for information, we met up to share what we have found.

After sitting at the counter seats of 【Atelier】 we have decided to use as the meeting place, together with Myu and Sei-nee we had sweets and tea poured by Kyouko-san, then started to share the information we had. By the way, Taku would be a little late apparently.

"Can I start?"

Sei-nee raised her hand and reported the results of her investigation on 【Emperor Isopod】.

"I tried asking our guild's members but no one knows anything. Unlike the Lightning Horse, 【Emperor Isopod】 is an unconfirmed mob there's no info on."

Unable to bring any positive results, Sei-nee made an apologetic expression for a moment, but a smile soon returned to her face and she continued.

"However, they have shared information on various quests that were added in the New Year's update."

It's possible that the members of 【Eight Million Gods】 shared the information on different quests after seeing Sei-nee disappointed when she couldn't find information she was looking for.

It must have also been thanks to her virtue as the guild's submaster, too.

"Is that so? Then we could pick up one of these quests when we have some free time."

"What about you, Yun-chan? You said you'd go to the library, did you find any clues?"

As I listened to her while nodding, Sei-nee asked me this time.

"I found no info on the 【Emperor Isopod】 but I found some interesting books on the shelves, then ended up losing myself in reading."

I spoke of the encyclopedia on herbs that grow under snow and a book about legends of the snow country that I read. This time, it was Sei-nee who nodded with a smile as she listened.

And as for Myu——

"Sei-oneechan, Yun-oneechan, why are you two taking it so leisurely?! A little more and Sei-oneechan will have to go back!"

Once the New Year's holidays are over, classes in the university Sei-nee attended would resume. She will have to return to the lodging far away from our home, which is why Myu was in a real hurry to finish this Sense Expansion Quest——

"But we have no clues on the subjugation target for the third trial."

"Indeed. We can't fight an enemy we can't find."

I heaved a sigh and responded, Sei-nee too has agreed with me.

There was no time limit for the quest itself so Sei-nee and I took our leisure, but Myu appeared discontent with that.

"Speaking of which, did you find any clues to 【Emperor Isopod】, Myu?"

"Ugh…that's...I searched as far and wide as I could but...I couldn't find him."

When I stared intently at her, Myu spoke in a choked voice and looked away as she reported results of her search similar to ours.

"But! I did find several new mobs, including bosses who were added in the update!"

Seeing Myu try to find excuses, Sei-nee and I just smiled wryly.

It's not like we were blaming her, we weren't bent on doing this Sense Expansion Quest to that extent. I offered her some tea to calm her down.

I spoke while Myu drank a slightly hot tea all at once.

"Even if we can't finish it this time, we can meet up again and finish it little by little, okay?"

"That's true, but I want to complete our goal as soon as possible! Also, I wanna boast to Luka-chan and others when we play in party!"

She reached towards the cookies that I prepared and started binge eating them.

"Also, since there's no hints or anything I went to talk with that Priest NPC in the great cathedral."

"And? What did he say?"

"He said——"No trial is given to those incapable of overcoming them" of all things!"

Certainly, as expected of the important Sense Expansion Quest, each of its trials had matched our Senses and levels. Still, hearing that was the only hint they had for us Sei-nee and I smiled bitterly.

That moment, 【Atelier】 store's door opened and our gazes were drawn to it. Coming in together with cold air from the outside, Taku immediately spoke.

"Everyone here? I've got good news."

"What?! No way, did you find 【Emperor Isopod】 location?!"

Myu stood up with a strong momentum, but Taku shook his head sideways.

"I didn't find him, but I know a guy who has."

He knows someone who found the boss, but he get information? I thought and got a little disappointed, but Taku sat down on the counter seat and started explaining in detail.

"I have this certain guild master acquaintance, when I asked him about the mob, he appeared to know."

"But he didn't tell you, right? Did he demand something in exchange?"

"Money? Items? Or maybe cooperation with beating some boss?"

"You're right on spot with exchange!"

Yep. Information has a value equivalent to items and equipment and just as Myu and Sei-nee said they were exchanged for such things.

Sei-nee as the submaster of 【Eight Million Gods】 guild had an access to a lot of information since it was open in the guild and used for strengthening all guild members. However, crafting recipe information was also a merchandise and was kept secret until the creator of the recipe could earn enough. The information about my 【Enchant Arts】 skills, 《Skill Enchant》 and 《Item Enchant》 was worth quite a bit, too.

I looked at Taku curious about what was he asked of in exchange for the information, but what he said had made me unable to understand it for a good moment.

"He wants to negotiate with Yun. He'll tell you his demand in detail when you meet, he said."

"Huh? Why me? Not Myu or Sei-nee?"

Taku nodded in silence, but this way over my head.

I could understand a reason to negotiate with all-purpose battle player Myu and 【Eight Million Gods】 submaster Sei-nee, having the two in the party would bring a lot of fighting force.

I twisted my head unable to understand the reason I in particular was requested.

"I see, so that's why."

"Huh?! You know something, Sei-nee?"

"Wait, why don't YOU get it? Yun-oneechan."

Myu retorted, and seeing me still unable to grasp the reason, she sighed appalled.

While I was completely confused, Sei-nee explained.

"Yun-chan, do you have any self-awareness that you're one of the most famous crafters in OSO?"

"I am? Maybe when it comes to funny stories…"

Thinking that being joked about as 【Nanny】 all over could have counted as being famous, I frowned. However, it appeared that wasn't what Sei-nee was trying to say.

"Yun-chan, you're famous among crafters who specialize in 【Mixing】, and you are close with other top crafters. Which means the reason you were requested, Yun-chan, is that——"

"——He wants to talk about something crafting-related?"

I asked and turned my gaze towards Taku to confirm the truth. He nodded in response.

"It's not like I confirmed the reason with him, but I guess that's the case if he wants to negotiate with you. However, I don't know whether he wants some difficult to make item or crafters' secrets, couldn't get it out of him."

Regarding my self-awareness as one of top crafters, I thought that I was still chasing after Magi-san and others' backs and didn't feel like it.

However, I was convinced on the reason why the guy wants to negotiate with me.

"Got it. So, where do we do these negotiations?"

"Over here's fine, right? The other side said they're ready at any time, should I contact him now?"

I nodded, and Taku got to contacting his acquaintance.

Meanwhile, Myu and Sei-nee finished drinking tea and eating sweets and stood up from the counter seat.

"I guess negotiations won't end soon, so we'll go hunt some together with Sei-oneechan."

"We'll go to the places Myu-chan had found new mobs added in the New Year's update."

The two said and left on a hunt.

"Now then, let's get to negotiations for 【Emperor Isopod】 info with the two of us."

A little excited wondering what kind of item will be requested, Taku and I sipped warm tea that was freshly poured and waited for the negotiations partner.

Before long, in 【Atelier】's store that I had Kyouko-san temporarily close, a player had entered through the doors.

That player was——

"Thanks fer contactin' me right away, Taku-chan."

Saying so, appeared a merry-looking, well-tanned player marked by salty winds. He had short silver hair and goggles, plus a harpoon on his back. Despite the fact it was winter in OSO, he was wearing a southern country-style shirt and sandals.

This player had an aloof and friendly atmosphere to him.

"I want the information on 【Emperor Isopod】 y'know. It's give-and-take."

"Taku said and the two laughed heartily at each other."

Also, I knew this player.

"【OSO Fishermen's Union】's guild master, Shichifuku…"

"It's a first that we speak directly, Yun-chan, eh. Lez' get along. Also, I'd prefer bein' call'd Captain rather than guild master."


I replied vaguely in response to Shichifuku's light-hearted greeting, confused.

Shichifuku appeared in my conversations in Taku a few times before, I also heard that he undertook quests together with Letia and Emily-san when small and medium-sized guilds banded together for a quest and managed to clear one of Christmas-limited dungeons.

I also knew that he started a hobby guild and right now he made a big name as the top specialist when it came to combat in water.

However, the biggest impression I had on him was in the winter when I met him while doing Christmas Event's gathering quest in a lake, which made me nervous now.

And probably this nervousness of mine was passed to him as…


He suddenly shouted and raised his fist up high startling me. Ryui and Zakuro who were hidden with illusion have appeared and stood right next to me.

"The hell you're doing! Don't startle us!"

"No, uh, last time I did this she'd made a nice response so I thought she'd do the same dis' time as well."

He said and looked at me with eyes filled with expectations, and so…

"G-got iiitt…"

My voice trembled from embarrassment as I said so and had to bear the painful looks of "the hell are you doing" coming from Taku and Ryui. As for Zakuro, he didn't seem to know what's happening and just tilted his head in wonder, his innocent gaze was even more painful as it pierced into my heart.

"Ughh! Anyway, negotiations! Why did you request to negotiate with me?!"

I started to talk in order to hide my embarrassment, which made Shichifuku make a serious expression and sit down on the counter seat.

At the same time, Ryui and Zakuro put their heads on top of my lap as I sat down on the seat, so I pat the two's head and listened to what he had to say.

When everyone calmed down, Shichifuku spoke.

"Looks like ya got relaxed 'nuff. Onii-san's gonna explain reasons now."

Said Shichifuku and made a bright smile, making me think he was hard to deal with and listen intently. He raised a single finger and started explaining.

"One, is my personal preferences. I have been acquainted with Taku-chan ever since my guild was still a hobby guild, and I heard lots about ya, Yun-chan, from Letia-chan and Emily-chan with whom I did a quest together when small and medium-sized guilds' come together. I also heard about ya from lots other places, and all I heard were good things y'know."

"Is that so…"

I felt a little abashed feeling that was a kind of a praise, and rubbed the back of my head.

"I hear that yer really great at takin' care of others, gentle, are very attentive of details and on top of that yer great at cooking, being in the top of the ranking of "players you want to become your bride"."

"Wait a moment! Who the hell said that?!"

This isn't about crafting at all! No, I know that 【Cooking】 is also crafting, but still! I shouted in my heart, and Taku had muffled up his laughter further irritating me.

"Well, jokes aside…"

"A joke, huh…?"

Having to react to everything he says is really tiring, I thought and heaved a sigh. Meanwhile, Shichifuku expression tensed up.

"Still, the thing I wanna say is that if Taku-chan and others have a good opinion of ya and yer are a player they trust, it means that I can trust ya as well."

Yeah, it did feel like I'm being praised, I ended up scratching my cheek and averted my gaze.

"The second reason is that I'm personally grateful to you."

"For what?"

"After 【Cold Damage】 update has been implemented we had to wear cold-resistant equipment and it was very inconvenient fer us to fight in water. But thanks to 【Hot Drink】 and 【Elemental Cream】 you made, that problem was solved. I'm grateful ya know."

Shichifuku said and lowered his head with all seriousness, making me flustered.

"You don't have to lower your head! Also, even if I didn't make it, someone else would have!"

"It might be so regarding crafting, but you sell it cheap, right? That matters lots to us, so accept Onii-san's thanks. It's free, after all."

I haven't ever been thanked this straightforwardly before, so I felt quite uncomfortable about it.

Finally, Shichifuku's final reason was——

"I, no, our guild had requested making of a certain item from several crafters but were refused. That's why I we want ya, Yun-chan, who's well acquainted with other skilled crafters to lend us yer knowledge and help us out. Please."

He said, and once again lowered his head, but I couldn't promise anything until I learn what was the item they wanted.

"So, what is the item you want?"

"——A fishing vessel. And not a small one like a boat! We want a big ship that the entire guild could board at once."

Hearing that, I closed my eyes and thought for a moment. Taku didn't speak up either.

"Can it be a wooden ship? Do you have any plan for it in particular?"

"A wooden ship's okay, in particular, we'd been thinking of something like a galleon."

That'd be a damn pirate ship and not a fishing vessel, I thought for a second, but it was indeed easy to imagine.

In which case, the person I should contact here was Lyly the carpenter.

"Got it. I'll ask a crafter I think might take undertake it."

"Yesss~! I thought I'd be refused again, Onii-san here was really nervous."

"Heck, it's pretty obvious that a request to make a galleon would be rejected. There's a problem with location to make it in and gathering materials, plus it would be reaaally expensive."

I said and stood up, then entered 【Atelier】's workshop and connected a friend call to Lyly.

For the first three days of the new year there was no sign of him logging in, but he did log in now with a perfect timing so I was able to contact him.

『"Happy New Year's, Yuncchi. I didn't think you'd contact me now, what happened?"』

"A request for crafting a ship has come to me just a moment ago, are you interested?"

『"Hmm, what kind of ship is it?"』

"Apparently, they want a galleon-sized ship…"

『"Yuncchi, bring that person to me! Don't let him run away! Also, I'll call Magicchi too! See you in my store later!"』

"Huh? Wait, wait a sec——he disconnected."

Having the schedule one-sidedly decided I heaved a sigh, and decided this meant everything will work out, then returned to the store part of 【Atelier】.

There, eating snacks and waiting for me were Taku and Shichifuku, both of them raised their heads and looked at me.

"How was it?"

"Bring him to me, he said. I guess he wants to hear details for now."

"Yess! Thank you, Taku-chan, Yun-chan. You've really helped Onii-san lots."

Seeing Shichifuku frolic merrily like a kid, Taku spoke up."

"Where do you even intend to use a galleon-sized ship? No, considering you want all guild members to fit on it, can it be that you're planning to use it as a guild house?"

"That's a secret. Now, where do I meet that crafter?!"

"I'll lead you there."

I took Ryui and Zakuro, then with the three of us we left 【Atelier】 and headed to Lyly's store.

【Lyly's Woodworking Shop】 facing the main road in the Eastern part of the town was thriving as always, standing in front of it Shichifuku had looked up at the signboard with his mouth wide open.

"No way. The crafter yer going to introduce me to is the top crafter, Lyly?!"

Shichifuku was bothered by the imposing shade of this building, but this wasn't a prank.

"Lyly told me to bring you to him no matter what."

"Nonono, I was refused by lots of carpenters so far, I don't think anyone but someone with strange tastes would accept it. Why a top crafter all of a sudden?!"

Leading completely confused Shichifuku, we entered the store.

And just as usual, I spoke with the Clerk NPC and was allowed in to the back of the store. Along the way Taku and Shichifuku had looked around with curiosity.

"I don't have any equipment of 【Woodworking】 type so I haven't come here before, so this is how it looks like here in the back."

Taku muttered as we passed by the shooting range, and then was led towards the back of the store.

Then in the very back, in the furthest corner of the store beyond which there was only the outside we stood in front of the black door. I opened the door and entered inside.

"This is——【Ownership of Personal Field】's area."

"Amazin'. There's a plain and a forest far in the back, and also a huge building. Onii-san sure is surprised."

Once we entered Lyly's personal field, an adult phoenix Neshias had flown over and sat down on my shoulder.

"Thanks for coming to welcome us. Can you lead us to Lyly?"

I asked Neshias, who jumped into the air and slowly flew towards the building.

We followed him and entered from the front.

There we passed quickly by a wide space that appeared to be a workshop and arrived in a place that had several beams in the ceiling and was equipped with pulleys.

"'Dis looks like a dock."

Also, in the corner there were woodcrafting tools and also tools made for working with large woodcrafting projects. Seeing them, Taku and Shichifuku opened their mouths agape in wonder, so I left the two be and spoke to Neshias who once again sat down on my shoulder.

"Thanks Neshias. You can go and play together with Ryui and Zakuro outside!"

I said, and Neshias, leading Ryui and Zakuro, had flown to the plain outside.

After seeing him off, I raised my voice and called.

"Lyly! I brought the player who wants a ship made!"

"Got it, Yuncchi! I'm coming now!"

Lyly was apparently working in the back and has ran over to us in a trot. Even after seeing Lyly's appearance Shichifuku continued to be dumbfounded.

"Hello. Welcome in my shipyard! You want a ship, right?! I hear you want a galleon-sized ship or something?"

"Yeah. I want a small and medium-sized guild to pilot it."

"Got it!"

After hearing what Shichifuku had to say, all excited, Lyly immediately ran to the back to get something. Meanwhile, taking his place and coming in was Magi-san.

"Yun-kun, Taku-kun, happy new year's."

"Happy new year's to you too, Magi-san."

After I lightly lowered my head and said new year's greeting to her Lyly had returned and Magi-san spoke again.

"I was called by Lyly earlier and was asked to become an advisor for crafting a ship, is that person there the client?"

"Nice to meet ya, yer Magi-san the blacksmith rite. I'm called Shichifuku, 【OSO Fishermen's Union】's guild master. I had asked Taku-chan and Yun-chan to act as a intermediate with carpenter Lyly."

"Which means, you're Taku-kun's acquaintance?"

"Yeah. Although 【OSO Fishermen's Union】 is a small to medium-sized guild, they're specialists when it comes to fighting in water. If you need any materials gathered in water, you can request it from them."

Taku said and appealed Shichifuku's usefulness, making Magi-san nod with a smile.

"I see, I'll do so if there's a chance to."

Now that the introductions were over, Lyly had came back holding several rolls of paper and spread them on a workbench nearby.

They were all blueprints for a galleon that Shichifuku had requested, Lyly showed them to him with a sparkle in his eyes.

"How about this? It has a lot of masts and is fast. And this one has few but instead can carry a lot of load! This one is very sturdy and simple!"

Said Lyly and one after another showed blueprints to Shichifuku, who checked them one by one.

Meanwhile, Taku, Magi-san and I set chairs next to a nearby table and prepared some tea on spot.

Shichifuku had slowly picked out candidates out of several blueprints and then finally, chose one.

"This looks very close to what we want. It can carry a lot and has a very broad deck making it easy to fight from it. There's a few masts so it'll be slow but can be piloted with a small amount of people thanks to that."

Lyly had left the single chosen blueprint and cleaned up all others, then returned back to us.

"Well then, Yuncchi, Magicchi, could you advise me? I want some good ideas for this blueprint!"

This time Lyly had spread the blueprint so that everyone, not just Shichifuku could see it. I peeked in on it.

Written down on the blueprint Lyly has spread on the workbench were forms and details of the required wooden parts, but there was no information on the materials to be used and equipment to be installed inside the ship.

"The ship will use wooden materials as the main, but it will require some other detailed pieces. I want your advice on these."

I took a look at the blueprint, there was a mast, rope ladders and ropes called rigging that were indispensible equipment for a ship.

"Hey, Lyly, will you put cannons on this?"

Magi-san asked with excitement, but Lyly only smiled wryly and denied.

"Don't think that's possible. The entire thing will turn much heavier if we put in cannons, it might capsize once enemy mobs get on the deck."

He said and showed data on the load limitations and the materials and parts durability. It was all black magic to me though.

However, since this ship wasn't just going to carry players but also act as a fishing vessel, I understood that there was a need to calculate the weight so that it doesn't capsize once medium-sized enemy mobs get on.

"Even if we don't put any cannons on, they can use magic to shoot from a long distance, right?"

"What a shame, if you wanted to put some on, I thought of using this opportunity to develop cannons."

I smiled bitterly seeing Magi-san say so. Lyly had puffed his cheeks and protested.

"We can't! If we do that the ship will break!"

"Our ship looks like it'll become a pirate ship at this rate rather than a fishing vessel, is everything 'll rite? Onii-san's startin' get worried here."

Shichifuku muttered, but it didn't reach ears of Lyly and Magi-san who were in the middle of cannon dispute.

Afterwards we stared at the blueprint for some time and confirmed the materials that will be required to use for parts and equipment.

"What wood will you use for the whole thing?"

"Actually, for keel and masts I will use hardwood-type of material since they can be exchanged. But for the rest I'd like to use quality wood."

"What about ship's nails then? What will you do about it?"

"Hmm. We can purchase some from NPCs, but those would make bindings between wood weak."

"Hey, Lyly, could you show me how do actual nails used in ships look like?"

Magi-san joined the conversation and took an actual ship nail in her hand to check the size and weight.

"Strength-wise they should to be stronger than iron or steel, huh. What about Black Iron?"

"Magi-san, won't that be too heavy? Several thousands of such nails would start affecting the ship's weight."

"I see. Other metals could not be strong enough, so if steel and black iron aren't fit…what about Blurite? It's very compatible with water element…but will cost a lot."

Hearing a pricy magical metal's name appear among materials for the ship, Taku and Shichifuku had shuddered, but I had further added my own bit to the conversation.

"Certainly, there's a high probability a ship would be attacked by water element attacks. How about making an alloy with Mithril? It would have resistance to both water and magic, and be quite tough. You can make it, right? Magi-san."

"Nice idea! Also, the alloy with Mithril would be lighter than pure Blurite and as light as Steel nails."

"Also, the ropes used on the mast have a possibility of ripping if a normal rope is used, so how about using a rope made out of metallic thread?"

"In which case, wouldn't using Iron metallic thread which is hard to rip be good? For masts' sails we could have Cloude pick the most fitting thing in his own discretion. Well, I guess this is about all we can come up with for now."

Magi-san and I have heated up in the conversation, but Shichifuku spoke fearfully.

"Actually, our guild's budget for making the ship is 10mG…"

"With just that, there's not enough for using the materials we just mentioned… A single Mithril sword costs few million G, so if we use several times that worth of Mithril we would run out of the budget with just nails."

Magi-san said, making Shichifuku open his eyes wide in shock. Furthermore, without any awareness Lyly had added a further blow.

"Also, I don't think I'll be able to make a galleon-sized ship alone, so I would need synthetic mobs to help me out. For that I'd like at leasdt 20mil G."

"Ugh… Just the nails and mobs for helping out will cost 30mG?! No waaay!'

Shichifuku raised his voice hearing the great sum.

However, this cost of 30mG was a rough estimate and if all more detailed pieces were included it could cost much more.

Finally, I added a finishing blow.

"I'll have to say this, but…right now, the only ones who can make a Mithril alloy are just a few among the top blacksmiths. Normally such skilled crafters wouldn't ever undertake a request to make several thousands of nails instead of weapons… And thus, I guess we have to deny this ship construction standard."

Hearing that Shichifuku had hung his head depressed and Taku looked at him with pity. Basically, making a ship under these terms was impossible——but if the terms were different, then…

"About this request——I'll undertake it!"


"Well, I think that if you gather the materials by yourself the costs will decrease by a lot. Also, if your 【OSO Fishermen's Union】 players acquire 【Woodworking】 Sense and help out it will get even cheaper."

"But there's no players who can make Mithril alloy nails, right?"

Taku had pointed out, but Lyly had smiled towards me and Magi-san and replied.

"I think the construction of the ship itself won't start for a while. By then, Yuncchi will have increased her 【Engraving】 Sense level and become able to make Mithril alloy nails. Also, Magicchi probably won't let something this interesting let pass by."

Magi-san and I smiled in response to Lyly's expectations.

"I guess. Not joining in something as interesting as making a galleon ship inside OSO would be a shame."

"I hardly ever get any requests for making items with 【Craftsmanship】 so I think I might be able to help out a bit."

We will have to consult with Cloude on the sails, if we don't he would definitely sulk. I imagined it and chuckled.

"Hey, hey! How about we put those cannons in after all? Like, a bonus option!"

"In that case how about a ballista?! If we're fighting against huge sea monsters a ballista would be lighter!"

"Hmm. Isn't there anything even lighter? Like, molotov cocktails? It would be hard for the ship to catch fire since it's on water, and it can be carried on the players."

With the basics decided upon for now, we started playing around with other parts based on our crafting expertise wondering if we could add something. Hearing that, the client, Shichifuku had made a worried expression.

Taku beside him had crossed his arms and muffling up his laughter watched the situation——

"Magi-san, if you want to make something with metal then how about you make an anchor? Lyly, you can make the a sculpture on the bow, and Yun, you make a lure for fishing."

And had joined in to mediate, and we accepted his proposal.

"Sorry. We got a little too excited. Although we can't get onto constructing the ship right away, we'll definitely make a good ship!"

Lyly responded so, representing us and had exchanged handshake with Shichifuku.

Personally it was an unexpected crafting request, but I was quite excited for something new that I hadn't taken part in before.

"Yun-chan, Taku-chan. Thank ya for introducin' me today to wonderful crafters. I can see our goal nows."

"Don't mind it, I had fun too."

"Well then, Shichifuku. Tell us the promised info on 【Emperor Isopod】."

With Taku's words I was reminded that we were negotiating in exchange for information for the third trial of the Sense Expansion Quest. The conversation about shipmaking was so fun that I ended up forgetting all about it.

Shichifuku smiled wryly as Taku urged, but then immediately made a serious expression and explained.

"I know I know. The boss mob 【Emperor Isopod】 is——hiding inside Dais Forest's lake."

"...Dais Forest? Where's that?"

"What, Yun-chan, ya don't rememba? It's the lake I got a big fish during Christmas Event, that area's called Dais Forest."

"Ah, the place where Yuncchi and I were beat up by weakling mobs!"

With that said I recalled how I was hung by my leg by a creeper plant mob and together with Lyly we were beat up and had to run. I also recalled how I looked to find a quest item inside the lake, but I didn't know the area's name.

I thought of it as "the forest on the outskirts of the Second Town".

Since Lyly looked my way and smiled bitterly, he must have known the area's name.

"Taku-chan, how about Onii-san helps ya out? It's not like we're strangers, and Yun-chan has 【Swimming】 Sense, right? How about we go hunt together and improve our relations while at it?"

"Can't do that. We're on a Sense Expansion Quest, we want to do it with just ourselves."

"Are you sure? Our guild has a lot of water-battle specialists y'know? I'm sure our leveling methods and experience will be of use."

Shichifuku had assertively pushed, but Taku was a bit reluctant.

On the other hand, I was pressed for an explanation on the Sense Expansion Quest by Magi-san and Lyly, so I started explaining.

"We also have Yun's little sister Myu and 【Eight Million Gods】 submaster Sei-san with us."

"What a shame! And here I thought I could get closer to two more skilled players, well, I guess I'll wait for another opportunity. We'll plan a combat training from on board a ship sometime, so come join us with your party, Taku-chan."

Shichifuku said and stood up from the seat. The talk of ship construction has been finished for the time being, and he was about to leave after receiving copies of the ship's blueprints.

With our goal of bringing the two together Taku and I have decided to go back too, so the three of us left the store together.

There, Shichifuku started to leave along with a "see ya!", but then he recalled something and turned around——

"Look forward to after ya succeed ta beat 【Emperor Isopod】!"

He said and left with a broad smile.

After we saw off Shichifuku disappear in the crowd, Taku had furrowed his eyebrows lightly.

"What is it, Taku?"

"What's up with you, Yun? Normally you would be more on alert if some guy wanted to try to get closer to Myu-chan and Sei-san."

"Hmm. How do I say this, it doesn't feel like Shichifuku has any bad intentions. Although he doesn't seem a very serious guy, he's not the type to hit on girls."

"Correct. You have a good eye there."

Taku praised me, but for some reason had made a difficult expression making me peek into his face and ask.

"You worried about something?"

"No. It's just that I felt like Shichifuku's last words had some hidden meaning behind them."

"Hidden meaning? Wasn't that just a cheer?"

Although Taku's intuition still said like there was something behind those words, his expression had softened right away.

"But it doesn't feel like a bad thing, so well, that's enough about that!"

"Good grief… I guess. For the time being we should clear the third trial and move on with the Sense Expansion Quest."

After thinking that Taku is worrying too much, I could only smile wryly at the speed at which he changed the topic.

Now finally, we had some prospects for beating the third trial. I had to get myself together in order to challenge it together with Myu and Sei-nee.