Volume 11 Epilogue - Sense Expansion and New Sense

Epilogue - Sense Expansion and New Sense

“Yes! We did it!”

Myu first ran over to Sei-nee who was the closest and clung to her with momentum. Sei-nee gently hugged Myu back.

On the other hand, Taku immersed himself in the aftertaste of finishing the Manticore off. As for me, I sat down on spot from the tiredness of battle.

“Haa, good grief. This time all my fighting methods were crushed.”

【Tool Seal】sealed my bow completely, and probably due to the Manticore’s characteristic, my curses, status ailments barely worked.

Also, with magic of my level, I was unable to deal any serious damage. Since I used up a large amount of Magic Gems on the battle with【Emperor Isopod】right before this, I did not have attack-purpose items.

From there, combat continued without stop and while I did not neglect replenishing items overall, it was still a shameful display of me as a crafter.

“There is lots to reflect on, ehh.”

“But we did manage to clear the quest. Thanks for good work, for now.”

Taku who was immersing himself in the aftertaste approached and turned the palm of his hand to me, we did a high touch.

“Still, I didn’t think that a destroyed body part would explode.”

During combat we thought it would become unable to use【Sealing Room】mechanics, but it instead activated them all at once, Taku made a bitter smile.

Personally, I don’t want to fight with enemies that have【Seal】-type skills ever again. But since I am going to continue playing OSO from now on, I need to remember that I will definitely meet such enemies.

“Yun-oneechan, don’t make such depressing face! Let’s continue the quest!”

Myu, who was clinging onto Sei-nee, this time stood in front of me who was sitting and pulled me with both her hands to make me stand.

Certainly, we managed to complete the quest, but there’s still the quest completion cutscene to get over with.

We stood in the middle of the arena where we fought against the Manticore and looked up at flickering walls.

Each wall’s color’s intensity grew stronger and an images drawn on them started to become clear.

It were images of goddess in various situations, and each of them spoke to us in a female voice.

──“‘O brave ones.” “‘O strong ones.” “You who challenge your limits.”

──“Ye will surely meet new joy.” “Ye will experience new meetings.” “Ye will surely face new hardships.”

──“““──Thus, I shall grant ye a blessing that will be of help to ye!”””

Along with these words, a menu opened for us.

SP15 Possessed

【Bow Lv54】【Longbow Lv37】【Magic BowLv20】【Sky EyesLv20】【See-ThroughLv33】【Swiftness Lv25】【Sorcery Lv26】【Land Element Talent Lv7】【Enchant Arts Lv49】【Physical Attack Increase Lv18】【No Sense Equipped】


【Dosing Master Lv14】【Alchemy Lv46】【Synthesis Lv46】【Engraving Lv28】【Taming Lv33】【Crafting Knowledge Lv10】【Cook Lv15】【Swimming Lv18】【Linguistics Lv25】【Climbing Lv21】【Bodily Resistance Lv5】【Mental Resistance Lv4】【Preemptive Knowledge Lv11】【Vital Points Knowledge Lv10】


  • New: 11th Sense was unlocked.
  • New: As a bonus for unlocking the 11th Sense slot, you can acquire a single Sense without spending Sense Points.

While confirming Sense Status information I asked Myu a question.

“What is this bonus for acquiring new Sense slot?”

“Hmm. It just means you get one free, right? I will exchange it for a Sense that will make me closer to a paladin.”

“Is it to make players who do not intend on taking new Senses, take some? I’m troubled myself~.”

“Well, it can be exchanged at any time so there is no need to decide right away, right?”

As Taku said so, I checked the list of Senses to take while continuing to listen to Myu and others’ conversation.

Myu started to talk about Sense combination she had in her mind since earlier, and Sei-nee spoke of how she intends to use the 11th Sense slot for leveling low level Senses.

In order to improve his current playstyle from the base, Taku intends to equip stat-increasing or sword-type Sense.

While impressed by how the three select their Senses, I was simply happy that there was one more Sense slot for me to equip something and that I could use more combinations.

“What Sense should I take, hm?”

If possible, I would like a Sense based on reflection on the fight with the Manticore.

One that would allow me to attack when my items are sealed, and at the same time be a Sense that would allow me use various items and objects.

If I had such a Sense, the range of my potions delivery and Magic Gems would increase, and I would become able to do emergency avoidance.

“Alright, I decided on my new Sense!”

I acquired【Telekinesis】as my new Sense, opened the menu and showed Myu and others.

Seeing it, Myu and Sei-nee’s expressions froze, and Taku put a hand on his forehead and looked to the ceiling.

Can it be, that I screwed up? ...I thought and started sweating on the inside──

“Yun-oneechan, you dumbass!”

Yeah, those are some really nostalgic words from Myu that I received.

“Why did you pick up a trash Sense like【Telekinesis】again?!”

“I-I knew it...”

I predicted this will be the case from Myu and others’ reaction, but being told so directly, did hurt quite a bit.

With tears in my eyes I looked at Sei-nee for help, but she only made a troubled expression and explained.

“Umm,【Telekinesis】does sound like some superpowers, but the range it can move items within is set and on low level the Sense’s effect only reaches right next to you. Also, it’s hard to control.”

“So… this means?”

“It means that it’s better to punch someone rather than use【Telekinesis】’s skills.”

Taku explained simply, making me fall on my knees.

“W-well, it isn’t very useful, but it should be okay if you combine it with various different Senses. It’s all right, probably...”

Sei-nee said so trying to cheer me up, her eyes swimming in the meanwhile.

“Fine, fine. I’m sure it will become strong like【Enchant】Sense when I level it up. I’m sure it will definitely become useful support for everyone when it’s maxed. I’m focusing on support right from the start.”

“Well, apparently if you level it up you will learn《Transfer》skill will allows you to pass your MP to others.”

“Really, Taku?!”

In that case, I would act as a secondary healer (for MP), I thought with expectation, but Myu returned me to reality with a little cold tone of voice.

“But when transfering MP there is a big loss, so it’s faster and better to just use MP recovery items.”

Told so by Myu, I lowered my head dispirited, which Sei-nee patted and cheered me up.

“It’s okay, Yun-chan. You can do it if you just try.”

“Really, Yun-oneechan, don’t get so depressed! Let’s end this topic! We finally managed to clear the Sense Expansion Quest, so how about we go eat something tasty?”

“Yeah. Also, there is still time until Sei-san needs to return to her boarding house, so let’s talk about what we can do together until then!”

Myu and Taku raised their voices lively.

“Yeah. It’s been already been decided, so might as well be optimistic.”

For now, let’s forget about the trash Sense that I acquired.

And then, we left the underground【Sealing Room】before logging out, to have a party in real to celebrate clearing the quest.

It was really troublesome after that.

In real, I listened to Myu’s request, went with Sei-nee for shopping, cooked a meal, called Taku to our house, we had a game tournament──

In OSO, we were called for【Eight Milion Gods】guild’s new year party, then took some time doing newly added quest and fighting newly-added enemy mobs.

Also, after messing around and having fun with comrades, Myu and Sei-nee, also together with our parents, spend leisurely New Years’ time together as family.

When the day for Sei-nee to return to her boarding house has come all of our family members including Taku came to see Sei-nee off, during which Myu ended up throwing a tantrum and troubling everyone, but──

“I’m back, Yun-chan!”

“Welcome back, Sei-nee. So you arrived safely.”

“Welcome back, Sei-oneechan. I missed you!”

“Oh, Myu-chan, really you.”

The place we were in at the moment, was inside the glass house that was built next to【Atelier】.

I still haven’t started working on its interior design, only preparing table and chairs so that I could rest inside.

“Are we going to adventure some?”

“Hmm. Onee-chan is a little tired today, so maybe next time~.”

When Sei-nee said with a troubled smile, Myu looked up at her from below and let out a slightly displeased voice, but she must have switched her feelings as she moved away from Sei-nee.

“I’m sure there will be opportunity to adventure together soon enough.”

“I guess. It only turned a little harder to match our log-in timing.”

Said Sei-nee and picked up some of sweets placed on the table, then we started chatting.

Myu party’s Lucato and others weren’t able to log in during the holidays due to family matters and they plan to go on adventure. Taku is gathering together with Gantz and others soon, and plan to do the Sense Expansion Quest once again.

Sei-nee is also planning various things with the guild, so I’m thinking of looking for things to have fun with by myself.

And the next time we meet up, it might be a good idea to talk about what happened to us while having a cup of tea.


Name : Yun

Weapon : Black Maiden's Longbow, Wolf Commander’s Longbow

Secondary Weapons : Magi-san's Kitchen Knife, Meat Cleaver – Heavy Black, Dismantling Kitchen Knife – Blue Dancer

Armour : CS No.6 Ochre Creator (Summer and Winter Versions)

Accessory Equipment Limit 2/10

  • Faerie Ring (1)
  • Substitute Gem's Ring (1)

SP15 Possessed

【Bow Lv54】【Longbow Lv37】【Magic Bow Lv20】【Sky Eyes Lv20】【See-Through Lv33】【Swiftness Lv25】

【Sorcery Lv26】【Land Element Talent Lv7】【Enchant Arts Lv49】【Physical Attack Increase Lv18】【Telekinesis Lv1】


【Dosing Master Lv15】【Alchemy Lv46】【Synthesis Lv46】【Engraving Lv28】【Taming Lv33】

【Crafting Knowledge Lv10】【Cook Lv15】【Swimming Lv18】【Linguistics Lv25】【Climbing Lv21】

【Bodily Resistance Lv5】【Mental Resistance Lv4】【Preemptive Knowledge Lv11】【Vital Points Knowledge Lv10】

New Years’ Results──

  • Acquired Crystal Pillar talisman.
  • Found a skilled craftsman NPC.
  • Registered a recipe for【Evil-Warding Barrier Piece】.
  • Introduced a request for making a large ship.
  • Unlocked 11th Sense slot.