Chapter 459 Creepy Herb Garden!

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"Nice! This inner armor looks awesome, and its overall stats enhancement is also very good!" Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes brightened in excitement as she admired the [Arcane Tunic] in her grasp.

The [Arcane Tunic] has a light blue color. It did not only look nice but also light and soft when Tang Li Xue held it.

Tang Li Xue undressed her white dress first, then she put on the [Arcane Tunic] before she wore her white dress again.

She decided to wear her white dress on the top of the [Arcane Tunic].

Tang Li Xue tried to move around swiftly while executed several sword techniques in succession.

She felt even more impressed by the [Arcane Tunic] since it felt really comfortable to wear and did not hinder her movement at all.

Tang Li Xue patted her chest and smiled in satisfaction at the [Arcane Tunic] she just got, then she quickly brought Little Loki and chased after the three Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples.

But Tang Li Xue still did not dare to carelessly approach their camp, so she decided to climb onto the tall giant tree near the camp to look at the situation first.

"Calm down! Do not panic! Gather in one place and set the defense formation quickly!" The older core disciples shouted to warn the frightened core disciples as he quickly unsheathed his sword and waved it several times as if he tried to cut something.

"Senior Brother~!"

"All right, Senior Brother~!"

The other frightened core disciples quickly regained their senses and gathered around their Senior Brother.

This Senior Brother was actually the leader of Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples, Beiming Chu. He held the same position as Ye Zhen from Immortal Sword Sect and Meng Ying from White Crane Sect.

'Eh? There are only seven of them? Why are there so few of them? Sigh... I thought there would be tens of them in their camp.' Tang Li Xue sighed in relief, but she also felt a bit strange since there were so few of them.

If the Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples could hear Tang Li Xue's thoughts, they might be vomiting a few liters of blood in anger and shouted out: "Who do you think stole all of our ancient jade emblems before?! It is YOU, right?! So, how could you complain that there are so few of us now!"

Nevertheless, Tang Li Xue was still not powerful enough to defeat all of them, even though there were only seven of them here since the three among them had already breakthrough from Acupuncture Opening Stage and reached the early Foundation Establishment Pill Stage.

Moreover, they seem currently facing something horrible right now, so Tang Li Xue decided to observe them for now while waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

'This white fog is really pissing me off. I cannot even see what they are currently fighting clearly!' Tang Li Xue grumbled in annoyance.


"Senior Brother, we already set a triple layer of defense formation!" The female core disciples reported to Beiming Chu.

"Good! But do not lower your guard down yet! We still do not know what we are facing right now!" Beiming Chu warned the other core disciples with a solemn tone.

The other Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples nodded at Beiming Chu.

They also unsheathed their respective weapons while facing in different directions as if they were prepared to defend against the attack from all sides.

One second... Three seconds... Five seconds... Ten seconds...

Each second in this kind of dangerous situation was truly nerve-wracking, and it felt very long.

Just when some of them gulped their saliva to calm down themselves...


The ground under their feet exploded!

"AAAAHHH~!!! SENIOR BROTHER, HEEELPPPP ME! SOMETHING IS PULLING..." But before he could finish his words, that male core disciple was pulled into the ground and vanished.

"Watch your feet, everyone! That creature bypasses our defense formation from underground!" Beiming Chu warned everyone while brandished his sword using all of his strength toward the hole on the ground where that male core disciple was pulled into.


Beiming Chu's sword made the ground exploded, but he failed to find anything there.

Even the missing male core disciple could no longer be found in that hole.

The other core disciples shuddered in fear as they distanced themselves from the hole on the ground.

But one of them accidentally stepped out from the protection formation while doing that!


Suddenly, that female core disciple was pulled backward by something powerful.

She was very frightened and immediately shouted for help: "HEEEELPPP~!!! HELP ME EVERYONE~!!! THERE IS SOMETHING..."

"Tsk!!! Don't you dare to look down on me!" Beiming Chu gnashed his teeth and clicked his tongue in anger as he swung his sword and cut something that pulled the female core disciple backward.

The female core disciple fell onto the ground, but she quickly crawled back into the defense formation in fright.

Beiming Chu helped the female core disciple to get up, but he saw something that binding the female core disciple.

"This is... a vine?" Beiming Chu murmured as he frowned deeply.

He swiftly cut the vine that binding the female core disciple's body with his sword and examined it closer, but the thick vine quickly withered and turned to dust after he held it.


Then the grassy ground below their feet suddenly trembled violently.

"Sh*t! Disperse now! Watch out for your feet! Do not let that vine catch your feet!" Beiming Chu shouted as he quickly retreated from the place he stood before.

The other core disciples immediately followed Beiming Chu's instruction...


The ground where they stood before exploded again, but the explosion was much greater than before!

"How could it be?! Don't tell me that this is..." Even Beiming Chu muttered while shuddered in horror right now.


Tang Li Xue squinted her topaz blue eyes and thought with a solemn expression: 'Invisible vines? No, it should be a man-eating plant equipped with invisible vines. To think such a terrifying creature is currently hiding in this Herb Garden!'

However, Tang Li Xue quickly remembered the herb garden in Asura Demon Sect that she infiltrated before.

'There should be many more terrifying creatures living here like in that place. Sigh... If only I can use my Flame of Pride right now, I can easily burn any dangerous plants.' Tang Li Xue thought while she shook her head in disappointment.

Many dangerous types of plants in the Immortal World were very powerful, and they might even have dangerous strange abilities.

Moreover, they were very resilient since they have very strong vitality and regeneration.

Thankfully, most of them were afraid of flame.

Of course, they were afraid of the Spirit Flames used to fight, not the normal flame used to cook foods.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue still could not use her Flame of Pride since the Phoenix Of Pride was still fall asleep to digest the source of Purple Ghost Flame right now.

'Ahhh, damn it! With these kinds of dangerous plants littering around here like this one, how could I calmly harvest these many precious herbs and fruits?!' Tang Li Xue groaned in dejection.

When Tang Li Xue still pondered her next plan carefully...

Little Loki, that sat quietly on Tang Li Xue's right shoulder all this time, suddenly used its tiny furry paw to pat Tang Li Xue's right shoulder several times.

Tang Li Xue glanced at Little Loki with a gentle smile on her face.

But when Tang Li Xue wanted to ask why Little Loki called her, Little Loki used its right paw to touch Tang Li Xue's pink lips, while it put its left paw to its mouth, signaled Tang Li Xue to not make any sound.

Then Little Loki pointed its left paw downward.

Tang Li Xue still felt puzzled, but she still decided to take a glance below where Little Loki's left paw pointed to.

Tang Li Xue suddenly shuddered when she saw the scene below her.

She was currently sat on the thick trunk of the tall giant tree, but who knew that this tall giant tree was actually the creature that currently attacking the Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples!

How could Tang Li Xue know about that?

Because currently, the tall giant tree opened its mouth filled with sharp teeth and chewing one of the Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples that it seized through the underground with its invisible vine just now.


Tang Li Xue reflexively almost wanted to shout out loud in shock and fright, but Little Loki quickly used its tiny paw to close Tang Li Xue's mouth, so she would not make any sound.

Tang Li Xue immediately realized what Little Loki means and nodded at Little Loki with a serious expression to show that she understood.

This carnivorous tree actually detected its prey from the sound!

Thankfully, Tang Li Xue did not shout or make any loud sound when she was so near to this carnivorous tree until now, or she might already become a snack for this carnivorous tree too.

Tang Li Xue immediately wanted to keep her distance from this carnivorous tree before it could lock her location.

The carnivorous tree might be not targeting her for now, but who knew if it realized Tang Li Xue's presence after it defeated and eaten all of Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples over there!

'I must quickly get away from here! but... how?' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in nervousness, but she did not dare to move carelessly because she was afraid of alerting this giant carnivorous tree.

Just when Tang Li Xue still thinking about what to do right now, the situation of Oracle Mountain Sect's core disciples already deteriorated so much under the relentless attacks from the invisible vines.

Finally, Beiming Chu was forced to take the worst decision and instructed all of his comrades to run separately in different directions to increase their survival chance.

'Oh, no! What the hell is he doing?!' Tang Li Xue's expression turned darker when she saw Beiming Chu swiftly dashed toward her direction while kept dodging the attack from the invisible vines that chasing behind him.

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