Chapter 817 – I Want to Meet the Man in Three Minutes

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Chapter 817: I Want to Meet the Man in Three Minutes

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Ye Tianxin stood beside Xie Xinghe and stared at him worriedly. What should they do?

As many people said, even a mighty dragon will not attack a snake in its own haunts.

No matter how powerful the Xie family was, it was in the Imperial Capital.

Xie Xinghe never liked to talk nonsense. Were we not allowed to see him?

They wouldn’t allow Xie Xinghe to meet the person he wanted to.

Were they making some kind of international joke?

“I’ll say it one last time. I want to see him.”

Xie Xinghe slammed the gun from his waistband onto the desk with a sound while speaking.

His slam was so powerful that the table trembled three times.

“Who… are… you?”

Xie Xinghe didn’t bother to talk with these people. He directly threw out his work card.

“I want to meet the man in three minutes. Otherwise, I will go myself.”

Xie Xinghe thought well. Besides, if he wanted to see someone with his ability, these wimps wouldn’t be able to stop him at all.

However, his uncle was not willing to reveal his identity. It was better for him to do less than more.

Someone took Xie Xinghe’s work card. He opened it and took a look, then asked while trembling, “Is… is this certificate real?”

They couldn’t help it because they had recently taken several cases of deception by pretending to be soldiers.

Who knew if it was real?

“Do you want my phone number? You can call and ask if there is a person who was named Xie Xinghe, can’t you?”

“No, no, no need to call.”

The gun was there, along with his work card.

If they dared to say “no” one more time, the gun would be pointed right at their heads and killed them.

“What are you still waiting for? Why don’t you let the chief get in right now?”

In the past, Xie Xinghe had given Ye Tianxin the impression that he was a rough man who only listened to Li Xingchen.

However, the way Xie Xinghe acted seemed so cool.

“Let’s go. We are going inside now.”

Ye Tianxin quickly followed Xie Xinghe inside. Ye Tianxin’s eyes instantly turned red when she saw Xie Xuning.

“Dad, they didn’t beat you, did they?”

Xie Xuning couldn’t help but smile when he heard Ye Tianxin. He said, “Silly girl, Who would dare to beat your father?”

“Dad, what’s going on?” Ye Tianxin’s face looked very pitiful with reddened eyes and tears sliding down her face.

Xie Xuning shook his head and said, “I finally found Jiao Hongmei. It turned out that she died, but I did not kill her.”

“Uncle, let Ye Tianxin sit here with you for a while. I am going out for a minute.”

Xie Xinghe had to find out what happened.

He knew Xie Xuning’s cautiousness too well. How could he possibly be involved in something like this?!

The only possible explanation was… someone must’ve deliberately set him up!

“Okay, go ahead. By the way, please inform your uncle Shangguan.”

“All right.”

Leaving Ye Tianxin with Xie Xuning, Xie Xinghe went out.

Xie Xuning, who had always been stern, sighed helplessly when he saw his daughter’s worried eyes.

He had forgotten that his daughter would worry about him if something happened to him.

“Dad, they didn’t abuse you, did they? More importantly, why did you suddenly think of coming to Shenhai? Did you get any new information?”

Xie Xuning nodded and said, “Tianxin, don’t cry. I’m fine, I really am. They wouldn’t dare to do anything to me. I didn’t kill anyone, so what do I have to be afraid of? The reason I didn’t identify myself was that I wanted to know how long they were going to lock me up.”

“Dad, does the dead person have anything to do with my mother?”

Xie Xuning looked at her daughter’s red eyes and replied in a deep voice, “To be precise, everything has to do with Lu Jijun.”

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