Chapter 361 – A Thousand Years

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Chapter 361: A Thousand Years

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Facing this sudden scene, everyone, including Chen Ruoxue’s big orange cat and her pet, did not react.

“Ah Bai, I can’t sense my clones outside the Ruins of Chaos anymore. This place seems to have been sealed.”

Planet Eye responded.

“Ah Bai, it looks like we’re already trapped here. I wanted to communicate with the Heretical God Origins space just now, but I discovered that the aura of space had disappeared. It looks like Chaos has blocked out everything,” Little Blood Dragon said.

“That’s right. We seem to be trapped here.” Purple Jade nodded. “However, from the trajectory of fate, there’s no bad luck. Instead, all our luck is faintly rising. This means that it’s a good thing for us.”

Purple Jade nodded.

The big orange cat took out a crystal ball and inspected it. Finally, it shook its head. “It seems like the upheavals in the outside world have made the will of Chaos feel some kind of danger. It has decided to increase the strength of these doomsday monsters. Therefore, it has sealed this place.

“We might not be able to leave for the time being, but I think this is pretty good. Let’s take advantage of this period of time to increase our overall strength. Chaos wants to increase the strength of these doomsday monsters. When the time comes, countless nomological Great Taos will be revealed. It will be a huge opportunity.”

Hearing this, Su Bai could not help but frown. “Can you calculate when this place will be locked down? I have no problem with that, but the situation on Blue Planet might not be good. I still have many family and friends.”

“That’s right. The situation on Blue Planet is too tense right now. If we go back late, it might disappear.”

“Yes.” Chen Ruoxue agreed. Nowadays, escapism was prevalent on Blue Planet. Who knew when the government and the Alliance would run away under the pressure?

This was very likely to happen. All the previous monster invasions had been child’s play because the news of the four pets of creation had yet to appear. Once the keepsake of the four pets was born, those true experts would swarm over.

With the current strength of humans, it was impossible for them to resist.

Not to mention the two traitorous organizations, Sirius and Saint Star.

Once they encountered a powerhouse, they would be the greatest guides. They might not even blink when betraying humans.

However, with their current strength, there was indeed nothing they could do about this situation.

“I can’t predict that either, but it shouldn’t take long. After all, the situation at the Long River of Time is critical. Chaos will definitely be involved.”

The big orange cat shook its head.

After trying all sorts of methods to confirm that they could not leave, Su Bai and Chen Ruoxue finally gave up and decided to settle down here first and raise the strength of their pets.

Perhaps there would be a special way to get out.

“Coincidentally, Planet Eye doesn’t lack anything. Let Time Ghost increase the flow of time here by a few thousand times. The power of Time Ghost will never run dry after all that we have done. We don’t have to worry about replenishing its strength anymore.”

Since they could not leave, Su Bai’s mood changed for the better.

The pets nodded as well, feeling a sense of urgency. It was indeed time for them to increase their strengths. Otherwise, they would not be able to participate in slightly stronger battles, and could only rely on Time Ghost and Little Blood Dragon.

After continuous experiments, the Time Acceleration of Time Ghost was finally confirmed to be 5,000 times faster. If a day passed in the outside world, 5,000 days would pass in Planet Eye.

A five-thousand-fold acceleration of time was just enough to allow Time Ghost to take care of its own cultivation without stopping the acceleration of time.

Su Bai had made up his mind. He wanted to completely improve his strength this time. Now that he had Big Orange Cat and Time Ghost, it could be said that he was all prepared to increase his cultivation.

Time passed by slowly. Only slightly more than three months passed in the outside world, but Su Bai, Chen Ruoxue, and their pets had already lived on Planet Eye for almost 1,300 years.

The civilization in China had only been 5,000 years.

1,300 was a mind-boggling concept to both of them and their pets. As time passed, Su Bai went from being frustrated, depressed, and even crazy to finally calming down and beginning to understand the meaning of time. He had read all the books no less than a hundred times and studied every human technology in existence countless times.

Even Chen Ruoxue, who was his girlfriend with a Thousand Changes, had already used up all her changes and postures. She had done all the crazy things that the two of them had never done before.

As time slowly passed, although their faces were not old, they carried the vicissitudes of time. They truly understood certain things and were truly able to adapt to the life of a long-lived species.

Apart from the two of them, the pets had also undergone tremendous changes. Over the past thousand years, as Planet Eye drifted in the Ruins of Chaos and the big orange cat was fed with almost unlimited resources, all the pets had reached the peak immortal grade.

After leaving this place, they would then be able to escape the restraints of time and become an eternal existence.

Purple Jade had grasped the Law of Fate at the initial stage and was not far from the “Life Goddess”, her final form.

Little Tyrant had completely completed all of its evolution phases and reached the peak of the Purgatory Tyrant. It had become a Sun Devourer that could even devour the sun. Furthermore, its fire laws had reached the large success stage.

A single spark from it could burn an entire world.

Mewling Fox had completely melted the demon spirit crystal and reached the form of the Dark Paragon Nine-Tailed Magic Fox. Its other illusory form had also directly evolved into the final form of the 10,000 Thought Fox King. Now, it could freely display all the power of the two forms even without changing forms.

The only thing it could not do was completely merge the two forms into one.

Comparatively speaking, Little Blood Dragon had the smallest change. It was still the Ancestor Blood Dragon, but it had reached the peak of the immortal grade. Moreover, it had fused with the bones of the Cursed First Dragon and refined its origin. Not only did it now have more than 10,000 kinds of Dragon Curses, but it could also create Dragon Curses on its own.

Apart from that, it had also fused with the crystal nucleus of the Destructive Demon Dragon. All its powers carried the power of a curse and the characteristic of destruction.

Time Ghost did not change much. It had only leveled up to the peak immortal realm. After fusing with the origins of Time Dragon, it had become incomparably powerful. Even the big orange cat could not find any better treasures for it.

Planet Eye had also changed drastically. It had now fully grown into a planet, and its true size became three times larger than Blue Planet.

Blue sky, white clouds, rivers, and lakes were born on it, as well as all kinds of creatures that Su Bai had nurtured using the genetic data in his database.

After evolving to the immortal grade, Planet Eye had completed its greatest transformation. It was now a living planet filled with life that possessed very strong combat power.

Naturally, Su Bai became the owner of the planet.

Starry Omnivore Kraken had also awakened and completely merged with the Sea of Destruction. Its current combat power was extremely terrifying. It had already reached the size of Saturn and far exceeded Planet Eye and Little Tyrant, who had evolved to their final route.

Currently, its strongest skill was Water Splash. A Water Splash could summon the Sea of Destruction that it had fused into its body. When the endless Sea of Destruction descended from the sky, not to mention tens of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, even a galaxy would drown beneath it.

However, it still had not completed its final evolution. After checking, the reason was that the world it devoured was simply not enough to fully support it in its final evolution. This made Su Bai speechless.

Now, the only ones in Su Bai’s possession that had yet to reach the peak immortal grade were Ice Phoenix who had run away from home and the big orange cat who could not increase its strength.

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