Novelfull, which was built in 2017, is a clean website that allow you to read light novels/ web novels online for free. This website has nearly 900 novels which are categorized into 36 different genres and ranked into Hot, Latest, Completed and Most Popular novels. The theme color and layout of Novelfull are quite simple and look pleasant. The information of novels is arranged systematically. The reading history is recorded without the need to login.

However, the functions of Novelfull are extremely simple. The website has only the basic search without any filters, no bookmark, no comments, no discussion, no register to receive notifications for new novels or chapters. The update speed for latest chapters is quite good. But the update speed of new novels is very slow and the number of novels is relatively small. Visit the Octopii library if you’re seeking for a large novel selection with a variety of options for reading.

The most popular novels on Novelfull

The hot novels on Novelfull