Novel Updates is a clean platform for users who enjoy reading web novels, where you can find a collection of all the latest chapter updates across the web, all in one place! 

Perhaps, in order to optimize the performance of the website and ensure a fast platform, the interface, design and layout of novelupdates are relatively simple. Novelupdates is considered as the Directory of Asian Translated Novels where you can find find all types of web novels, such as science fiction, wuxia, xianxia, xuanhuan, romance, fantasy, CEO, and more.

You don’t have to visit tons of websites anymore to find out if a new chapter of your favorite novels has been uploaded, the updates released by Wuxiaworld, TapRead, Smoggy Translates, Light Novels Translations, Foxaholic, Gravity Tales, VolareNovels and many more are all organized and tidy in a single free and light-weight novel tracker. 

However, novelupdates does not directly host any novels on their site. They just provide links for the novels (which are updated by translation groups) and by clicking these links or chapters, you will be redirected to other sites. If you would like to comment or discuss anything, you will have to go back to novelupdates. 

Indeed, novelupdates is not an appropriate site for reading novels, and the user experiences are not really good. You can choose other websites such as, novelfull or novels cafe to read novels, while Novelupdates is an archive of Asian Translated Novels where you can find the new novels and the latest update. Octopii – just jump into your favorite novels and immerse yourself in your own world!

List of the most popular novels on novelupdates: