Ranobes is a clean website which is built in the year of 2020 where you can read web novels/ light novels without paying a single penny. Light novels are often called ranobe or, in English, LN. This website, namely ranobes, has tons of Light novels which are categorized into 47 different genres with a variety of specific tags. The theme color is green and white, which creates a good-looking website. It has a nice lay out and is pleasant to look at. Several novels on ranobes are machine-translated novels. 

This website is functional, but not easy to use. In particular, even though there are a lot of functions and categories on ranobes, they are hidden and hard to find. Sometimes, I found it is unnecessarily complicated for a website to read light novels. The first time I used ranobes, it took me quite a long time to find even the basic search tool. Besides, although there is an advanced search tool on the website, it would be a challenge for almost every users to find its location. The loading speed of ranobes is not really good. If you are looking for a simple and fast website to read web novels/ light novels online, feel free to go take a visit to Octopii.co.

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