Chapter 454 – Backfired

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Chapter 454: Backfired

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Ah Nan was speechless.

“Ma’am, celebrities are entitled to their personal time and space too. You are violating her privacy and portrait rights by doing this.”

Seeing his short stature and rainbow-colored hair, which made him look like a gangster, Dong Mei didn’t take Ah Nan seriously at all. She lied through her teeth, “I wasn’t taking any photos, I was just taking a look! Who was taking photos? Don’t spout nonsense and smear me, okay!?! Is there a law that forbids ordinary people from looking at celebrities when they meet them?”


Ah Nan took a deep breath, resisted the urge to pull her hair, and tried her best to calm down. “Give me your phone, you can leave after I delete the photos.”

Dong Mei was darting her eyes around and ignoring her. She argued unreasonably, “My phone is my personal property. Why should I give it to you!?! You’re invading my privacy! Don’t you come over. Can a nurse come here please!?! Someone is committing robbery!”


Ah Nan was so furious that his head was buzzing.

‘So she can violate the privacy of others but it’s a crime for us to legally defend our rights?’

‘What kind of double standards is that!?!’

Her voice was so loud and she made so much noise that a nurse rushed over immediately to understand the situation.

Dong Mei exclaimed, “It’s him! Nurse, see how much of a gangster he is! He even tried to snatch my phone. The service of your hospital staff is really terrible. How can you let such a person in?!”

Ah Nan was confused.

The nurse had a splitting headache, so she had no choice but to persuade both parties.

Ah Nan was still arguing his case when he turned his head to the side, only to discover that the woman had sneaked away!

“Ugh, what kind of person is she… The difference between humans is larger than that between humans and dogs! Motherf***…”

Si Chuanbai had just exited the elevator when he heard a certain rainbow-colored-haired kid cursing.

He coughed and cleared his throat.

In the next second…

Ah Nan quickly changed his words and said, “Mother’s mother is Grandma, Father’s father is Grandpa…”


Si Chuanbai grinned but he still looked like a serious elite. “What’s going on?”

Ah Nan reluctantly recounted the process of everything.

Si Chuanbai said with a frown, “That woman has probably sneakily taken more than two photos. Some time ago, the article she wrote made it to the hot search list but fortunately, Director Zhu stood forth to clarify things.”

The hospital was at a rather remote location so there was low footfall.

He refreshed Weibo to see that Dong Mei had indeed posted a new status with a sarcastic caption.

[@TheFragranceOfPlumBlossomsComeFromTheBitingCold: Oh my God, I really can’t stand how pretentious some female celebrities can be. She actually needs her assistant to feed her food! The stranger thing is that she has a little gangster by her side whose hair is dyed the colors of the rainbow. He looks just like a delinquent! I merely took a few photos and he actually snapped at me aggressively. Thank God I was smart enough to deny taking any photos so he couldn’t do anything to me~~ /Show Teeth/ Show Teeth]


In addition to the text, she also attached a a few pictures that she had just secretly taken.

Dong Mei was feeling smug because of her wits. She had set her privacy settings to allow only her followers to coment on her posts. Her number of followers had increased from dozens to thousands. She was extremely agitated.

If it could increase to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands,she’d become an influencer just by slamming celebrities. She would then be able to earn money from doing nothing!


To her surprise, her plan backfired this time.

It flopped terribly!

The fans of the UntimelyCouple rejoiced in euphoria again!


—— [??? What assistant? That’s Shi Sui!]

—— [Shi Sui was feeding Xiang Yi food. Ahhhh, I’m dead!!]

—— [Why did he use his hands to feed her? He should have used his mouth! Shi Sui, use your mouth! Do you hear me!?!]


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